The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Walkthrough

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Weapons and Shields

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild features a large variety of melee weapons and shields to use in combat. The overwhelming majority of weapons and shields are found while exploring Hyrule, either in treasure chests, stuck in the ground, or dropped from enemies. No weapons or shields can be purchased from general shops – with the exception of arrows for bows, which are listed on the next page.

All weapons and shields have a set durability. After using the weapon and shield in combat, it will deteriorate and eventually break. Using power attacks, setting a weapon on fire, and throwing a melee weapon will decrease a weapon’s durability. Once a weapon breaks, try to find another one quickly or equip a spare from your inventory.

Breath of the Wild weapons are best categorized as one-handed and two-handed, as there are a variety of types and strengths. One-handed weapons consist of blades, clubs, and magical rods. Two-handed weapons consist of blades, axes, spears, clubs, and boomerangs. Only one-handed weapons can be used with shields.

A few weapon will be imbued with an elemental power; however, the extra effect doesn’t last forever. Use an elemental melee weapon while it’s glowing to deal extra elemental effects. Stop using the weapon for a few seconds to allow it to recharge before the element can be used again.

Effect Description
Attack Up Increases the power of Link's attacks in combat.
Durability Up Increase the durability of a weapon, allowing it to be used in combat for a longer period of time before breaking (when compared to weapons of the same name).
Long Throw Increase the distance the weapon can be thrown.
Quick Shot Increases the rate of fire of a bow.
Fire Sets the target on fire, causing damage for several seconds and deteriorates wooden weapons and shields. Equipping a fire element weapon will also decrease the blue section in the temperature meter.
Ice Freezes the target solid, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.
Electricity Stuns the target and forces them to drop any currently held weapon, shield, or bow.

Link will begin the game with 8 Weapon Slots and 4 Shield Slots. The inventory can be upgraded by finding Korok Seeds and giving them to Hetsu, a character exploring Hyrule. See the Korok Seeds page for more info.

