Achievements and Trophies

Persona 4 Golden is different from many other games in that there is no possible way to earn the Platinum trophy in a single play through. If you plan just right, you can get it done in two play throughs. If not, you may need three! This is because Legend of Inaba and Compulsive Reader cannot be done in the same play through. Choose one over the other. It’s best to do the Compulsive Reader trophy first, so you can get the hang of Social Links for the second play through.

There are a total of 50 trophies for the PS Vita version of Persona 4 Golden, and 50 achievements for the Steam version of Persona 4 Golden. Toggle the trophy box to view a guide. The trophies below are listed in alphabetical order in two lists: Shown Trophies and Hidden Trophies. The Hidden Trophies contain spoilers!

Shown Trophies

A Favor for Marie (Bronze)

All you have to do to earn A Favor for Marie is register a Skill Card from your inventory with Marie inside the Velvet Room. There will be a Skill Cards section with a Register Skill Cards option.

Skill cards can be obtained in dungeons during Shuffle Time or at Chagall Cafe in Okina City. After you’ve registered a card, you will be able to pay a fee to withdraw as many copies as you wish.

A New Quiz King (Bronze)

The Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz is a quiz show found in the “TV Listings” section of the main menu. It’s the one marked “3 Ch Inaba Public Access.” Complete all three rounds to earn the A New Quiz King Trophy.

The Qualifying Round is available any time. The Playoffs are available only after beating the Qualifying Round. The Finals will be unlocked after beating the Playoffs, and also requires you to be on the true ending path and have beaten the boss in December.

The Protagonist is up against Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko in a quiz show based format. A question will be asked by Teddie each time. You must buzz in and select the right answer for one point. If you get it wrong, you will lose one point. Questions will be randomized, and you are only given a few seconds to answer if you buzz in first.

Each level consists of 20 questions. One question out of the twenty may be worth more points than usual, but will still only deduct one if you get it wrong. The person with the most points at the end of the round wins. If there’s a tie, no one wins. If you find yourself losing you can press start to quit and restart the challenge, as well as skipping the cutscenes.

Below is a glossary of some of the questions you may encounter. If you find a question not on here feel free to add it to the list.

A Special Lady (Bronze)

Just like real life, you can enter Intimate Relationships with the girls in Inaba. After obtaining a high enough Social Link with each girl, you will be given special options when spending time with them. The game should give a sort of warning before choosing the option to enter a relationship or stay friends. The first time you enter a relationship, you will earn A Special Lady trophy.

It’s possible to enter more than one relationship in a game, but that could come back to bite you in the behind when Valentine’s Day or Christmas comes rolling around.

A True Bond (Bronze)

To earn this trophy, you will need to Max out a Social Link. To reach maximum level in a Social Link, you need to get the link to Rank 10 by spending time with characters.

The easiest Social Links to earn this trophy with would be either the Investigation Team (Fool) or Teddie (Star), as both will automatically be maxed out during the story.

Advantage Mine (Bronze)

A very easy trophy to earn. One of those trophies that will probably (undoubtedly) just come through natural play during Combat.

In order to receive the award, you must enter a battle with a “Player Advantage.

To obtain a Player Advantage, you must attack a dungeon Shadow from behind before they turn to face you. Press X to attack whilst in range.

Player Advantage nets you at least one full round of actions before the enemy can do anything.

An Acquired Taste (Bronze)

An Acquired Taste is a very straightforward trophy to earn. To receive it, you must “spend time” drinking the coffee at Chagall Cafe in Okina City.

Okina City can be accessed by taking three (3) “rides around the neighborhood” on your scooter following the event of June 8th-9th. On your third trip, you’ll find yourself in Okina City and will be able to travel here at any point during which you have free time.

Chagall Café is on the far left side of the Okina City street you can access. Enter the café and the owner will talk with you, babbling about the secret potency of his coffee.

In order to spend time here and “drink,” you’ll have to pay 5,000 yen, but it’s well worth the price for the trophy and for what drinking allows you to do.

Drinking the coffee at Chagall Café is apparently not the greatest experience as it’s very bitter, but the beverage allows you to peer into your hand of currently held personas and obtain any skill the currently equipped Persona possess which is marked by a small card next to the name of the skill. However, the first visit will always give you the Dia Skill Card.

Bond Maniac (Bronze)

This trophy requires you to max-out 10 different Social Links in a single playthrough.

Bond Maniac is best done in conjunction with the Legend of Inaba trophy; however, you can easily accomplish the task on a normal, story-oriented first playthrough that’s not dedicated to the harder trophy.

If you choose to focus on the party members, you’ll be within a few simple links of receiving the award as the Fool, Star, and Judgement arcana each max-out through the story and gameplay. In other words, if you want this trophy and are not focusing on Legend of Inaba, go for Magician, Chariot, Priestess, Emperor, Fortune, and Lovers. The Justice Social Link is also very easy to max by talking to Nanako when you get home. Building up the team’s Social Link will allow the to perform better in battle, and transform their Personas to a second and third form!

Bug Hunter (Bronze)


In order to earn this trophy, you must swing your bug net at the Shrine with perfect timing.

