WWE Spinner Side Plates Review and Comparison

This set of WWE Championship Spinner side plates from the WWE Shop feature both SmackDown and Mon Nite Raw side plates that fit perfectly on the right side of the current Spinner belt.

This is the first time the SmackDown side plate has been made available to collectors. A golden fist is in the middle of the plate with faux gems on each finger and thumb, black paint surrounds the fist to emphasize it further, SMACK is engraved on the top of the plate, and DOWN!! is engraved on the bottom of the plate. Both words are filled with faux gems.

The Mon Nite Raw side plate has been available on V1 Spinners in the past, but this version has been slightly altered. There is black paint surrounding the lock, the lock and chain are painted silver, and the orange gems seem to be more yellow than orange. Also, the lock itself isn’t as raised from the plate on these new side plates as it is on the Figures Toy Company Spinner.

When placing the new side plates next to both the Figs Toy Co and WWE Shop Spinners, it would appear that the new side plates aren’t as dark or orange-gold as the WWE Shop Spinner, but they aren’t as light as the Figs Toy Co Spinner either. They could fit either replica belts, but if I had to choose which fits best it would be the WWE Shop Spinner. The contrast between the silver border and gold inner plate is more obvious on the WWE Shop Spinner and new side plates. No matter which spinner you own, I recommend getting this new set of side plates for your replica belt.

Now for some history. When the WWE Championship Spinner first debuted, the side plates weren’t the same as we know today. The eagle on the left side plate was flat and painted black, and the right side plate read SmackDown with a large fist punching out the middle. Before the replica could be manufactured, John Cena was drafted to Monday Night Raw with his WWE Championship Spinner and a brand new Mon Nite Raw side plate.

The very first WWE Championship Spinner replica belt was released by the Figures Toy Company, and it featured a Mon Nite Raw side plate. The second version of the spinner replaced the Mon Nite Raw side plate with a second eagle that mirrored the first eagle on the left side plate. When the WWE Shop took over manufacturing, they temporarily released a V1 with the Mon Nite Raw side plate before sticking with the current V2 with mirrored eagle side plates.

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