Rito Village and Flight Range

There are four divine beasts at four different points on the map. Personally, I believe the Rito Village to the northwest is the easiest to start out with. It is located to the north of the Tabantha Tower, and to the west of the Hebra Tower.

Walk right up to Rito Village without any issues, and a Goddess Statue can even be found near the bottom of the village. Interact with the statue to trade four spirit orbs for one heart container or one stamina vessel.

The Swallow’s Roost is the Rito Village Inn, and can be found just above the Goddess Statue. You can purchase a standard bed for 20 Rupees or a Rito-down bed for 80 Rupees. Both beds will fully restore your health, but the Rito-down bed will max out your hearts and add another stamina wheel to your stamina gauge.

Continue onward and you will find The Slippery Falcon. This is the general store for Rito Village. The items sold at this shop are listed below.

Item Price
Tabantha Wheat 12
Cane Sugar 12
Goat Butter 12
Bomb Arrows x5 200
Arrow x5 20
Sunshroom 16

Walk up the staircase towards the Brazen Beak, Rito Village’s armor shop. This shop sells armor that will help you resist colder climates and ice element attacks. You will need the entire set to resist the cold in the upcoming Divine Beast quest.

Item Price Defense Effect
Snowquill Headdress 1,000 3 Cold Resistance
Snowquill Tunic 600 3 Cold Resistance
Snowquill Trousers 550 3 Cold Resistance

Up the staircase is a cooking pot to make dishes and elixirs. A bit further up is the Akh Va’quot Shrine, also known as Windmills. It’s best to clear this shrine to quickly teleport to Rito Village at any time.

At the top of Rito Village is the Rito Elder, Kaneli. Listen to his story to further the main quest. He will then ask you to find Teba. Head to the marker on your map and speak with Saki, Teba’s wife. This will activate a short memory.

The next objective is to find Teba at the Flight Range. The Flight Range is a small location to the north of Rito Village. The fastest way to reach this area is to glide to the northwest. When you find the main road, follow it north to the Flight Range. Grab the bow and arrows inside and walk toward Teba.

Teba will challenge you to hit five targets in three minutes. The tough part is that you will be flying in the air using updrafts. Time will slow down while you are aiming your bow, but you still need to be quick because your stamina wheels will drain fast. If you don’t have a golden or falcon bow that specializes in targeting long-range targets, aim high above the target in order to hit them. Complete the challenge and you can obtain a Falcon Bow from the treasure chest.

Speak with Teba again to continue to the next part of the quest. Teba will give you 20 Bomb Arrows and ask if you’re ready to fight the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Remember to equip some cold resisting armor or make a cold resisting elixir.