First, you need to have a bug net. The net can be gotten by talking with the woman in white that hangs-out at the Shrine during nighttime (usually in early June, around the 9th). She’ll ask for a Red Goldfish, but don’t worry if you don’t have one on you as she’ll then ask you if you knew about the Bug Net on the roof of the Shrine. Say “Yes” and you’ll receive the net.


Bugs can be caught on non-rainy days by “checking” the trees at the Tatsuhime Shrine in the Central Shopping District, North. You can only catch bugs once a day, either in the afternoon or in the evening. Different types of bugs are available during the two different time periods.

To swing perfectly, press X as soon as you physically can after seeing the “!” above the protagonist’s head.

As a reward for swinging perfectly, not only do you get the trophy (only the first perfect swing), you’ll get an extra 2 bugs (or 3, if you’ve read the bug-catching books).

Note: Catching bugs does not “spend time”.

Card Collector (Bronze)

A fairly straightforward trophy, all you need to do is register 100 total Skill Cards from your inventory with Marie inside the Velvet Room. Skill Cards can be obtained during Shuffle Time inside dungeons or by drinking the coffee at Chagall Cafe in Okina City.

After you’ve registered a Skill Card with Marie, you may withdraw as many copies of the card in the future as you wish, and skills from Skill Cards can be taught to any persona.

Compulsive Reader (Bronze)

In order to be a Compulsive Reader, you’ll need to read a lot. To earn the trophy, however, you’ll just need to complete a few quests and buy a handful of books from Yomenaido Bookstore in the Central Shopping District, South.

This trophy needs to be done in a single playthrough. A few of these books are missable, especially if you’ve chosen to join the Basketball team rather than the Soccer team. See the Items Page for a list of all Books and when to get them.

Reading all books will unlock the Reader King Accessory. This is an accessory that increases the Magic stat by 10.

Cooking With Gas (Bronze)

Cooking with Gas is relatively easy to earn, you’ll just need to pay attention. To receive the award, you need to make 5 good/”perfect” box lunches.

By checking the fridge every night before you spend time doing anything, you’ll often find food that Nanako has restocked (and she usually tells you when she’s been shopping). You’ll be given the option to “spend the evening making lunch”.

When you select this option, your character will start concocting some creation on the stove. They will pause and the game will tell you that you have all of the ingredients to make a certain dish. But then ask what you should to in order for it to turn out perfectly.

Choose the “good” option and you’ll make a perfect box lunch to share with someone at school the following day to increase Social points.

The Boxed Lunches may be mixed with the dates. If you want the answer to make perfect boxed lunches, see the Answers Page for a list of all Boxed Lunch preparations.

Displaying Adaptability (Bronze)

Another straightforward trophy to earn, there are many ways you can go about it. All that’s technically required is that you change personas 5 times in Combat.

To change personas during a battle, choose Persona from the action menu, highlight an unused persona from your hand, and press X to call it forth. Do this switch 5 total times in a single fight and you’re done.

It would be best to do this on dungeon fodder by having your party Guard while you just switch back and forth so they don’t kill the enemy and they also don’t die.

Fashion Plate (Bronze)

In order to obtain the Fashion Plate trophy, you must enter and complete a battle wearing a costume.

Costumes can be found throughout the game, either through quests, special events, or at the Croco Fur store in Okina City. For example, Mr. Morooka gives you the Yaso High Jersey costume on the night of April 17th.

Costumes can be equipped by accessing the Pause Menu, scrolling to and selecting Equip, and then navigating to Clothes at the bottom of each character’s list.

Note: these costumes will only really be visible when you are dungeon crawling.

Fishing Master (Bronze)

In order to reel-in this trophy, you’ll need to catch the Sea Guardian fish at Shichiri Beach.

There are many different prerequisites to this quest.

Getting a Rod

Most importantly, you’ll need to be able to fish. In order to fish, you’ll need bugs.

Early in the game, you will be able to obtain bugs by trading sodas with the Bug-catching Boy at Tatsuhime Shrine. Later in the year, you will get a Bug Catching Net from the lady in the white yukata at the Shrine at night. When it starts snowing, you will be able to find bugs in your garden.

Take these bugs (Tatsuhime Ladybugs) to Shiroku Pub at night (along with a jewel/gem) and feed the woman’s fish the bug from your inventory. You will get a fish hook.

Take this fish hook to the man at the Riverbank at Samegawa Flood Plain and he will give you a rod.

Beach Access

You must also be able to reach Shichiri Beach on your scooter. In order to reach the beach, you’ll need to have unlocked Okina City already. Then, choose to “take a long ride” 3 times and on your third ride, you’ll wind up at the beach.

River Guardian and the Deep Sea Rod

Once you’ve unlocked the beach, choose the “Fish” option at the beach. You will find that your rod will not work in the sea. Go back to the Old Man at the Riverbank and he’ll challenge you to catch the Samegawa Guardian.

To catch this fish, you’ll need the Inaba Jewel Beetle as bait, which you can catch at the Tatsuhime Shrine or in your garden during winter. You can only catch the fish when it’s raining or snowing! You’ll know it’s the Guardian the second you throw it in the water by the ripples. If there is a large, resonating splash upwards from the surface, you’ve got him hooked. If there is no splash, press Circle to reel it in without forfeiting your bait and re-cast with the Inaba Jewel Beetle again.

