Captured Memories: All Memory Locations

Captured Memories is the fourth main quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It will start immediately upon completing the previous quest, Locked Mementos. In this quest, Link must recover 18 forgotten memories throughout Hyrule. Four memories are unlocked when rescuing the four Divine Beasts, one memory is unlocked after reclaiming the Master Sword, and 13 memories are hidden at specific locations around the world.

Visit at least one of the 13 memory locations and return to Lady Impa to receive the Champion’s Tunic. Collect all of Link’s memories to unlock the true ending of the game. This final cut scene will not play unless all of Link’s memories are accounted for when Calamity Ganon is defeated.

The 13 memory locations in Breath of the Wild are marked by golden, glowing circles on the ground. You have to be relatively close to see the gold glow. Interact with the circles to recall a memory, which can be played at any time from the memories list in the adventure log (+ Button). The languages and subtitles can also be changed in the settings menu.

The table below is a quick breakdown of each memory. Below the table are further details on the locations of the 13 hidden memories.

Name Location
1 Subdued Ceremony Sacred Ground Ruins, Central Hyrule.
2 Revali’s Flap Unlocked during the Divine Beast Vah Medoh main quest.
3 Resolve and Grief Lake Kolomo, Central Hyrule.
4 Daruk’s Mettle Unlocked during the Divine Beast Vah Rudania main quest.
5 Zelda’s Resentment Ancient Columns, Tabantha.
6 Urbosa’s Hand Unlocked during the Divine Beast Vah Naboris main quest.
7 Blades of the Yiga Kara Kara Bazaar, Gerudo Desert.
8 A Premonition Eldin Canyon, Eldin.
9 Silent Princess Irch Plain, Hyrule Ridge.
10 Mipha’s Torch Unlocked during the Divine Beast Vah Ruta main quest.
11 Shelter from the Storm West Necluda, Dueling Peaks.
12 Father and Daughter Hyrule Castle, Central Hyrule.
13 Slumbering Power Spring of Power, Akkala.
14 To Mount Lanayru Sanidin Park Ruins, Hyrule Ridge.
15 Return of Calamity Ganon Lanayru Road – East Gate, Necluda.
16 Despair Hyrule Field, Central Hyrule.
17 Zelda’s Awakening Hateno, Dueling Peaks. This is only available after finding the memories linked to the 12 photos in the album and speaking with Impa. Complete another side quest to activate this final memory.
18 The Master Sword Unlocked after completing the Master Sword side quest.

Photo 1 Subdued Ceremony

This memory is located within the Sacred Ground Ruins, the small pond just south of Hyrule Castle.

Photo 2 Resolve and Grief

This memory is located on the west shore of Lake Kolomo, Central Hyrule. Look for the boulder pointing upward and towards the lake.

Photo 3 Zelda’s Resentment

This memory is located within the Ancient Columns, west of the Tabantha Great Bridge, and south of Tabantha Tower.

Photo 4 Blades of the Yiga

This memory is located on the northeast side of the oasis within Kara Kara Bazaar, Gerudo Desert.

Photo 5 A Premonition

This memory is located on the southwest side of Eldin Canyon. It’s northeast of Woodland stable, and west of the Eldin Tower.

Photo 6 Silent Princess

The memory is located northwest of Hyrule Castle. More specifically, it’s northwest of the tower coming from the castle’s moat, but southeast of the largest lake within Irch Plain.

Photo 7 Shelter From the Storm

This memory is located up the hill to the west of the demolished and flooded town, Deya Village Ruins. This is found southwest of Dueling Peaks Tower, northeast of Lake Hylia, and south of Proxim Bridge.

Photo 8 Father and Daughter

This memory is located on the bridge to Princess Zelda’s Tower. The tower is located on the southwest side of Hyrule Castle.

Photo 9 Slumbering Power

This memory is located within the Spring of Power in Akkala. It is east of Death Mountain and west of East Akkala Stable.

Photo 10 To Mount Lanayru

This memory is located within the Sanidin Park Ruins, Hyrule Ridge. This is west of Hyrule field and east of Satori mountain.

Photo 11 Return of Calamity Ganon

This memory is located next to Lanayru Road – East Gate. The gate is located on the east side of a Y shaped body of water, but west of Mount Lanayru.

Photo 12 Despair

This memory is located within a small forest on the eastern shore of Hyrule Fields, Central Hyrule. More specifically, this small forest is north of Bottomless Swamp, west of Hylia River, and east of Ranch Ruins.

Photo 13 Zelda’s Awakening

The final memory is only available after unlocking the other memories and beginning the final memory quest. It is located in Ash Swamp, West Necluda, just east of Dueling Peaks Stable.