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This Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough will help you guide your way through every dungeon, defeat all bosses, discover all secrets, and find the true ending to 100% the game.

I am now finished porting this guide from IGN’s Wikis. I was able to get everything over except for each Persona’s individual page. It would take way too long to transfer each Persona and format it. You can still view the Persona pages at IGN’s Wiki Guide here.

This guide was mainly created by Josh Edmiston and myself, with some help of others here and there. The guide is mainly for Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita, but it can be used for the original Persona 4 on the PS2. There will be some discrepancies between the two.

Table of Contents

Remember, this guide is still under construction. More pages will be added and listed at a later date.