Once you’ve caught the River Guardian, go to the Old Man at the Riverbank and show him the Samegawa Guardian to receive your Deep Sea Rod.

Catching the Sea Guardian

To catch the Sea Guardian itself, you’ll need to have the bait Genji Beetle’. You can purchase 2 of these beetles from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities on August 22nd (8/22), or just catch them like the other bugs.

It doesn’t have to be raining or snowing in order to catch the Sea Guardian at Shichiri Beach, but it will allow you to get it on the hook a lot more easily. Use the Genji Beetle (although the game will only tell you that you will attract Maguro Tuna). You’ll know it’s the Guardian the second you throw it in the water by the ripples. If there is a large, resonating splash upwards from the surface, you’ve got him hooked. If there is no splash, press Circle to reel it in without forfeiting your bait and re-cast with the Genji Beetle again.

You might want to save the fish rather than sell it or something so you can easily complete the Hermit Social Link.

Fill Your Hand (Bronze)

The Fill Your Hand trophy is earned by gaining 50 Sweep Bonuses at the end of Shuffle Time

Shuffle Time occurs at the end of fights in which you’ve managed to exploit enemy weaknesses or perform an All-out attack; however, Shuffle Time will not always trigger just because you’ve met these conditions. It’s fairly random.

Sweep Bonus occurs when you manage to collect all of the cards presented during Shuffle Time and grants you 2 extra tries (for a total of 3) during the next Shuffle Time. Collect all of the cards from a Shuffle Time fifty (50) times and you will get the trophy.

You will probably earn this trophy naturally through gameplay, but you might need to go out of your way to get it if you haven’t earned it by October or so.

In order to ensure yourself of this trophy, you’ll need to choose as many “1 more (tries)”, “2 more”, or “3 more” cards during Shuffle Time. Once you get your first Sweep Bonus, you should be able to keep sweeping the hand for several times in a row.

Unfortunately, except for the Aeon cards which have no penalties associated with their bonus picks, most 1, 2, or 3 “more” cards will come with a penalty such as decreased or no money, experience, items, or cards from the fight. A small price to pay for a trophy, however, and you only have to do it 50 times.

Other “more tries” cards change the remaining cards to different types. For example, a “1 More: Change to Persona” card will grant you one more try, but a remaining card (if there are any) will be changed to a Persona card.

Food Fighter (Bronze)

The requirement for this trophy is to finish Aiya Diner’s Mega Beef Bowl Challenge. This dish, at Aiya in the Central Shopping District, North, is only served on rainy days.

To finish the dish, you will need to have maxed four of your Social Qualities: Courage, Understanding, Knowledge and Diligence (each to level 5) to finish it.

If you can complete the meal, you will get the trophy and the meal will be free rather than costing you its normal 3,000 yen price tag.

Also, if you eat eight times at Aiya’s, you will receive a Book called The Ramen Way. This book is required reading for the Compulsive Reader trophy.

Fusion Expert (Bronze)

To become a Fusion Expert, you will need to perform 50 Persona Fusions with Igor in the Velvet Room.

If you take a little time after each dungeon, you can easily tackle this trophy on your first playthrough. After a dungeon, you can fuse any of the Personas you have while inside The Velvet Room. Fusing Personas together will create one new Persona. You can also register your Personas before the fusion so you can recall them at a later time with the same stats and Skills.

This trophy will definitely take some time and some money, but you should be able to save a large amount of cash if you just take your time and look through as many possible fusions as you have available.

Going Nova (Bronze)

To get this trophy you need to Inflict over 999 points of damage to an enemy in a single attack.

The easiest place to get this is in Naoto’s dungeon Secret Laboratory. In here you will find the enemy Dominating Machine on the 8th Floor (B8F). These machines will take massive damage from magic attacks. Using someone like Yukiko with Agidyne or Teddie with Bufudyne will make this go very easy. A Power Charge followed by any sort of single-target “dyne” spell will easily deal 1700+ damage.

All-out attacks are also very easy to do this with towards the end of the game as you reach higher and higher levels.

Golden Completed (Platinum)
Obtain all of the other 49 trophies in Persona 4 Golden to achieve Golden Completed. You can see the Trophy Roadmap for help, or view each individual Trophy page. This game requires a minimum of two playthroughs to get some trophies. If you wish to keep it to a minimum of two, go for Compulsive Reader or Legend of Inaba the first time. Only one of those can be done in each play through.
Granter of Your Desires (Bronze)

This is a reasonably costly trophy, but a very easy one to earn, nonetheless.

Beginning on May 22nd, there will be a shopping program on TV called Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities hosted by some famous guy named Tanaka. The shopping program sells two combo deals usually with one being a weapon/armor and the other being a utility item or accessory.

In order to view the shopping program, go to your room and watch the TV, choosing the shopping channel. Watching spends no time.

The show runs on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday every week. Buy something from the show 5 times in a playthrough and you’ll receive the trophy.

Grasping at Greed (Bronze)

The Grasping at Greed trophy can be earned by finding and defeating a Golden Hand within a dungeon.

