Classic Gaming on PC

Console gaming continues to take a hit as more games release on PC.

Over the past decade, PC gaming has really skyrocketed. More gamers have chosen to play on PC (mainly Steam) compared to PlayStation or Xbox. Game developers have seen this and responded by releasing some of their older and newer games on PC, allowing a new generation to experience great games without the latest, most expensive PC hardware.

Unfortunately, some game developers have taken donations from some game developers to release their game exclusively on their gaming software. Steam is the most popular and owned by Valve, Origin is owned by EA, uPlay is owned by Ubisoft, is owned by Activision Blizzard, and The Epic Games Store is owned by Epic Games. Newer games by these publishers might only release on their software. Steam, Origin, and uPlay have achievements similar to Xbox.

Nintendo remains stoic and refuses to release their Nintendo original series outside of Nintendo hardware.

Why game on PC? You can purchase used hardware for cheap that lasts years, allowing you to play excellent games from various generations without needing to switch hardware and cables, or store cartridges and discs. Older games will run smoother with higher framerate and less jagged or pixelated with anti-aliasing options. All multiplayer gaming on PC is free with the exception of some MMORPGs. Lastly, there are massive sales throughout the year that will cover a huge variety of games.

Join the club and download one of these gaming softwares if you have some sort of graphics processor in your computer. Integrated graphics are more common and way cheaper, but will not perform nearly as well as dedicated graphics.