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Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough

Murderer Revealed?

July 10th (7/10)

July 10th is the start of the next section of the game. There will be a lot of dialogue between all characters, so sit back and enjoy the show. Most of this section of the game will be freed up. Take the opportunity to build Social Links!

After going to bed, you will be summoned to The Velvet Room once again. Advanced Fusions will now be available! Try creating even stronger Persona if your level is high enough.

July 12th (7/12)

Quest 27 will become available on this date.

July 13th (7/13)

Quest 35 will become available on this date.

July 15th (7/15)

New Books will be available at the Bookstore in the Central Shopping District.

If you have a Strength Rank of 4, go to your room to receive a call from Kou Ichijo in the evening. He will ask if you want to have a study date this upcoming Sunday. Say yes and save before Sunday to ensure you receive the Poly-land Book. Make sure to get it if you’re going for the Compulsive Reader Trophy!

July 18th (7/18)

Quest 37 will become available on this date.

July 19th – 23rd (7/19 – 7/23)

The first term finals will take up both day and night of this week. For the correct answers, see the Test Answers page. Unfortunately, even if you get every single question correct, you won’t be at the top of the class unless your Knowledge is high enough. Getting a high score will still boost the S.Link bonds between you and your schoolmates.

After the test results have been posted, talk with Dojima and Nanako to get some Money and an Accessory for doing so well.

The 23rd will also be the date the Lovers Social Link is established.

July 26th (7/26)

The next main mission will start on this day, and the Teddie / Star S.Link will gain a rank. Pay attention to the story!

July 27th (7/27)

It looks as if the police know who the murderer is, but he escaped into the TV. Gather information over the next several days to find his location.

The first step to gathering information is talking to Kanji. Head to the Samegawa Flood Plain Riverbank to find him. Kanji will recommend asking Dojima about the murderer.

Dojima will be located in Shopping District, South. He will scold you for investigating the case on your own. More importantly, he will mention that Adachi is nowhere to be found. The next step must wait until tomorrow.

July 28th (7/28)

Continue gathering information on the murderer. Go to Junes to find Adachi. When prompted, say “I’ll tell Dojima.” This will lead you to Souzai Daigaku in Shopping District, North. Ask the shopkeeper if the boy had worked for them at an earlier time. The next step must wait until tomorrow.

July 29th (7/29)

Continue gathering information on the murderer. Talk to the boy in front of Marukyu Tofu Shop in Shopping District, South. He will show you a picture of Mitsuo Kubo. You will now be able to enter the TV at Junes and search for him in Void Quest. Secure him before August 12th ends.

August 4th (8/4)

New Books will become available today. The most important book is Hyperspeed Reading, which allows you to read two chapters at a time. However, if there’s only one chapter left in a book, you won’t be able to start a new one.

August 9th (8/9)

Two new quests will become available on this date:

      • Quest 38
      • Quest 40

August 10th (8/10)

If you have a Strength Rank of 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, or 9, this day will be the day you obtain The O-Cha Way Book from your Sports Club buddies. Make sure to get it if you’re going for the Compulsive Reader Trophy!

August 12th (8/12)

Today is the last day to secure Mitsuo Kubo from Void Quest. Do so before the evening, or else the game will end.

  • BlaBlaBla

    Seriously, LOVE your IGN Guide!
    But….it only goes up to May 19th….where’s the rest?
    You mention here that it’s a complete guide so…what happened to the rest of it??

    • I didn’t do that day by day walkthrough. I did the abridged walkthrough. Check out those pages. They’re complete and everything.

    • Kez Fitzgerald

      I was disappointed as well, but then I decided to help myself to it, so I’m currently working on the day-by-day walkthrough. Since I was puzzled on what to do for a little bit, I went ahead in the game on my own, so you’ll notice that the guide will resume on May 21st. I started about a month ago, so it hasn’t gotten very far. (June 1st, right now.) Also, there is a long process of making sure I have every little aspect of the game complete, which involves creating multiple saves, multiple experiments, and sometimes, multiple playthroughs.

      And of course, I have a part-time job and my parents are pleased when I have social outings. So, it may be a while before it’s “complete.”

      Anyway, If you notice something that doesn’t match up with your game, or you have a question, PLEASE feel free to contact me or leave a comment in the guide. Thank you! ^_^