Golden Hands are found prowling throughout each dungeon. They are different from Shadows in that they will run away from you when you approach. Chase after them and press X to attack when they are within a reasonable range. You’ll gain Player Advantage which is nice in a fight with these bad boys.

They nullify virtually all elemental attacks, so the best way to kill them early on is with Physical attacks or skills. Another way to help yourself early on is to cast Rebellion and any debuff skills (like Rakunda) you have as the Hands have high dodge chance and tend to lower your party’s hit ability.

Once you learn any kind of Almighty damage attacks like Megidola, use them on the hands. Hassou Tobi is another great attack that does Light Physical Damage 8x to the entire group.

More than likely, you will earn this trophy easily while playing through the dungeons. Just aim for Player Advantage and don’t waste turns on elemental skills.

Hardcore Risette Fan (Bronze)

Typically seen as the most random and frustrating trophy to earn in Persona 4 Golden, Hardcore Risette Fan requires you to hear 250 unique navigation lines from Rise Kujikawa throughout the game. (This trophy status does carry over into a second playthrough.) You unlock this by listening to 250 of Rise’s navigation lines during combat. Lines vary depending on the enemy’s level and strengths/weaknesses as well as who is in your party. Hitting “analyze” often on the enemies will help unlock this faster.

The key to getting this trophy is swapping your party at every new dungeon, hitting “L” and analyzing every enemy, letting your party get hit with every type of ailment, and getting Rise’s social link maxed out as soon as possible (as that will open up new abilities that come with new lines of dialogue).

Another aspect to note is that enemies will have different lines from Rise depending upon your level in relation to the enemy. There are three level ranges: below the enemy’s level, around the enemy’s level, above the enemy’s level. You can tell if you are below or above the level of the enemy by taking a look at how big the Shadow is. If the Shadow is much larger than you, it is a higher level. If its rather small (almost miniature), you are well above the level. If the Shadow is around your character’s size, you are fairly evenly matched.

In addition to the level range, weakness, resistance, nullification, and ailment lines, there are also lines depending upon how the battle begins, either with a “Player Advantage” or an “Enemy Advantage”. Player Advantages gained by attacking a Shadow from behind, while Enemy Advantage is gained by allowing the Shadow to attack you from behind.

There are also lines that crop up when you knock down/kill multiple enemies at once, and lines that occur during Rush Mode (activated by hitting Triangle in battle) and during All-out attacks.

Each boss battle beginning with Shadow Teddie contains unique lines from Rise, so be sure to complete those with different party members, too.

While the exact number is probably only known by developers, there seem to be at least 400 lines of dialogue, so don’t worry about missing 150 or so.

Head of the Class (Bronze)

To earn Head of the Class, you’ll need to be at the Knowledge rank of Professor (level 4) by the time you take any kind of School Exam. You must also answer all of the questions correctly.

Once the results have been posted several days later, you’ll earn the trophy. See the Test Answers page for a list of all answers.

It's Working Today (Bronze)

To earn It’s Working Today you’ll need to visit the Capsule Machine in front of the Shiroku Store on a rainy day. The store is in the South part of the Central Shopping District.

Apparently, the knob sticks when its not raining, which means you can only turn it and receive a price while it’s currently raining. Also, doing this costs a bit of cash and “spends time” so be sure there’s nothing else you should do before this.

Alternatively, you can save, go to the Capsule Machine, pay, get the trophy, and then reload to your save, having still earned the trophy.

Legend of Inaba (Silver)

In order to earn this trophy, you’ll need to essentially dedicate an entire run through the game to earning Legend of Inaba.

You must max-out all Social Links to become a legend. This will best be done on a second/third/fourth playthrough as many of the best dialogue options require higher level Social Qualities (Knowledge, Courage, Understanding, etc.).

While this trophy doesn’t necessarily require you to jot down all available options during a previous run so you know what you need to do the next time around, this trophy does require you to maximize every opportunity.

After you Max out all Social Links, visit the Velvet Room to receive the Mandala Robe, a piece of armor with 100 defense, 55 evasion, and 50% increase in experience points.


Most Social Links can only increase ranks during the daytime, not at night, but utilize the nighttime to get the bond closer to leveling-up. Exceptions to the night rule are the Hierophant, Jester, Devil, and Tower Links. You should always try to have the respective persona in your hand for whomever you’re about to “spend time” with. If you’re going to spend time with Yosuke, have a Magician arcana persona; Chie: Chariot; Naoki: Hanged Man; etc. You will receive double the “social points” if you have the appropriate persona. (Although you never really see these points, they’re more or less inferred.) Before spending time with someone, read the text that comes up first. The text will tell you if you have the correct persona in your hand, but it will also tell you if “you feel as though your relationship will deepen” or “if it’s not quite ready to advance yet”. If you receive the latter, back out and spend time with the person at night or eat lunch with them. In other words, increase your standing and get it closer to the next rank at a time of day when you cannot advance the Social Link rank. Spend time with non-party members earlier in the game, for as the game progresses into December, you will only be able to interact with party members. Get the extraneous ones done first. Several Social Links can only rank up or even get a boost on certain days. Since you don’t seem them often, use the Fortune box at the Shrine to get a small boost from time to time. Using the box costs 200 Yen, and will pass the time. Fixing up a lunch for school will pass time in the evening, but it will give you an extra time segment during the day to boost a friendship with someone. Make sure to refer to the Boxed Lunches page when creating a lunch. Getting the highest score in school will boost the friendship between you and all school mates, including the ones in clubs. Refer to the Test Answers page to see all correct answers. Rank up the Jester Social Link to Rank 6 by November 20th. The storyline will take care of the rest. Max out the Aeon Social Link before December 3rd.

