Goron City and Abandoned North Mine

There are four divine beasts at four different points on the map. Vah Rudania is of medium difficulty, and can be found to the north east on Death Mountain. This is a large, active volcano that can cause damage just by being close to the lava. Wooden weapons cannot be used because they will burst into flames. Create potions with flame guard to reduce or eliminate damage.

You can take the road to the north of Kakariko Village and the Lanayru Wetlands to reach the Eldin Canyon. This is also northwest of Zora’s Domain. The first area you will reach is the Southern Mine. Use a weapon to smash the ore around the mine to collect some minerals.

Follow the road north to Goron City. A few monsters can be found along the path that use fire attacks. Use weapons with ice power to eliminate them quickly. As you walk closer to Goron City, flaming boulders will fall from the sky. These are the work of Vah Rudania, the lizard Divine Beast.

Goron City

The first thing you should do is buy some Flamebreaker armor from the armor shop. This will allow you to walk throughout Death Mountain without worrying about losing health.

Item Price Defense Effect
Flamebreaker Helm 2,000 3 Flame Guard
Flamebreaker Armor 600 3 Flame Guard
Flamebreaker Boots 700 3 Flame Guard

Across the small bridge is an Inn and General Store. The Inn will have two options: a regular bed for 20 rupees or a bed with a Goron massage for 80 rupees. The Goron massage will add three hearts to your overall health and a full stamina wheel to your stamina gauge.

The Goron Gusto Shop has a number of items for making food dishes and fighting the monsters found on Death Mountain.

Item Price
Rock Salt 12
Cane Sugar 12
Goron Spice 16
Fire Arrow 20
Ice Arrow 20

Directly outside and to the left of the Goron Gusto Shop is a BBQ. Cooked food items can be purchased here, or raw food items can be placed on the grill and cooked into meals that will restore your health.

Walk to the eastside of Goron City to meet an old Goron named Bludo. He will inform you about the Divine Beast Vah Rudania, which will start the main quest. Stock up on healing potions and ice-powered weapons.

At the far north tip of the area is the Shae Mo’sah Shrine. Place your Sheikah Slate on the entrance terminal to create a quick travel location. Whenever you’re ready to begin the main quest, follow the road to the Abandoned North Mine.

Abandoned North Mine

A Goron named Drak will be waiting for you at the Abandoned North Mine. Speak with him about Yunobo, and tell him the boss wants to know. Yunobo is waiting in the vault with painkiller meds. You will have to rescue him.

Turn around and walk down the path to the north. There are cannons set around the area that can be used to destroy structures and reveal heat vents. The heat vents will allow you to fly upward while gliding. The cannon can also be used to easily kill monsters, but these Lizalfos can also be taken out with a single shot from an ice arrow. Melee attack the metal stick shift to spin the cannons, drop your Bomb Rune in the cannon’s back end, and then detonate the Bomb Rune to launch an attack.

Follow the path to the east, jumping from rock to rock and using the heat vents to glide above the lava. Be prepared to fight a few Fire-breath Lizalfos and dodge their fire arrows. You can use the cannons on the monsters to destroy their platforms and clear the area.

Trek towards the marker on your map to find the vault. You will have to destroy the doors with a cannon to enter the vault and rescue Yunobo.

Not only is Yunobo inside the vault, but so are weapons and treasure chests. Stock up and speak with Yunobo to get him rolling back home. Fast travel to the shrine near Goron City and speak with the old Goron, Bludo. He will ask you to meet Yunobo at the Eldin Bridge and tell him Bludo will have to cancel for today.