Hierophant – Dojima

Ryotaro Dojima, who goes by simply Dojima in the game, is the Protagonist’s uncle on his mother’s side. Dojima works for the local Inaba police department as a detective and takes a leading role in the series of murders and disappearances that occur throughout the storyline in Persona 4.

Ryotaro’s wife, Chisato, died years ago in a hit and run accident. They never caught the person who killed her, and Dojima blames himself.

Dojima is Nanako’s father, although he tends to leave her alone at home much of the time due to job constraints. He can be found sitting at the dinner table on select evenings. Establish and rank up the Hierophant social link by increasing your Understanding and Expression social qualities and speaking with Dojima at the dinner table.