Lucky Me! (Bronze)

This trophy is earned by sheer luck and randomness. In the Central Shopping District, there are several vending machine where sodas are sold. The easiest to find is at the North end of the shopping district.

When you buy a drink (Dr. Salt NEO, The Natural, or Second Maid) for 120 yen, a slot machine-esque roulette will spin that will give you a chance to win a free drink. A sound will cue and you’ll either win or not win. It’s usually about 50/50.

The first time you win the roulette and select/receive a free drink, you’ll get the trophy.

The roulette will keep spinning every time you win and you can theoretically earn free drinks after purchasing the first until the machine runs out of stock for the week.

Moderate Bookkeeper (Silver)

In order to earn this trophy, you need to register at least half (50%) of the personas in the game with Margaret in her Persona Compendium.

You receive credit for registering a new persona either by collecting persona cards during Shuffle Time marked “New!” or by fusing personas that have not already been registered. You can determine if a persona has been registered or not by going to the Fusion Search option and checking for a miniature card symbol next to the persona’s name.

Margaret can be found in the Velvet Room which is easily accessed via the blue door in the Shopping District, South or the main area of the TV World.

The Moderate Bookkeeper trophy (and especially/more notably, its older brother the Thorough Bookkeeper trophy) is probably one of the more time-consuming trophies to earn; however, if you snag new persona cards each time you receive a Shuffle Time bonus at the end of a fight, you can probably at least hit the 50% mark in a single playthrough.

If you choose to take the route of fusing-buying-fusing-etc., you will find yourself in dire straights for money, but that course is an option nonetheless.

Movie Buff (Bronze)

To earn the Movie Buff trophy, you must go see a movie 3 times at ‘30 Frame’ in Okina City.

30 Frame is right in front of you when you get off of your scooter.

Walk up to the box office. When you attempt to see a movie, you’ll be prompted to invite a friend. Whomever you invite will gain a level for their persona or a skill upgrade.

So, it’s a nice deal, but maybe not as nice as the trophy. If you want, just save before going to Okina, see a movie three times, get the trophy and then reload you previous save. You will still have earned the award.

To reach Okina City, you must ride your scooter “Around the neighborhood” three times. On the third ride, you’ll wind up in Okina.

A good three-day span in which to do this trophy is July 12th, 13th, and 14th. The 12th is a rainy day so not many Social Links are available, but your friends will come join you at your beck and call, so give them a buzz, blaze through the evening, rinse and repeat for the next two days, then reload back to the 12th with trophy in-hand.

Mr. Perfect (Silver)

In order to earn this trophy, you must max-out (reach level 5) in all 5 Social Qualities. The five qualities are Knowledge, Courage, Expression, Diligence, and Understanding.

Levels of Each Stat

Within Knowledge, the five levels are: Aware, Informed, Expert, Professor, and Sage.

Within Courage, the levels are: Average, Reliable, Brave, Daring, and Heroic.

Within Expression, the levels are: Rough, Eloquent, Persuasive, Touching, and Enthralling.

Within Diligence, the levels are: Callow, Persistent, Strong, Thorough, and Rock Solid.

Within Understanding, the levels are: Basic, Kindly, Generous, Motherly, and Saintly.

So, you must reach Sage (Knowledge), Heroic (Courage), Enthralling (Expression), Rock Solid (Diligence), and Saintly (Understanding).

Ways to Improve

There are myriad things you can do to reach the maximum level in all of these qualities. Among them are:

Eating at Aiya on rainy days to improve all stats except for Understanding Reading books that apply to the stats you wish to increase (the Way series increases Expression All of the part-time jobs you can perform increase a quality Sports clubs increase Diligence Cultural clubs increase Expression Defeating the bonus boss at the end of each dungeon the second time boosts Courage Studying at night or in the School Library, answering questions, and listening to lecture increases Knowledge Playing with the cat in front of the Dojima Residence increases Expression

Take Note

Keep in mind that certain events, conversational options, and Social Links are only available at specific levels of each stat, so, whether you’re going for the trophy or not, you need to spend some time increasing these. Don’t worry, your Social Qualities will carry over in a New Game Plus.

Persona Shopper (Bronze)

In order to earn this trophy, all you have to do is register a persona into the compendium with Margaret in the Velvet Room, then buy it at a later date. To speed things along, you can register a persona, use it in a fusion, then recall it from the Persona Compendium. As long as the persona is not currently in your hand, you will be able to pay a fee in order to recall the persona so long as you have space. The fee will be more expensive for higher level personas.

Once a Persona is obtained, it’s automatically registered, but you can register it once more after it has leveled up, learned new skills, and increased stats.

