Strength – Kou Ichijo or Daisuke Nagase

Both the basketball and soccer clubs open up the Strength Arcana Social Link. Choosing Basketball will allow you to get closer to Kou Ichijo, or choosing Soccer allows you to get closer to Daisuke Nagase. To get to the sports clubs, leave the faculty office, make a left, and go through the emergency exit. The clubs meet on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. They don’t meet on rainy days, though!

It may be best to choose the Soccer team to easily get three books that may be miss-able on the Basketball team. These books count towards the Compulsive Reader trophy.

Kou Ichijo is a member of the Yasogami High School basketball team. The Protagonist meets this outgoing, cheerful student through basketball practice, and can advance his Social Link by attending training.

Kou was adopted into the traditional, high class Ichijo family. He was intended to be the heir to the family’s estate, however his adoptive parents had a child after they adopted him.

Daisuke Nagase is a member of the Soccer Club at Yasogami High School. Becoming friends with him will build the Strength Social Link. On days off, he can be found in the Northern part of the Central Shopping District.