Finding Yukiko

After clearing Former Konishi Liquors, you will return to the real world. Allow the story to play out until you return home. You will now be able to check you Status, Items, Persona, Equipment, and everything else by pressing TRIANGLE. When you’re ready to move on to the next day, head to your room and watch TV.

That night, you will return to The Velvet Room. The dwellers will tell you all about Social Links. If you forget about them, or need more information on how to establish some, see the Social Links page.

April 16th (4/16)

This day is another story heavy day. The only note worthy thing is the first Social Link that will be created with Yosuke. This is the Magician S.Link.

When the school day ends, return home and watch the Midnight Channel.

April 17th (4/17)

This day is the day you learn about Daidara Metalworks, which is the weapons shop. You can return here at later dates to sell Materials to create new Weapons, Armor and Accessories.

Yosuke will give you 5,000 Yen to buy new items. If you want to play it safe, buy armor before weapons. If you are playing a New Game Plus, money you have and items at the shop will carry over.

Exit out of the weapons shop to find a door to the Velvet Room. The dwellers will tell you all about fusing Persona, the Persona Compendium, and Skill Cards. If you ever forget, it’s all laid out on The Velvet Room page.

Before going to Junes, visit the Shiroku Store a few shops to the right of Daidara Metalworks. This is the place to buy consumable items. Unlike Daidara, the items here won’t carry over to the New Game Plus.

When ready, head to Junes and enter the TV World. The first stop is Yukiko’s Castle. Go through it and face the first boss battle to continue the story.

Once you return from the Shadow World, you’ll get a call from Mr. Mooroka at home. Talk to Dojima to get permission to go out. Head to the Central Shopping District gas station to receive new Clothes.

April 18th (4/18)

When school starts, the Chariot Social Link will establish with Chie.

During school, you will get asked a question in class. “The word ‘alphabet’ comes from the word ‘alpha’ and what other one?” Answer: Beta

After school, you will be able to spend time on various things. Don’t forget to save Yukiko by entering Yukiko’s Castle at Junes! You must save her before 4/29, or else the game will end. You may want to spend some time there just to level up. If you rescue her early, you still must wait until 4/29 to continue the story.

Quests will now be available to complete after school. Many Quests don’t force you to spend time (making the day pass). A reward will be given for each quest you complete.

  • Quest 01: Who’s The Riddle Master? will become available today. To start the quest, speak with a student who has an afro and is standing in the third floor hallway of Yasogami High School.

You can also get started on the Fishing Side Quest today. Talk to a boy at the Shrine in the Central Shopping District. The boy will know everything about bugs, and he will give you one if you give him the drink he wants. Buy the drink from one of the numerous vending machines up and down the Central Shopping District. If the drink he wants isn’t at one of the machines, check another. The bug you need is a Tatsuhime Ladybug. To ensure you get that bug, you can save before talking with the boy and reloading the save file if you don’t get it. The next part of the Side Quest will have to wait until after visiting the TV World again.

April 19th (4/19)

Today is the day you can join a Sports Club for after school. Sports Clubs will create the Strength Social Link. This link is needed if you want to attempt the Compulsive Reader or Legend of Inaba Trophies. The Sports Club can be visited on any non-rainy School Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

If you visited the TV World yesterday and obtained a Gem from winning a battle, you will be able to complete the second part of the Fishing Side Quest. The first part is obtaining a Tatsuhime Ladybug. When night falls, sneak out and visit the Shiroku Store. The Store will become a Pub at night. Talk to the shop keep and hand the bug over to her. In return, you’ll obtain Bread Crumbs and a Fishhook. You can come back on other nights to trade Ladybugs for Bread Crumbs.

April 20th (4/20)

During class a friend will ask you for help answering a teacher’s question. The answer is Three.

If you managed to complete the other two parts of the Fishing Side Quest, you can take the Fishhook to the old man at the Samegawa Flood Plain Riverbank. Give him to the hook to obtain the Fishing Rod! You can now fish at the Riverbank.

On another note, three new Books will become available at the Bookstore in the Central Shopping District.

Make sure you fill your time up with something. Spend time with friends, school clubs, eating at the Aiya Chinese Restaurant, or reading. If you don’t, you may regret it later.

April 23rd (4/23)

During class, a teacher will ask you the question “What’s this ergonomic bubble she’s talking about?” Answer: Tulip mania

On the 23rd, Part-Time Jobs will become available. Don’t worry, they’re not like real jobs. You don’t have to show up every time or get fired. Just like School Clubs, show up whenever you want. Some of these jobs will allow you to establish more Social Links. Other Jobs will build up your Status. Check the Bulletin Board at Shopping District, North to see the available Jobs.

April 25th (4/25)

In class, the gym teacher will ask you the following question “What’s it called when you gain more muscle after getting sore through exercise?” Answer: Overcompensation.

Today is the day you can join a Cultural Club for after school. Like the Sports Clubs, the Cultural Club will allow you to establish the Sun Social Link. These clubs will meet on every School Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

A new quest will become available today. See the quest page for more info.

  • Quest 02: The Girl on the Rooftop will become available today. To obtain it, speak with a male student in Class 2-2 of Yasogami High School

April 26th (4/26)

During class a friend will ask you for help answering a teacher’s question. The answer is Marriage Numbers.

April 29th (4/29)

This is the last day to save Yukiko or its game over! If you haven’t, head over to Junes and enter the TV before evening. If your levels aren’t high enough, stock up on some items. She will be at the top of Yukiko’s Castle.

If you have already rescued Yukiko, click here to go to the next section of the walkthrough.