Tactical Fighter (Bronze)

This is an extremely easy trophy to earn and will pop through natural gameplay.

The trophy requires you to exploit an enemy weakness 100 times. Weaknesses differ from enemy to enemy, but you can usually figure them out by paying attention to what element they’re using. For example, an enemy using Ice (Bufu-based) attacks is probably weak to Fire and vice versa. An enemy using Electric (Zio-based) attacks is probably weak to Wind and vice versa.

When you’ve hit an enemy’s weakness, a yellow “WEAK!” bubble will pop above their head and they will be knocked to the ground.

Later in the game, Rise will gain special abilities that will allow her to spot enemy weaknesses before you have a chance to figure them out.

If you can’t determine the weakness by observation or via Rise, just experiment with different elemental attacks from each of your party members.

The Nose Doesn't Always Know (Bronze)

This is a completely random trophy. In order to earn The Nose Doesn’t Always Know, you must experience a random fusion that neither you nor Igor can predict. Surprise Fusions occur about once in every 20-30 fusions. But results can — and will — vary.

The best way to do it is by saving outside of the Velvet Room and just keep fusing and re-loading until it pops. The normal cinematic will begin and then suddenly the card will fall to the floor, unexpectedly. Igor will be shocked and you will receive a persona you did not expect.

If you don’t want the persona you ended up with (for purposes of Skill genetics, etc.), you can reload and still keep the trophy.

The Other Self (Bronze)

You obtain this trophy automatically through the storyline on April 15th when you enter the TV World with Yosuke and go searching through the alternate-reality Shopping District for clues as to what might have happened to Saki Konishi.

You will whisper “persona” and Izanagi will come out of its tarot card. Congrats. Trophy for you!

Thorough Bookkeeper (Gold)

In order to earn this trophy, you need to register all of the Personas (100% of the suckers) in the game with Margaret in her Persona Compendium.

You receive credit for registering a new persona either by collecting persona cards during Shuffle Time marked “New!” or by fusing personas that have not already been registered. You can determine if a persona has been registered or not by going to the Fusion Search option and checking for a miniature card symbol next to the persona’s name.

Margaret can be found in the Velvet Room which is easily accessed via the blue door in the Central Shopping District.

As indicated by its Gold Trophy status, Thorough Bookkeeper is not an easy trophy to come by. Perhaps second or third only to Hardcore Risette Fan and Legend of Inaba (in terms of its sheer planning required), this trophy is extremely time-consuming and cost ineffective. In fact, it’s impossible to get this trophy without earning max Link on each of the Social Links. Doing so will give you a key item that allows you to fuse a strong Persona. These Key Items do carry over with New Game Plus, so you don’t have to max out all Social Links in one game. Our Personas pages contain all Personas and how to obtain them.

To help avoid the aforementioned pains as much as possible, be sure to snag “New!” persona cards during each Shuffle Time. However, you will still need to recall Personas via the Compendium, for a price, to fuse more Personas.

When you reach 100% on the Persona Compendium, you will be able to recall Personas from the Compendium at a 25% discount. When you reach 50%, you will get a 10% discount.

Seize the Moment (Bronze)

Seize the Moment can only be completed on a rainy day by going to Sozai Daigaku in the Shopping District, North, right next to the town Bulletin Board.

Walk up to the counter, buy the special croquette that’s offered, and bam. The trophy is yours.

Skilled Commander (Bronze)

To become a skilled commander, you’ll need to perform 50 All-Out Attacks on enemies.

In order for the option to perform an All-out attack to appear, you’ll need to have knocked-down all of the enemies you are currently battling.

Exploit enemy weaknesses to knock them down or land a Critical Hit. Once all enemies on the screen have fallen down, one of your party members will ask something like, “This is our chance! Let’s go!” and you’ll be given the option to perform an All-out attack or not.

During an All-out attack, all of your party members rush at the fallen enemies and do large amounts of physical damage to each.

Hidden Trophies (Spoilers)

A Prince Appears (Bronze)
In order to earn this trophy, you must rescue Yukiko Amagi from Yukiko’s Castle before or on April 29th. If you don’t, the game will end.
A True Man's Stand (Bronze)
In order to earn this trophy, you must rescue Kanji Tatsumi from the Steamy Bathhouse before or on June 4th.
Big Bro is Worried (Bronze)

Beginning on November, 22nd, you can visit Nanako in the hospital. In order to visit, you will need to talk with a different person each time.

To earn the trophy, you must visit her three (3) times while she is there.

On 11/22, speak with Yosuke in the 2-2 Classroom. On 11/23, speak with Chie in the Shopping District, North. On 11/24, speak with Rise on the 1st Floor of the Classroom Building.

Once you’ve visited and gotten the trophy, feel free to revert to your previous save and do whatever you wish for those days all over again. You will retain the trophy.

Boarded-Up Lab (Bronze)

This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, unless you want your game to end early.

In order to receive Boarded-Up Lab, you must rescue Naoto Shirogane from the Secret Laboratory by October the 5th (10/5).

