New Kid in Town

After starting up the game and choosing your name, the story will start to play out. Meet your uncle and cousin, you will be living with them for the next year.

When you get to bed, you will have your first “battle,” but it’s not a true battle. Attack all you like. Once the Bewildering Fog comes, it will be impossible to hit the enemy. There’s no way to win or lose this battle.


April 12th – 14th (4/12 – 4/14)

April 12th is the first day of school. You’ll meet some new people and make new friends. You will also experience a few Pop Quizzes from time to time. For the answers to these quizzes, see the Test Answers page. Allow the story to play out over the next few days.

April 15th (4/15)

You and Yosuke will return to the TV World to do some exploring. You will obtain Medicine x3 and a Golf Club for a weapon. If you’re not sure what an item does, press SQUARE over the item to see a description. Same goes for Skills.

Eventually, you will reach the Twisted Shopping District. Two enemies will appear, and this will be your first official battle! This battle should be a piece of cake. Defeat the two Slipping Hablerie using the Zio Skill. After the battle, enter Former Konishi Liquors.