Secret Laboratory

Secret Laboratory is the sixth dungeon in the TV World. It first becomes available around September 16th, and must be completed by October 5th.

Possible Persona

Below is a list of Persona that can be found from Shuffle Time in this dungeon.

  • Alraune
  • Decarabia
  • Dis
  • Flauros
  • Fuu-ki
  • Gabriel
  • Girimehkala
  • Gorgon
  • Hanuman
  • Hokuto Seikun
  • Leanan Sidhe
  • Mot
  • Narasimha
  • Orthrus
  • Okuninushi
  • Parvati
  • Pazuzu
  • Rangda
  • Seiryuu
  • Succubus
  • Thoth
  • Triglav
  • Yatagarasu


Below are all shadows found in this dungeon, along with their affinities.

Shadow Phys Fire Ice Electric Wind Light Dark
Constancy Relic Str Wk
Insolent Basalt Str Str Rpl Wk
Royal Dancer Str Str Str Str Wk
Flattering Hablerie Rpl Wk
Mighty Beast Wk Str Str Wk Rpl
Inviting Nyogo Wk Rpl
Source Basalt Wk Rpl Str Str
Opulent Hand Str Dr Dr Dr Nul Nul
Shallow Okina Wk Dr
Dogmatic Tower Str Wk
Dismayed Panzer Nul Nul Nul
Flowing Sand Wk Rpl
Red Sigil Dr Wk Dr Rpl Rpl
Rainbow Twins Wk Dr Rpl
Furious Gigas Rpl Rpl
Rainy Sister 1 Dr Wk Dr Dr Dr Nul Nul
Rainy Brother 1 Dr Dr Dr Wk Dr Nul Nul
Raindrop Musha Wk Dr Dr Dr Nul Nul
Fail Gene Rpl
Wild Drive Str Wk Nul Nul
Chaos Fuzz Wk Rpl Rpl Rpl Rpl Rpl
Mind Dice Nul Wk Wk
Wicked Turret Str Wk Nul Wk Nul
World Balance Str Str Str Str Str Wk Wk
Truth Pesce Dr Wk Dr Dr
Power Castle Rpl Rpl Wk
Fierce Cyclops Wk Dr Dr Dr Dr
Mach Wheel Str Str Wk
Order Giant Str Nul Wk Nul Wk Nul
Hell Knight
Dominating Machine Nul Nul
Elegant Mother Wk Nul Str Str Rpl Rpl

The first boss battle will take a little navigating to find. You should come across a locked door on B4F. Since you don’t have a key, continue on to B5F.

When you reach B6F, you should find another locked door that needs an ID. Search the chests on this floor until you find a Research Card. Take it to B4F and unlock the previously locked door to find Dominating Machine.

Dominating Machine


Lvl. HP SP EXP Yen
53 3070 300 3100 370
Phys. Fire Ice Elec. Wind Light Dark
Nul Nul


  • Last Resort: Uses all HP to cast Heavy Almighty Damage
  • Power Charge: Doubles the damage of the next Physical attack
  • Herculean Strike: Medium Physical damage on the entire party


Dominating Machine is a rather simple boss fight. It will use a basic Power Charge – Herculean Strike combo to power up and attack the entire party. Your party should be at a pretty high level by now, so the strike shouldn’t cause too much damage. If a teammate is still at a low level, have them guard before the strike is used.

If you don’t finish it off quick enough, it may use Last Resort when it’s HP is low. This will use up all of Domination Machine’s HP to cast a Heavy Almighty Damage spell. Finish it off before it can do so.

After the battle, open up the chest in the back to get the Leader Card. Use it to open the locked door on B6F. Continue downward until you reach B9F with the final boss battle.

Shadow Naoto


Lvl. HP SP EXP Yen
? ? ? 3724 10,000
Phys. Fire Ice Elec. Wind Light Dark
Str Nul Nul


  • Brave Blade: Strong Physical damage to one party member
  • Attack: Basic Physical damage to one party member
  • Bufudyne: Heavy Ice damage to one party member
  • Mute Ray: Deals a small amount of damage and inflicts Silence on one party member.
  • Element Zero: Elemental Resistances will be nullified on the entire party
  • Galgalim Eyes: Inflicts Enervation on one party member, and reduces their HP to 1
  • Maguradyne: Heavy Wind damage to the entire party
  • Heat Riser: Increases Attack, Defense, and Hit/Evasion rates for Shadow Naoto
  • Dekunda: Nullifies stat penalties for Shadow Naoto
  • Debilitate:Decreases Attack, Defense, and Hit/Evasion rate to one party member


This battle is pretty straight forward. Shadow Naoto is a fast Boss with a number of great skills. It can cause both physical and magical damage, increase its stats, and inflict Enervation.

Don’t bother using fire, as Shadow Naoto is resistant to it. Use all other elements and Physical damage to put it down. If you want to counter Naoto’s Heat Riser, bring a party member that can remove stat increases. You can also bring someone that knows their own stat buffs to counter his, but he can also use Debilitate and Element Zero to weaken the party.

Defeat Shadow Naoto to return to the real world.

Extreme Vessel

After the dungeon has been cleared, return to B9F to find Extreme Vessel.


Lvl. HP SP EXP Yen
? ? ? 3750 1,000
Phys. Fire Ice Elec. Wind Light Dark
Wk Nul Nul


  • Virus Wave: Inflicts the entire party with Poison
  • Mind Charge: Doubles the damage of the next Magical attack
  • Power Charge: Doubles the damage of the next Physical attack
  • Rebellion: Increases the Critical Hit rate of the user
  • Bufudyne: Heavy Ice damage to one target
  • Mabufudyne: Heavy Ice damage to the entire party
  • Maragidyne: Heavy Fire damage to the entire party


Extreme Vessel is pretty straight forward boss battle. It will try to increase its critical hit rate and double the power of its next magical attack before hitting the entire team with Mabufudyne – Heavy Ice Damage. Don’t bring anyone who is weak to Ice. If your team is still under leveled, you may want to block before it uses the ice attack. It will also attempt to poison the entire party with Virus Wave.

Use Wind damage to knock it down, but don’t do an All-Out Attack. Continue hitting it with Wind and Physical damage while it’s down to do bonus damage.

When the fight ends, check the table for Algernon, a new weapon for Naoto.


  • Effect: +5 to all stats
  • Attack: 230
  • Hit: 85