Persona 4 Golden Guide


There are various Jobs that can be obtained in Persona 4. All a player needs to do is check out the Town Bulletin Board in the Northern part of the Central Shopping District. A certain Status Level may be needed before a job becomes available. All these jobs can be done whenever you like. You don’t NEED to do a job at the risk of getting fired.

[table class=”table-bordered” align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left|left|left|left”]
Envelope Constructor|1000+|Any|-|Diligence|April 23, desk in your room
Translator|1500+|Any|Knowledge|Expression|April 23, desk in your room
Origami Crane Folder|0|Any|Diligence|Understanding|April 23, desk in your room
Assistant Day Care Caretaker|4000+|Mon~~Fri~~Sat~~(No Rain!)|Understanding|-|April 23, Bus Stop, Central Shopping District.
Pub Dishwasher|1500+|Any Evening|Understanding|Diligence|May 25, Shiroku Pub, Central Shopping District
Hospital Janitor|1500|Wed~~Thurs~~Fri~~(Evening)|Understanding|Courage|May 25, Bus Stop, Central Shopping District. Begins Devil Social Link, and later the Death Social Link
Tutor|10000|Tue~~Thurs~~Sat~~(Evening)|Understanding Rank 5|Expression|May 25, Bus Stop. Begins Tower Social Link.