Persona 4 Golden Guide

Okina City

Okina City is a city located a short distance from Inaba City. It can be found after taking your Scooter for a ride around the neighborhood three times. You will receive your Scooter on June 8-9. This small town contains three different shops.

30 Frames Cinema

30 Frames Cinema is where you can watch movies! Invite a classmate to get a Social Link boost. If the friend called you while you were in your room and asked to go to that specific movie, their Persona will level up. This will also pass time.

In front of the cinema is a crane game that can be played for a small price. Win items that can be displayed on your shelf at home.

Croco Fur

Croco Fur is a shop that sells various high-priced clothes and costumes. Clothes only change the appearance of a character while dungeon crawling and in-battle.

Chagall Café

Chagall Café is a coffee shop with a very special purpose. If you have a Persona equipped with a card symbol next to a Skill, ordering and drinking a Coffee will allow you to obtain a Skill Card of that skill! This will also pass time.