Passing Time and Locations

In Persona 4 Golden, several days will automatically pass by naturally alongside the story. However, many other days are left completely up to you to do whatever you want! A day is split into several sections that might allow you to pass time.

School days may consist of:

  • Early Morning (Dialogue)
  • Morning (Dialogue)
  • Lunch (Spend Time)
  • Afternoon (Pop Quiz)
  • After School (Spend Time)
  • Evening (Spend Time)

Days off usually consist of:

  • Afternoon
  • Evening

After School and Evening are usually the only times you can do whatever you want. You can either spend the Afternoon / After school doing Side Quests, improving a Social Link, shopping, or exploring the dungeons inside the TV world.

After specific things are done to pass time, or going directly to Dojima Residence, it will switch from Afternoon to Evening. When it’s the Evening, you can talk to Nanako, Dojima (if he’s home), read a book, make a Boxed Lunch (if Nanako just went shopping), or work on the Garden.

When Dojima is home, you will not be able to go out in the evening until you get a part-time job that requires you to go out during the evening. Dojima will ask where you are going, and if he should just allow you to go out. Say “You Should” to get the option to spend your free time out of the house during the evening whenever you like.

When the team explores any dungeon(s) inside the TV during the Afternoon, you will be too tired to do anything for the evening. You must go directly to bed.

Options to Pass Time

There are many things you can do that will pass the time.

  • Spending time with friends or pets
  • Exploring a dungeon in the TV World
  • Participating in school club activities
  • Completing Mysterious Fox Quests
  • Drawing a Fortune from the Shrine
  • Working a part-time job
  • Fishing at the Samegawa Flood Plain or Shichiri Beach
  • Tending your garden (planting or harvesting does not pass time)
  • Watching a movie in Okina City
  • Drinking coffee in Okina City
  • Gazing at Shichiri Beach
  • Swimming at Shichiri Beach

All the locations in Persona 4 Golden are listed below. All available interactions and possible pass times are also listed.

Dojima Residence

The Dojima Residence is your home during your stay in Inaba. The house is also home to Ryotaro Dojima, the owner and town police detective; as well as his young daughter, Nanako. Dojima is The Protagonist’s uncle on his mother’s side.

You’ll notice that there is a motorcycle/scooter leaning against the house. This will be used later in the year to discover two new locations out of town. Riding the scooter will pass time.

Eventually, a cat will appear outside the front of the house. You will be able to spend time with it to increase your Expression.

There are two main areas in the Dojima Residence: the Living Room (downstairs) and Your Room (upstairs).

Living Room

In the Living Room, there is a Calendar on the wall which the protagnist may use as a Save Point. Nanako is usually watching TV on the living room floor. Some days you will be able to spend time with either Nanako or Dojima.

The attached Kitchen is where you will find the Refrigerator, which will sometimes allow to make Boxed Lunches. Take the boxed lunches to school to share with a friend. Do this to increase your friendship with them and give a boost to their Social Link – the SL will not rank up, however. On some nights, the fridge will hold a single odd ingredient, and you will be prompted to eat/drink it. If you do so, you will increase your Courage Stat, but you will be sent straight to bed, and onto the next day.

Somewhat early in the game (May 22), you’ll be able to start a Garden. This will cause a pail of tools to appear next to the couch and dinner table. You can interact with the bucket to plant seedlings, maintain the garden, or harvest vegetables. Only maintaining the garden will pass time.

You can access your room by walking over to the stairs and pressing X.

Your Room

In your room, you will find the typical high school student’s necessities. Each area has its own use:

  • Study Desk – Used for studying (increases Knowledge)
  • Sofa – Used for reading books, which can raise several stats and grant useful bonuses in the game.
  • Shelf – Used to hold models.
  • Work Table – Used for folding envelopes, translating, or building models.
  • TV– Used for viewing the Midnight Channel, Weather forecast, and Home Shopping Channel (Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities)
  • Futon – Used to sleep and progress to the next day. Sometimes, you will dream about someone, increasing your friendship with them.

Samegawa Flood Plain

The Samegawa Flood Plain is an area between the Dojima Residence and the Central Shopping District. This area contains nothing but a few people for side Quests. It’s mostly used as a setting when the main character walks to school in the morning.


A sub-section of the Samegawa Flood Plain is the Riverbank. From time you time you will receive side Quests at this location.

After obtaining a fishing rod and some bait, you will be able to catch river fish. Speak with the old man for some advice on fishing. He will also guide your towards sea fishing after receiving a certain Quest.

Bait Description
Bread Crumbs When used as bait at the river, can attract Red Goldfish or Genji Ayu. Obtained from the Shiroku Pub in the Central Shopping District at night. Give the woman a which ever bug she asks for. Once a day only.
Tatsuhime Ladybug When used as bait at the river, can attract Genji Ayu or Amber Seema.
Yaso Locust When used as bait at the river, can attract Amber Seema or Inaba Trout.
Meiou Cricket When used as bait at the river, can attract Inaba Trout or Huge Fish.
Inaba Jewel Beetle When used as bait at the river, can attract Huge Fish or Samegawa River Guardian.

