Persona 4 Golden Guide



After May 22nd, Nanako will want to grow vegetables at the Dojima Residence. Doing so is extremely easy and will allow you to grow some of your own Items.

The first thing you need are Seedlings. These can be bought from the lady near the front of Dojima Residence, a lady at the Junes Department Store, or from the TV Shopping Network. The first two are sure hits.

Once a seedling is obtained, use the bucket in the living room area to plant the seedling in the garden. Each seedling takes a specific time (days) to grow. Maintain the garden at least once before the plant must be harvested to yield more vegetables. Maintaining the garden will pass time and increase your Diligence.

When the time comes, harvest the vegetables and reap your rewards! Do so quickly, or the vegetables will become withered.

[table caption=”Seedlings” align=”center” width=”100%” colwidth=”20|20|60″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Barrier Corn|2500|A corn seedling. Takes around 8 days to harvest. Can yield 2 types of produce.
Cabbage Seedling|1800|A cabbage seedling. Takes around 6 days to harvest.
Daikon Seedling|500|A daikon seedling. Takes around 5 days to harvest.
Eggplant Seedling|3000|A eggplant seedling. Takes around 9 days to harvest.
Melon Seedling|5000|A melon seedling. Takes around 10 days to harvest.
Tomato Seedling|500|A tomato seedling. Takes around 5 days to harvest.
Wall Paprika|2300|A paprika seedling. Takes around 7 days to harvest. Can yield 4 types of produce.
Wheat Seedling|1000|A wheat seedling. Takes around 6 days to harvest.

[table caption=”Produce” align=”center” width=”100%” colwidth=”20|20|60″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Bead Melon|Melon Seedling|Fully restores on ally’s HP and SP
Crack Wheat|Wheat Seedling|Opens a locked treasure box.
Hiranya Cabbage|Cabbage Seedling|Cures all ailments besides Down and Unconscious (party).
Return Daikon|Daikon Seedling|Lets you leave the dungeon.
Tiny Soul Tomato|Tomato Seedling|Recovers 20SP for one ally.
Red Paprika|Wall Paprika|Gives one ally Fire resistance for 3 turns.
White Paprika|Wall Paprika|Gives one ally Ice resistance for 3 turns.
Blue Paprika|Wall Paprika|Gives one ally Electric resistance for 3 turns.
Green Paprika|Wall Paprika|Gives one ally Wind resistance for 3 turns.
Makaracorn|Barrier Corn|Allows one ally to reflect one magical attack.
Tetracorn|Barrier Corn|Allows one ally to reflect one physical attack.
Scapegoat Eggplant|Eggplant Seedling|Takes your place once when hit with instant death magic.