Seekers of Truth

The Seekers of Truth section of the game will prevent you from getting the bad endings while setting you on the path towards the truth. It is also the name of the Judgment Social Link.

December 3rd (12/03)

Major choices and events will play out today. Make sure you save when the game asks you to save. You can also make multiple save files.

Pay attention to the story as it unfolds. When you get to the part where you visit Namatame, read the spoilers below.

Ending Paths – SPOILERS

You will be given several options on what to do with Namatame. The actions and results are as follows:

  • Push him into the TV = Bad Ending 1
  • Don’t push him into the TV, and don’t convince the others = Bad Ending 2
  • Don’t push him into the TV, convince the others, but cannot find the true killer = Bad Ending 3
  • Don’t push him into the TV, convince the others, and find the true killer = Path to True Ending

As you can see, and if you haven’t realized yet, Taro Namatame is NOT the true killer. He was already interrogated by the police and had an air tight alibi. During the boss battle with Namatame’s shadow in Heaven, his t-shirt even said peace and love!

If you get any of the bad endings, the game will skip forward to March 20th, and a short cut scene will play before the end credits.

To convince the others choose the following dialogue options:

  • Wait a second here…
  • We’re missing something.
  • Namatame’s true feelings.
  • Something’s bothering me.
  • We’re missing something…
  • Calm the hell down!
  • Let’s just think for now.

If you convince the others, the Fool Social Link will Max Out, and the Judgment Social Link will be established. For the next week, all your time will be devoted to solving this case.

December 4th (12/04)

This day will be filled with more story. Select all the options to learn the truth from Namatame. The Judgment Social Link will rank up at the end.

December 5th (12/05)

Today you must search for more information from everyone in Inaba, specifically the Central Shopping District, Junes Department Store, and the Samegawa Flood Plain. Initially, you will only be able to ask if anyone remembers about the murders. Talk with the Shopping Woman near the shrine entrance at Central Shopping District, North to get a new option to ask if they recall anyone suspicious.

Go through the Samegawa Flood Plain, Junes, and both sections of the Central Shopping District asking everyone these two questions. When everyone has been questioned, the game will automatically continue forward.

The team will meet up at Aiya’s Chinese Diner. Later in the evening, the group will talk about the true killer. You must come to the correct conclusion to continue forward. If you select a few incorrect options, the game will immediately end and the bad ending will play out.

Choosing the True Killer – SPOILERS

The game will say “The Person who seems to be the most likely culprit is…” Go through the list of characters by choosing “someone else” until you reach “Tohru Adachi.” With the true culprit identified, there are two paths you can take going forward.

If you want to go towards the True Ending, you must choose to tell your friends about Adachi. Head to the hospital and question Adachi to progress the story and move on to the next day.

If you want to get an all new ending to Persona 4 Golden, The Accomplice Ending, choose to hide the identity of the true killer. The game will fast-forward to March. Choose the following options to unlock this disturbing, evil ending:

  • “Protect Adachi”
  • “Go see Adachi”
  • “Did you do it?”
  • “No.”
  • “No.”
  • “I’m on your side”
  • “Yes”
  • “Set fire to the letter”

The Jester Arcana will reach max rank, allowing you to create Magatsu-Inaba, and you will receive Adachi’s Number as a special key item.

December 6th (12/06)

Today will be filled with more story.

December 7th (12/07)

Once again, this day will be filled with story line cut scenes.

If your Jester Social Link is at rank seven, you will be given the option to meet up with Adachi during the evening. Doing so will change the Jester Arcana to the Hunger Arcana.

December 8th (12/08)

The exam results will be posted during lunchtime. All social links connected to your classmates will get a small increase.

After school, you will finally be able to do Quests and Social Links again, but you must secure the true culprit before December 26th inside Magatsu Inaba.

Make note, whenever you clear Magatsu Inaba, the game will automatically skip to December 23rd and continue the story. Stretch out and use your time wisely! The 26th should be the last possible day to enter the TV and capture the true killer, but if you capture Adachi by the 22nd, you will throw a party on Christmas Eve!

December 9th (12/09)

A teacher will give you a pop quiz today. Question: Do you know what color a fuzzy-wuzzy polar bear’s fur really is? Answer: Transparent

December 10th (12/10)

A teacher will give you a pop quiz today. Question: What determines whether a hair grows curly or straight? Answer: The cross-section

December 17th (12/17)

A friend will ask for help answering a pop quiz today. Answer: Compassion makes you look better

December 21st (12/21)

A friend will ask for help answering a pop quiz today. Answer: VII

December 23rd (12/23)

If you cleared Magatsu Inaba before this day, you will get a call in the evening to have a Christmas Eve Date with your girlfriend. If you do not have a girlfriend, Yosuke will invite you to a Christmas Eve party.

December 24th (12/24)

This is the day of the special Christmas Eve party, but only if you’ve cleared Magatsu Inaba! If you are in a relationship with someone, you will receive the Silver Bangle Accessory. Effect: Max SP +50%

If you are not in a relationship with anyone, you will have a party with Yosuke, Teddie, and Kanji. At the end of the night you will receive the Macho Medal. Effect: Increases Physical Resistance.

Today is the last day to secure Adachi inside Magatsu Inaba. Once you clear the dungeon, the game will skip forward to December 31st. The gang will all meet up at the Tatsuhime Shrine for a New Years Countdown! A new outfit will also unlock.

The game will continue in the new year towards the End of Your Journey

December 25th (12/25)

Today is Christmas! If you cleared Magatsu Inaba, Nanako will temporarily come home from the hospital. The gang will get together and throw a Christmas party. This special event will unlock Christmas outfits for the group.