The Riverbank will also be the location of the old lady social link of the death arcana. However, you must first meet her in the hospital during the evening part-time job.

Central Shopping District

The Central Shopping District is where most of your shopping will take place. It is split up into three different areas: Shopping District, South; Shopping District, North; and the Tatsuhime Shrine. There are a variety of shops along the strip where you can spend your hard-earned Yen.

Mailboxes can also be found along the shopping district. Use these to send in your prize stickers from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities.

Shopping District, South

Shopping District, South is one of the two halves of the Central Shopping District. The far southern end has a bus stop which can be used to reach part-time jobs. Interact with the bus stop after accepting a job at the Hospital, Tutoring, or as an Assistant Day Care Caretaker.

Select Social Links can be boosted at the bus stop during the evening if a character is standing nearby.

A bit further north is a blue butterfly save point and a door to the Velvet Room.

Gas Station

From time to time, you may find a friend near the Gas Station in the Central Shopping District during the day. They won’t have an exclamation mark above their head, but you can still talk and spend the day with them. Doing so should take you to a hot spring.

There will be two options available while at the Hot Spring, each with their own purpose:

  • Talk about memories: This option will allow your friend’s Persona to relearn an older, forgotten Skill.
  • Talk about the future: This option will allow your friend’s Persona to learn a new Skill. These skills are bonus skills that cannot be learned through leveling up.


The bookstore is located just left of Daidara Metalworks. It’s the only place books can be purchased, but not the only place books are obtained! The books purchased here can increase your social attributes or give you special bonuses. Each book will tell you the benefits of it if you press SQUARE while selecting it.

Daidara Metalworks

This store sells armor, weapons, and accessories. Bring your miscellaneous items to this store and sell them if you need some extra Yen. Selling Materials to the store owner will not only net you money, but also unlock new items available for purchase. The materials have no other purpose, so there’s no point in saving them.

In case you’re wondering, the things that the enemies drop when you defeat them for a Retrieval Quest are stored as “Items,” and not “Materials,” so you cannot sell them to the store.

Marukyu Tofu

This is a Tofu Shop that will have no use until Rise Kujikawa makes an appearance. Then you can speak with her to boost or rank up your Social Link.

You can also find the former politician Namatame here from time to time.

Shiroku Store

During the daytime, Shiroku Store sells items used during dungeon quests.

At night, this store becomes the Shiroku Pub where you can trade gems for equipment. Speak with the store owner and give her pet eel bugs to eat to receive more gems and watch it grow.

You can also work here during the evening for some extra cash. At the end of your shift, you can choose a patron to converse with, which will increase one of your social attributes.

On rainy days, these stores have a 20% discount, so you should wait until a rainy day to do your shopping. Also, try the capsule machine in front of the store on a rainy day. It’s the only time the dials can be turned! Doing so will earn a Bronze Trophy: It’s Working Today. However, doing so will Spend Time, and you will be sent onto the next time period.

Shopping District, North

Shopping District, North is one of the two halves of the Central Shopping District. The far southern end has the town bulletin board which lists all the part-time jobs you can take on. The far northern end will have Yosuke or Saki’s Brother on select days to boost or rank up your Social Links.

Chinese Diner Aiya

This is a small diner you can spend your time and yen in. Doing so may increase certain Status Parameters. After eating there 8 times, the owner of the Aiya shop will come up to you, and give you a book: “The Ramen Way.” This can be done without the Rainy Day Challenge (on any ordinary day) but eating at Aiya on a non-rainy day isn’t really worth it.

On rainy days, the shop will be serving an Aiya Specialty: The Rainy Day Mega Beef Bowl Challenge! That sounds intimidating, because it is! It costs 3,000 yen to even attempt this challenge. However, doing so has several benefits: Every time you attempt to finish the bowl, you will get a stat increase for 3 random categories. You can’t choose what they are, so enjoy the surprise!

In order to finish the entire massive bowl of beef, your stats will need to be maxed out. Once you are, come back to the challenge, and you will be able to finish the bowl! Also, the Food Fighter will unlock.

However, when your friends take you to Aiya because of a Social Link or because of the storyline, your stats will not increase, even though it shows you eating their food. Also, it will not count towards your 8 visits to get the book.

Souzai Daigaku

This is a small, outdoor restaurant that sells Super croquette, Grilled steak croquette, or Steak skewer. However, the Super Croquette is sold out every day except rainy days. If you do buy the Super Croquette, you will earn a trophy: Seize the Moment. This does not Spend Time, unlike the Capsule Machine on rainy days.

Tatsumi Textiles

This is a textile shop that will have no use until Kanji Tatsumi makes an appearance. Then you will be able to spend time with Kanji to boost and rank up the Emperor Social Link. It’s mainly used as a setting during story events.