Weapons in BOTW
Name Damage Hands Material Effect
Tree Branch 2 1H Wood -
Korok Leaf 1 1H Wood Send air into sails of small rafts.
Torch 2 1H Wood Illuminates dark areas and transfers flames.
Drillshaft 14 2H Metal Jab and mine ore
Woodcutter's Axe 3 2H Metal Cut
Double Axe 18 2H Metal Cut
Iron Sledgehammer 12 2H Metal Smash
Farming Hoe 16 2H Metal -
Farmer's Pitchfork 7 2H Wood -
Soup Ladle 4 1H Wood -
Wooden Mop 5 2H Wood -
Boat Oar 14 2H Wood -
Edge of Duality 50 2H Ancient Cut
Feathered Edge 15 1H Metal Cut
Feathered Spear 10 2H Metal Jab
Demon Carver 40 1H Metal Cut
Cobble Crusher 15 2H Metal Smash
Stone Smasher 42 2H Metal Smash
Boulder Breaker 60 2H Metal Smash
Vicious Sickle 16 1H Metal Cut
Moonlight Scimitar 25 1H Metal Cut
Scimitar of the Seven 32 1H Metal Cut
Windcleaver 40 2H Metal Cut, sends a blade of wind that does 20 damage.
Gerudo Scimitar 16 1H Metal Cut
Gerudo Spear 16 2H Metal Jab
Zora Sword 15 1H Metal Cut
Zora Spear 9 2H Metal Jab
Forest Dweller's Sword 22 1H Wood Cut
Forest Dweller's Spear 11 2H Wood Jab
Flameblade 24 1H Metal Fire element
Great Flameblade 34 2H Metal Fire element
Frostblade 20 1H Metal Ice element
Great Frostblade 30 2H Metal Ice element
Thunderblade 22 1H Metal Electric element
Great Thunderblade 32 2H Metal Electric element
Flamespear 24 2H Metal Fire element
Frostspear 20 2H Metal Ice element
Thunderspear 22 2H Metal Electric element
Throwing Spear 6 2H Metal Jab
Traveler's Sword 5 1H Metal Cut
Traveler's Claymore 10 2H Metal Cut
Traveler's Spear 3 2H Metal Jab
Rusty Halberd 5 2H Metal Jab
Rusty Broadsword 6 1H Metal Cut
Rusty Claymore 12 2H Metal Cut
Soldier's Broadsword 14 1H Metal Cut
Soldier's Claymore 20 2H Metal Cut
Soldier's Spear 7 2H Metal Jab
Knight's Broadsword 26 1H Metal Cut
Knight's Claymore 38 2H Metal Cut
Knight's Halberd 13 2H Metal Jab
Royal Broadsword 36 1H Metal Cut
Royal Guard's Sword 48 1H Metal Cut
Royal Claymore 52 2H Metal Cut
Royal Guard's Claymore 72 2H Metal Cut
Royal Halberd 26 2H Metal Jab
Royal Guard's Spear 32 2H Metal Jab
Eightfold Blade 15 1H Metal Cut
Eightfold Longblade 32 2H Metal Cut
Silver Longsword 22 2H Metal Jab
Silverscale Spear 12 2H Metal Jab
Golden Claymore 28 2H Metal Cut
Lightscale Trident 22 2H Metal Jab
Ceremonial Trident 14 2H Metal Jab
Serpentine Spear 12 2H Metal Jab
Fishing Harpoon 8 2H Metal Jab
Boomerang 8 2H Wood Throw and retrieve
Boomerang 24 2H Metal Throw and retrieve
Giant Boomerang 25 2H Wood Throw and retrieve
Guardian Sword 20 1H Ancient Cut
Guardian Sword+ 30 1H Ancient Cut
Guardian Sword++ 40 1H Ancient Cut
Ancient Bladesaw 55 2H Ancient Cut
Ancient Battle Axe 30 2H Ancient Cut
Ancient Battle Axe+ 45 2H Ancient Cut
Ancient Battle Axe++ 60 2H Ancient Cut
Ancient Short Sword 40 1H Ancient Cut
Ancient Spear 30 2H Ancient Jab
Guardian Spear 10 2H Ancient Jab
Guardian Spear+ 15 2H Ancient Jab
Guardian Spear++ 20 2H Ancient Jab
Bokoblin Arm 5 1H Bone Smash
Moblin Arm 15 2H Bone Smash
Lizalfos Arm 12 1H Bone Smash
Boko Club 4 1H Wood Smash
Spiked Boko Club 12 1H Wood Smash
Boko Spear 2 2H Wood Jab
Spiked Boko Spear 6 2H Wood Jab
Dragonbone Boko Spear 12 2H Wood Jab
Dragonbone Boko Club 24 1H Wood Smash
Boko Bat 6 2H Wood Smash
Spiked Boko Bat 18 2H Wood Smash
Dragonbone Boko Bat 36 2H Wood Smash
Moblin Club 9 2H Wood Smash
Moblin Club 27 2H Wood Smash
Dragonbone Moblin Club 45 2H Wood Smash
Moblin Spear 4 2H Wood Jab
Spiked Moblin Spear 9 2H Wood Jab
Dragonbone Moblin Spear 15 2H Wood Jab
Lizal Spear 7 2H Metal Jab
Enhanced Lizal Spear 12 2H Metal Jab
Forked Lizal Spear 18 2H Metal Jab
Lizal Boomerang 14 1H Metal Cut
Lizal Forked Boomerang 24 1H Metal Cut
Lizal Tri-Boomerang 36 1H Metal Cut
Lynel Sword 24 1H Metal Cut
Mighty Lynel Sword 36 1H Metal Cut
Savage Lynel Sword 58 1H Metal Cut
Lynel Crusher 36 2H Metal Smash
Mighty Lynel Crusher 54 2H Metal Smash
Savage Lynel Crusher 78 2H Metal Smash
Fire Rod 5 1H Magic Fire element
Meteor Rod 10 1H Magic Fire element
Ice Rod 5 1H Magic Ice element
Blizzard Rod 10 1H Magic Ice element
Lightning Rod 5 1H Magic Electric element
Thunderstorm Rod 10 1H Magic Electric element
Master Sword 30 1H Magic Light element
Shields in BOTW
Name Guard Material Effect
Pot Lid 1 Wood -
Wooden Shield 2 Wood -
Emblazoned Shield 3 Metal -
Hunter's Shield 3 Wood -
Fisherman's Shield 3 Wood -
Traveler's Shield 4 Wood -
Soldier's Shield 16 Wood -
Knight's Shield 40 Metal -
Royal Shield 55 Metal -
Forest Dwellers Shield 30 Wood -
Silver Shield 18 Metal -
Kite Shield 14 Wood -
Gerudo Shield 20 Metal -
Radiant Shield 35 Metal -
Daybreaker 48 Metal -
Rusty Shield 3 Metal -
Royal Guard's Shield 70 Metal -
Boko Shield 3 Wood -
Spiked Boko Shield 10 Wood -
Dragonbone Boko Shield 25 Wood -
Lizal Shield 15 Metal -
Reinforced Lizal Shield 22 Metal -
Steel Lizal Shield 35 Metal -
Guardian Shield 18 Ancient Strong against ancient weapons
Guardian Shield+ 30 Ancient Strong against ancient weapons
Guardian Shield++ 42 Ancient Strong against ancient weapons
Shield of the Mind's Eye 16 Wood Defense Guard Up
Ancient Shield 70 Ancient Strong against ancient weapons
Lynel Shield 30 Metal -
Mighty Lynel Shield 44 Metal -
Savage Lynel Shield 62 Metal -
Hylian Shield 90 Metal Highest durability and defense