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Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough

Seekers of Truth

The Seekers of Truth section of the game will prevent you from getting the bad endings while setting you on the path towards the truth. It is also the Social Link that gives a boost to the Judgment Arcana.

December 3rd (12/03)

Major choices and events will play out today. When the game asks you to save before the events of this day, DO IT!

Pay attention to the story as it unfolds. When you get to the part where you visit Namatame, reveal and read the spoilers.

Spoilers and Helpful Guide

You will be given several options when dealing with Namatame. The actions and results are as follows:

      • Push him into the TV = Bad Ending 1
      • Don’t push him into the TV and don’t convince the others = Bad Ending 2
      • Don’t push him into the TV, convince the others, and can’t find the true killer = Bad Ending 3
      • Don’t push him into the TV, convince the others, and find the true killer = Path to True Ending

As you can see, and if you haven’t realized yet, Taro Namatame is NOT the true killer. He was already interrogated by the police and had an air tight alibi. You may have also noticed the boss battle involving him had a ton of peace and love references.

If you get any of the bad endings, the game will skip to March 20th, and the game will end with a short cut scene.

To convince the others choose the following dialogue options:

      • Wait a second here…
      • We’re missing something.
      • Namatame’s true feelings.
      • Something’s bothering me.
      • We’re missing something…
      • Calm the hell down!

If you convince the others, the Fool Social Link will Max Out, and the Judgment Social Link will start. For the next week, all your time will be devoted to solving this case.

December 4th (12/04)

Talk over the case with the team at Junes. The Judgment Social Link should increase.

December 5th (12/05)

Ask around town for more information involving the case. There are specific people you must talk to in a specific order:

Talk to the Shopping Woman at Shopping District, North.
Ask the Female Student at Junes if she recalls anyone suspicious.
Ask the Female Student near the Bookstore at Shopping District, South if she recalls anyone suspicious.
Talk to everyone in town about the murders and if they’ve seen anyone suspicious. Eventually, the team will meet up at Aiya’s Chinese Restaurant.
Later in the evening, the group will try to figure out who the true murderer is. You must come to the correct conclusion. The game will say “The Person who seems to be the most likely culprit is…” If you don’t know the right answer click spoiler tag:

Spoilers and Helpful Guide

Choose “Tohru Adachi.” Next, choose to tell your friends. Head to the hospital and question Adachi.
If you choose not to tell your friends and pick the following events in March, you will get a new ending called the Accomplice ending:

      • “Protect Adachi”
      • “Go see Adachi”
      • “Did you do it?”
      • “No.”
      • “No.”
      • “I am on your side”
      • “Yes”
      • “Set fire to the letter”

The story will continue each day until December 8th

December 7th (12/07)

If your Jester Social Link reached seven, you will be given the option to meet up with Adachi this evening. Doing so will change the Jester Arcana to the Hunger Arcana.

December 8th (12/08)

You will finally be able to do Quests and Social Links again, but you must find the true culprit before the end of the year in Magatsu Inaba.

If you choose to go to Magatsu Inaba and beat the dungeon, the game will automatically skip to December 23rd. Stretch out and use your time wisely. The 26th should be the last possible day to enter the TV and secure the true killer, but try to secure them on the 22nd instead. If you can do it on the 22nd, you will have a Christmas date if in a Relationship. A number of other story related events will happen to end the year on. When January rolls around, go to End Game.

  • BlaBlaBla

    Seriously, LOVE your IGN Guide!
    But….it only goes up to May 19th….where’s the rest?
    You mention here that it’s a complete guide so…what happened to the rest of it??

    • I didn’t do that day by day walkthrough. I did the abridged walkthrough. Check out those pages. They’re complete and everything.

    • Kez Fitzgerald

      I was disappointed as well, but then I decided to help myself to it, so I’m currently working on the day-by-day walkthrough. Since I was puzzled on what to do for a little bit, I went ahead in the game on my own, so you’ll notice that the guide will resume on May 21st. I started about a month ago, so it hasn’t gotten very far. (June 1st, right now.) Also, there is a long process of making sure I have every little aspect of the game complete, which involves creating multiple saves, multiple experiments, and sometimes, multiple playthroughs.

      And of course, I have a part-time job and my parents are pleased when I have social outings. So, it may be a while before it’s “complete.”

      Anyway, If you notice something that doesn’t match up with your game, or you have a question, PLEASE feel free to contact me or leave a comment in the guide. Thank you! ^_^