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Persona 4 Golden Guide


Yoshitsune is a persona of the Tower Arcana. It specializes in the Physical element. Its default level is 75.

This Persona can learn the immensely powerful Physical Skill Hassou Tobi, making it a top choice for many players when facing difficult bosses. Pair it with an accessory and skill that reduces the cost of Physical attacks, and it can wreak havoc.


A Japanese general of the Genpei Was near the end of the Heian era and start of the Kamakura era. His bold ingenuity and ruthless skill with a blade are still praised in Japan today.

How to Obtain

Yoshitsune — as with the other Tower Personas — cannot be found during shuffle time. Yoshitsune must be fused using a Pentagonal fusion with

Hachiman (Hierophant)
Okuninushi (Emperor)
Shiki-Ouji (Fool)
Masakado (Tower)
Hitokotonushi (Hermit)


Phys. Fire Ice Elec. Wind Light Dark
Nul Str - Rpl - Rpl -

Skill List

Skill Level Element Cost
Brave Blade 75 Physical 20%HP
Power Charge 75 Physical 15SP
Ziodyne 75 Electric 12SP
Heat Riser 77 N/A 30SP
Repel Electric 78 Electric Passive
Electric Amp 79 Electric Passive
Hassou Tobi 83 Physical 25%HP