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Spending Time

In Persona 4, several days will automatically pass by naturally alongside the story. However, many other days are left completely up to you to do whatever you want! A day is split into several sections that may or may not allow you to do things.

School days may consist of:

      • Early Morning (Dialogue)
      • Morning (Dialogue)
      • Lunch (Spend Time)
      • Afternoon (Pop Quiz)
      • After School (Spend Time)
      • Evening (Spend Time)
      • Days off usually consist of:
      • Afternoon
      • Evening

Most of the time After School and Evening are the only times you can truly do something. You can either spend the Afternoon / Afterschool doing Side Quests, improving a Social Link, buying things, or inside The TV.

After specific things are done to pass time, or going directly to Dojima Residence, it will turn to the Evening. When it’s the Evening, you can talk to Nanako, Dojima (if he’s home), read a book, make a Boxed Lunch, or work on the Garden. If Dojima isn’t home, you can sneak out and do a little more shopping or possibly improve more Social Links. However, if you were inside the TV during the Afternoon, you will be too tired to do anything for the evening.

Things that make time pass by

There are a number of things to do that allow time to pass by.

      • Fishing
      • Gardening
      • Completing Mysterious Fox Quests
      • Drawing a Fortune from the Shrine
      • Spending time with friends (See also: Hot Springs)
      • Doing school club activities
      • Working (Look at the bulletin board in the Central Shopping District for jobs)
      • Watching a movie in Okina City
      • Gazing / Swimming at Shichiri Beach
      • Drinking coffee and getting a Skill Card in Okina City

School Clubs

School Clubs are various activities that can be done after school to pass some time of the day. Each club has its own function, meet dates, members, and even Social Links!

Joining a club is simple. After April 25th, go down to the Faculty Office on the Classroom Building’s First Floor and speak with your home room teacher After School. You can join one sports club and one cultural club.

Sports Clubs

Sports clubs include Basketball and Soccer. To get to the sports clubs, leave the faculty office, make a left, and go through the emergency exit. The clubs meet on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. They don’t meet on rainy days, though!

Both the basketball and soccer clubs open up the Strength Arcana Social Link.

It may be best to choose the Soccer team to easily get three books that may be miss-able on the Basketball team. These books count towards the Compulsive Reader trophy.

Cultural Clubs

Cultural clubs include the Drama club or the Band. Both are located on the bottom floor of the Practice Building. They meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, even if it’s raining.

You can attend the meetings by speaking with Yumi in the center of the second floor of the Classroom Building right in the center of the stairway. Attending meetings increases your Expression, a necessary attribute for maximizing the Justice Social Link with Nanako Dojima.

Both the drama and band clubs open up the Sun Arcana Social Link: choosing Drama will give you access to Yumi Ozawa while choosing Band will have Ayane Matsunaga as the representative.


There are various Jobs that can be obtained in Persona 4. All a player needs to do is check out the Town Bulletin Board in the Northern part of the Central Shopping District. A certain Status Level may be needed before a job becomes available. All these jobs can be done whenever you like. You don’t NEED to do a job at the risk of getting fired.

Envelope Constructor

      • Daily Salary: 1,000+ Yen
      • Work Days: Any time
      • Requirements: NA
      • Benefit: Boosts your Diligence.
      • Available April 23rd. This allows you to construct Enveloped on the work desk in your room.


      • Daily Salary: 1,500+ Yen
      • Work Days: Any time
      • Requirements: Some Knowledge
      • Benefit: Boosts your Expression.
      • Available April 23rd. This allows you to translate papers on the work desk in your room.

Origami Crane Folder

      • Daily Salary: 0 Yen (Volunteer)
      • Work Days: Any time
      • Requirements: Some Diligence
      • Benefit: Boosts your Understanding.
      • Available April 23rd. This allows you to fold Origami Cranes on the work desk in your room.

Assistant Day Care Caretaker

      • Daily Salary: 4,000+ Yen
      • Work Days: Mon/Fri/Sat (Not raining)
      • Requirements: Understanding required.
      • Available April 23rd. This allows you to work in a day care during the afternoon. Doing so will build the Temperance Social Link.

Pub Dishwasher

      • Daily Salary: 1,500+ Yen
      • Work Days: Any day at night
      • Requirements: Some Understanding
      • Benefit: Boosts your Diligence.
      • Available on May 25th. Allows you to work at the Shiroku Pub any night.

Hospital Janitor

      • Daily Salary: 1,500+ Yen
      • Work Days: Wed/Thur/Fri (Night)
      • Requirements: Some Understanding
      • Benefit: Boosts your Courage.
      • Available on May 25th. Leave from the bus stop in the Southern part of the Central Shopping District on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday nights. Doing this job will start and boost the Devil Social Link.


      • Daily Salary: 10,000 Yen
      • Work Days: Tue/Thur/Sat (Night)
      • Requirements: Requires Understanding Rank 5 (Saintly)
      • Benefit: Boosts your Expression.
      • Available on May 25th. Doing this job will start and boost the Tower Social Link.

Catching Bugs

In order to catch bugs, you must first get the Bug Catching Net. If you visit the Shrine and talk to the boy there, you will learn the boy recently lost his Bug Catching Net. Return to the Shrine at night sometime after early June to find a woman in white. She will ask for a Goldfish at first. If you don’t have it, she will then ask if you knew a Bug Catching Net was on the roof of the shrine. Answer “Yes” to obtain the net!