Tatsuhime Shrine

The Tatsuhime Shrine is a small area with many things to do. The main focus is the Shrine and the mysterious Fox that protects it. Complete Quests for the Fox to rank up the Hermit Social Link.

To the left of the Shrine is a small offering box. For 200 yen you can draw a fortune to boost any Social Link. You can get a small, moderate, or great blessing. Drawing a fortune will pass time. The offering box will be put away during rainy days.

After obtaining a bug catching net, you can catch bugs beneath the trees once a day. Doing so will not pass time.

Junes Department Store

The Junes Department Store is one of the main locations of Inaba. Interact with the elevator to call the gang to the food court. Doing so will allow you to enter the TV World for some dungeon crawling.

In the Junes Department Store lobby, you can buy seedlings for your garden from a woman standing on the right side of the lobby. On the other side of the lobby, you can pursue the Jester Social Link by speaking to Adachi.

Yasogami High School

Yasogami High School is one of the primary locations in Inaba. This is where you can pursue many different Social Links, primarily those of your classmates. Various side Quests can be obtained throughout the entire school as well.

The school is split into several floors and sections, each with their own purpose. Press Square to navigate between selection areas, or interact with the stairs and doors to travel normally.

Each floor of the school contains a Boys and a Girls Bathroom. No matter how high your Courage Stat is, you will never be able to go into the Girls Bathroom. Although, if you go into the Boys Bathroom, you will receive a tip on what you could do in the game. The tips may include maintaining the Garden, advancing a Social Link, preparing for an exam, and several other things. Going into the bathroom doesn’t spend any time.


The roof is the location you will be able to eat Boxed Lunches with your classmates if you created one the night before. After school, you may be able to find Chie here to boost or rank up the Chariot Social Link.

Another girl near the door will tell you the Weather Forecast for the week.

Classroom Building, Third Floor

This is the floor for third years classmates. The Principal can be found on this floor from time to time, along with other students who will offer Quests.

Classroom Building, Second Floor

This is the floor you will start out in once school is over. Your classroom (2-2) will have a blue butterfly save location.

Outside the classroom is the Library. Studying there will increase your Knowledge Social Quality. If it’s raining, Knowledge will increase once more! Some days Yosuke will be standing outside the Library to boost or rank up the Magician Social Link.

Classroom Building, First Floor

This is the floor that is first entered from the front of the school. Some days Yukiko can be found near the entrance to boost or rank up the Priestess Social Link. Some days Rise can be found near the emergency exit on the west side of the first floor to boost or rank up the Lovers Social Link.

The teacher’s office is found on the east side of the first floor. Talk with a teacher to get info on clubs.

Practice Building

Like the Classroom Building, the Practice Building is split into two floors. This is where many NPCs are located for Side Quests.

On the first floor, Kanji can be found on certain days to boost or rank up the Emperor Social Link.

Another neat feature is a boy located on this second floor. He’s the Artisan Assistant. If you bring him certain Weapons, he’ll trade his stronger weapon for your weapon!

Okina City

Okina City is a city located a short distance from Inaba City. It can be found after taking your Scooter for a ride around the neighborhood three times. You will receive your Scooter on June 8-9. This small town contains three different shops.

30 Frames Cinema

30 Frames Cinema is where you can watch movies! Invite a classmate to get a Social Link boost. If the friend called you while you were in your room and asked to go to that specific movie, their Persona will level up. This will also pass time.

In front of the cinema is a crane game that can be played for a small price. Win items that can be displayed on your shelf at home.

Croco Fur

Croco Fur is a shop that sells various high-priced clothes and costumes. Clothes only change the appearance of a character while dungeon crawling and in-battle.

Chagall Café

Chagall Café is a coffee shop with a very special purpose. If you have a Persona equipped with a card symbol next to a Skill, ordering and drinking a Coffee will allow you to obtain a Skill Card of that skill! This will also pass time.

Shichiri Beach

Shichiri Beach is an area far outside of Inaba. It can only be accessed after you’ve obtained the Scooter on June 8-9. Take the scooter for a long ride three times to find the beach. Long rides will require a certain level of courage, however.

Once you’ve unlocked Shichiri Beach, you will be able to access it for the rest of the game during free time to fish, swim, or simply gaze. All three choices spend time.

After obtaining the deep sea rod, you can catch sea fish here.

Bait Description
Daimyo Grasshopper When used as bait at the sea, can attract Hachiro Octopus.
Heike Stag Beetle When used as bait at the sea, can attract Hachiro Octopus or Meguro Tuna.
Genji Beetle When used as bait at the sea, can attract Meguro Tuna or Sea Guardian.

Gazing out to sea will add a random bonus skill to a random Persona on hand. You won’t be able to choose the Bonus Skill or Persona, but you can choose which skill to replace or to not learn the skill at all if the Persona’s skill set is full.

Swimming in the sea boosts your Courage. If it’s raining, your Understanding social attribute will also get a boost.