Champion Powers

Champion Powers are the four abilities given to Link by the other champions after clearing each of the Divine Beasts. The Champions were tasked with defeating Calamity Ganon 100 years ago. Unfortunately, they failed and lost their lives in the process. Now it’s up to Link to free the spirits of his friends and calm these ancient machines that are wreaking havoc around Hyrule.

The Divine Beast quests are completely optional. Link can go directly after Calamity Ganon without extra powers or heart containers, or you can help him solve these puzzles and defeat the Calamity Boss in each Divine Beasts. Clearing a Divine Beast will grant Link an additional heart, a piece of his memory, and an awesome ability.

Three of the four abilities can be used three times before needing to be recharged, but Mipha’s ability can only be used once before recharging. Look in the Key Items section for a countdown timer on each of the four abilities. Click the name of the Divine Beast to go to its walkthrough.

Power Divine Beast Recharge Description
Mipha’s Grace Vah Ruta, the Elephant 24 Minutes (Real World)
24 Hours (In-Game)
Completely restores Link’s hearts and adds five additional hearts. Activates the moment Link loses all of his current health.
Revali’s Gale Vah Medoh, the Bird 6 Minutes (Real World)
6 Hours (In-Game)
Sends Link soaring into the air before deploying the paraglider. Activates by holding X.
Daruk’s Protection Vah Rudania, the Lizard 18 Minutes (Real World)
18 Hours (In-Game)
Completely protects Link from any attacks, including sending a guardian beam back at the target. Activates instantly as long as you’re holding ZL.
Urbosa’s Fury Vah Naboris, the Camel 12 Minutes (Real World)
12 Hours (In-Game)
Sends a blast wave out from Link, damaging anything within the bubble and stunning them with electricity. Activates by holding Y.