Breaking Through the Fog (Bronze)
This is part of the main storyline, but it is very miss-able. On 12/3, you must follow a specific set of dialogue options to learn the truth. See these options in the Seekers of Truth page. The story will play out over several days. When everything is in place, clear Magatsu Inaba to earn this trophy.
Game Over (Bronze)
In order to receive Game Over, you must retrieve Mitsuo Kubo from the Void Quest dungeon by August the 12th (8/12).
One Who Has Proven Their Power (Gold)

The battle with Margaret can only be attempted after several requirements have been met:

You must be playing on New Game Plus You must Max out the Empress Social Link You must be on the path to the True Ending on March 20th. You must defeat all optional bosses by the end of January

Once you have obtained the Orb of Sight from Igor, exit out of The Velvet Room and re-enter to find Margaret alone. She will give you the Aqua Invitation which says, “I will be waiting for you at Heaven’s end. – Margaret”

Head to Heaven before the final dungeon to find Margaret on the tenth floor. Don’t worry, no other bosses will be in the Dungeon.

Boss Battle: Margaret


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Along with the damage each Skill may causes, all affinities other than Almighty, Darkness and Light will change.

Attack: Basic Physical damage. No change to Affinities Ragnarok: Severe Fire damage to one ally. Affinities change to Dr Fire Prominence: Severe Fire damage to entire party. Affinities change to Dr Fire Niflheim: Severe Ice damage on one ally. Affinities change to Dr Ice Cocytus Pain: Severe Ice damage to entire party. Affinities change to Dr Ice Thunder Reign: Severe Electric damage to one ally. Affinities change to Dr Elec Jihad: Severe Electric damage to entire party. Affinities change to Dr Elec Panta Rhei: Severe Wind damage to one ally. Affinities change to Dr Wind Divine Vacuum: Severe Wind damage to entire party. Affinities change to Dr Wind Mind Charge: Doubles power of next Magical attack. Affinities change to Nul everything Megidolaon: Severe Almighty damage to entire party. Affinities change to Str on everything Morning Star: Massive Almighty Damage to entire party. Affinities change to Str on everything Diarahan: Fully Restores Margaret’s HP Power Charge: Doubles power of next Physical attack. Affinities change to Nul everything Hassou Tobi: Light Physical damage 8x to entire party. Affinities change to Dr on Physical.



Like most boss battle affinities, Margaret is neutral to all elements and will block Darkness and Light. The unique thing about this battle is the affinities will change based on the Skill / Persona she uses. The only things that will not change is Null to Darkness and Light, and neutral to Almighty. If she uses the plain Attack, there will be no change in affinities. However, if she uses an attack with the four basic elements, her resistance to that element will switch to drain. Do not reflect any of her elemental attacks! If you reflect the attack back at her, she will restore HP since her resistance is now drain. When it comes to Margaret using Almighty skills, all affinities will change to resistant (Str). When it comes to Margaret using Mind Charge, all affinities will switch to Null.


Margaret can attack twice during each turn. After several basic attacks, she will start using the elemental skills in the list above. The skills will go down the elemental line from Fire to Wind until she uses Megidolaon. Mind Charge will always go before Megidolaon, making it twice as powerful. If you see Mind Charge coming, or if the last attack was a Wind Skill, guard your team to lower damage.

The only time Megidolaon is not used after Mind Charge is after 50 turns. When Megidolaon is used that time, it will cause 9999 damage to every single party member. Hopefully the Lovers Social Link is maxed out, allowing Rise to revive you once during battle. End the fight before 100 turns!


Margaret is the toughest boss battle in the entire game. Do not even attempt this battle if you, your Personas, and your teammates aren’t around Level 90. Your party member’s Social Links should be maxed out, and their Personas should be on their third form. Try obtaining Legendary Weapons and Armor from The Reaper throughout the game to help out, but it may not be necessary on normal or lower difficulties.

When it comes to using certain party members or strategies, there are many different ways you can go. What is certain is all party members should be at max level to make things go smoothly, their Personas should be on their third form with great attacks, and the Protagonist should be using a number of Personas to debuff, attack, and defend.

Chie’s Dragon Hustle Skill will be great to buff the entire party, Kanji’s Primal Force is a great Physical Attack, and Yosuke’s Brave Blade is a great Physical attack. Elemental attacks can be iffy since Margaret’s affinities change so often. Don’t forget about items; bring a few Somas and other items to restore HP and SP if needed. If not, Yukiko or Teddie can be there to heal, but only take one.

Trumpeter (Debuff) Debilitate: Decreases Attack, Defense, and Hit/Evasion rate (1 foe). Spell Master: Halves HP cost for magical skills. Yoshitsune (Offense) Hassou Tobi: Light Damage to all foes 8x Power Charge: Doubles damage of next physical attack Arms Master: Halves HP cost for physical skills. Izanagi-no-Okami (Defense) Enduring Soul: Restores all HP upon Unconscious 1x per battle. Angelic Grace: Doubles evasion rate against all attacks but Light/Darkness/Almighty

In reality, if you’re playing Normal or lower, and Personas are in their 90s, a Defending Persona probably isn’t needed. Use Trumpeter to Debilitate Margaret (lower all stats), switch to Yoshitsune and Power Charge, and then use Hassou Tobi to deal massive damage. The Arms Master Skill paired with an Accessory that lowers the cost of Physical Skills would be great choices. All these Skills can naturally be learned through level progression with the exception of Enduring Soul on Izanagi-no-Okami. You will need a Skill Card for that, or max out the Lovers Social Link to have Rise revive you.