Now that you have the net, you can catch bugs! Return to the Shrine during the day. Examine the area under the shaded trees during day time while it’s not raining to play a short bug catching mini-game. Wait until a “!” pops above the character’s head before pressing X. As a reward for swinging perfectly, not only do you get the Bug Hunter trophy, but you’ll get an extra 2 bugs (or 3 or 4, if you’ve read the bug-catching books Catching Bugs and World Class Bugs, respectfully).

Once Inaba has been covered in snow during the Winter Event, you won’t be able to catch bugs at the Shrine any more. However, you’ll be able to harvest frozen bugs that have burrowed into your garden. To harvest these bugs, use the Gardening Tools at the Dojima Residence. Since you won’t be able to garden during the snowy period, this is a nice trade-off.


Fishing is a mini-game that requires a Side Quest to do. Unfortunately, you can’t go out and buy a fishing rod, you’ll have to find parts to assemble one yourself.

Obtaining a Fishing Rod

The first thing you need to do is get the Fish Hook. To do this, you must trade a few Sodas for Bugs. Sodas can be found in the Vending Machines at the Central Shopping District. Trade these sodas with the Bug-catching Boy at Tatsuhime Shrine — also in the Central Shopping District. When you get Tatsuhime Ladybugs, take them to the Shiroku Pub at night, along with a Gem. Feed the merchant’s fish one of these bugs from your inventory to receive the Fish Hook.

The next step is obtaining a rod. Take the Fish Hook over to the man at the Riverbank at Samegawa Flood Plain. Doing this will reward you with the Rod.

Now you can go fishing at the dock at the Riverbank of the Samegawa Flood Plain during the daytime or evening. Try fishing when it’s raining, as there are different fish you can catch in different weather.

Fishing Basics

Fishing will make time pass by, like many other events. To fish, use bread crumbs from Shiroku Pub or Bugs from the Shrine. One Tatsuhime Ladybug for one Bread Crumb each evening. See the Catching Bugs Quest for more info on that.


With the right bait, head to the Samegawa Flood Plain to fish. Choose one piece of bait and wait for your bobble to go under water. When it’s under water, a short mini-game will play out. Use the left analog stick to keep in the blue section (middle) of a meter. When in the blue section, press the Circle Button to start reeling in. If you read a certain book about fishing, you can perform a quick reel after reeling it in a certain distance. Reading another book will allow you to fish more than once before heading home.



After May 22nd, Nanako will want to grow vegetables at the Dojima Residence. Doing so is extremely easy and will allow you to grow some of your own Items.

The first thing you need are Seedlings. These can be bought from the lady near the front of Dojima Residence, a lady at the Junes Department Store, or from the TV Shopping Network. The first two are sure hits.

Once a seedling is obtained, use the bucket in the living room area to plant the seedling in the garden. Each seedling takes a specific time (days) to grow. When it’s one day before the vegetable can be harvested, try maintaining the garden to increase the number of grown vegetables.

When the time comes, harvest the vegetables and reap your rewards! Do so quickly, or the vegetables will become withered.

Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities


Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities is a Home Shopping T.V. Program that can be watched and used on Sunday, monday, and Tuesdays inside your room at the Dojima Residence. It first becomes available on May 29th. Watching the program doesn’t pass the time from one part of the day to the other.

The program will offer two different products and two different prices. You can choose to buy one of the two, or just skip out on them. If you buy anything, it will come with a Prize Sticker. When you have obtained three Prize Stickers, they can be mailed back via the mailbox in the Northern part of the Central Shopping District for a random prize. All items should take two days to reach the house.

Chagall Cafe

Chagall Cafe is a coffee shop located in Okina City. If you have a Persona equipped with a card symbol next to a Skill, spend time at the Chagall Cafe to obtain a Skill Card with that Skill on it. Spending time at Chagall Cafe will make part of the day pass by.

Hot Springs

From time to time, you may find a friend near the Gas Station in the Central Shopping District during the day. They won’t have an exclamation mark above their head, but you can still talk and spend the day with them. Doing so should take you to a hot spring.

There will be two options available while at the Hot Spring, each with their own purpose:

      1. Talk about memories: This option will allow your friend’s Persona to relearn an older, forgotten Skill.
      2. Talk about the future: This option will allow your friend’s Persona to learn a new Skill. These skills are bonus skills that cannot be learned through leveling up.

Intimate Relationships

Just like real life, you can enter Intimate Relationships with the girls in Inaba. After obtaining a high enough Social Link with each girl, you will be given special options when spending time with them. The game should give a sort of warning before choosing the option to enter a relationship or stay friends. The first time you enter a relationship, you will earn A Special Lady trophy.

It’s possible to enter more than one relationship in a game, but that could come back to bite you in the behind when Valentine’s Day or Christmas comes rolling around.

Girl Arcana Rank Needed
Chie Chariot Rank 9
Yukiko Priestess Rank 9
Rise Lovers Rank 7
Naoto Fortune Rank 8
Marie Aeon Rank 9
Yumi Sun Rank 10
Ayane Sun Rank 8
Ai Moon Rank 6 and 9