If you can critical hit Margaret, do not go for an All-Out Attack. Doing so will only cause a small amount of damage. Allow each player to attack while she’s downed to cause bonus damage. When she reaches half HP, she will fully restore herself with Diarahan and use Morning Star.

After Margaret’s health goes below 50% a second time, she will use Power Change and Hassou Tobi instead of Mind Charge and Megidolaon. It may only do light damage, but it hits eight times!

Special Fusion Expert (Bronze)
Beginning on July 10th, Igor will allow you to perform special fusions consisting of 4, 5 or 6 personas. Perform one of these and the trophy is yours. The easiest to create will probably be Neko Shogun of the Star Arcana. Neko requires Kusi Mitama (Strength), Saki Mitama (Priestess), Ara Mitama (Chariot), and Nigi Mitama (Temperance).
The Lounge Is Closed (Bronze)
In order to earn this trophy, you must rescue Rise Kujikawa from Marukyu Striptease before or on July 9th.
The Power of Truth (Silver)

To earn this trophy you need to fuse Izanagi-no-Okami. There are a few requirements to fuse him. First you need to have beaten the game once and seen the true ending. Select New Game Plus to carry all info over to the second game. Then to fuse him, you must be Lv. 91 and have the proper Persona’s to perform a Dodecagon fusion.

The Personas required are:

Izanagi (Fool) Sandman (Strength. Found in Yukiko’s Castle.) Nata Taishi (Chariot. Found in Yukiko’s Castle.) Girimehkala (Moon. Found in Secret Laboratory and Heaven.) Norn (Fortune. Fuse Lachesis (Fortune), Clotho (Fortune), and Atropos (Fortune) with maxed Fortune Social Link.) Okuninushi (Emperor. Found in Secret Laboratory.) Orthrus (Hanged Man. Found in Void Quest or Secret Laboratory.) Kartikeya (Star. Found in the Magatsu Mandala portion of the Magatsu Inaba, and Yomotsu Hirasaka.) Mithra (Temperance. Found in Void Quest.) Tzitzimitl (Priestess. Found in Yomotsu Hirasaka.) Cu Chullain (Tower. Must be fused. There are a number of options. One is Neko Shogun (Star), Mithra (Temperance), Black Frost (Fool).) Legion (Fool. Found in Marukyu Striptease.)

The Reaper Becomes the Reaped (Silver)

The process to earn this trophy is somewhat shrouded in mystery, but most agree that it must be done towards the end of the game as The Reaper is incredibly strong. Although this may be true, he can also be abused as soon as Yukiko’s castle is unlocked at incredibly low levels while playing on the easiest setting, granting you retries in battle, as well as greatly increasing the damage you deal and the damage he takes. This is even easier to accomplish on a New Game Plus.

To find the Reaper, you will need to open up about 20 Treasure Chests. To make It even easier, you can open 20 chests in any dungeon, leave, save your game, and go to floor 5 of Yukiko’s castle, as only two chests spawn on that floor. If you fail to discover The Reaper, simply re-load the game and try again. The chest counter will NOT be reset. Once the condition has been met, look for a treasure chest to open up. Do not open a golden chest or this will not work! The game will ask you if you’re sure you want to open the chest. Say yes to possibly face the Reaper in battle. Just because you hear chains and open a non-golden chest does not ensure the chance of facing The Reaper.

The Reaper is a mini-boss of sorts. The way he battles seems to depend on which Dungeon you are in. In later dungeons, he will attack twice per turn, usually Mind Charging first, and then lashing-out at a party member’s weakness with a “Dyne” level spell (Heavy Damage to an ally or entire party). It also has Break attacks that will nullify elemental resistances on your party. It may even cast a Darkness or Light skill for an instant kill.


Its affinities are neutral to all elements, except Darkness and Light. Like most boss battles, it will block Darkness and Light.

Once you defeat the Reaper, you will earn a powerful weapon. As you defeat him a few more times, you will receive a different weapon with each victory to give to each current party member. If all characters in the party have these Legendary Weapon, he will drop armor in the same manner. If all characters in the party have their Legendary Weapon and Armor, he will drop an Omnipotence Orb which is an accessory that blocks all elemental attacks save for Almighty damage.

The Return of the Angels (Bronze)
In order to earn this trophy, you will need to rescue Nanako from Heaven before November 20th (11/20).
The Truth In Your Hands (Gold)
This is a story related trophy, but it may be miss-able if you don’t go towards the true ending path at 12/3. See Seekers of Truth and End Game for what you must do to reach the True Ending and the Yomotsu Hirasaka dungeon.
Welcome Back (Silver)
In order to rescue Marie, you must have maxed out the Aeon Social Link BEFORE December 3rd (12/3). After the events take place during Seekers of Truth, Marie will disappear. Speak to Margaret in the Velvet Room and ask to search for her. Eventually, Margaret will locate her, and take you to Hollow Forest. Clear the dungeon to earn this trophy.