Locked Mementos – Hateno Village

Locked Mementos is the fourth main quest in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The objective is located in Hateno Village, a small town to the east of Kakariko Village. When you arrive, activate the shrine up the side of the cliff to the south of the Village. This will allow you to fast travel back to Hateno in the future.

Explore the town before following the objective marker. You can purchase some new materials and equipment if you have the Rupees. There’s even a shop to dye your armor a different color!

The first shop is located near the entrance on the southwest side of town. The Hateno Village general shop is called East Winds, and carries a number of great items.

Items Price
Arrow x5 20
Bomb Arrow 50
Bomb Arrow x10 350
Hylian Rice 12
Bird Egg 12
Endura Shroom 24
Hearty Truffle 24
Fresh Milk 12

The Hateno Village armory, Ventest Clothing Boutique, is located across the street from the General Store. Two sets can be purchased, along with the Warm Doublet if you didn’t create the spicy sea food dish during the tutorial.

Item Price Defense Effect
Hylian Tunic 120 3
Hylian Trousers 90 3
Hylian Hood 60 3
Warm Doublet 1 80 Cold Resistance
Soldier’s Greaves 200 4
Soldier’s Armor 250 4
Soldier’s Helm 180 4

Further east is the Kochi Dye Shop. This place will dye your armor for 20 Rupees and five pieces of material. See the full list on the how to dye armor page.

Finally, The Great Ton Pu Inn can be found on the east side of Hateno Village. You can rent a bed for 20 Rupees, or an extra-soft downy bed for 40 Rupees. The extra-soft bed will add an extra heart to your meter.

The main objective of this quest is located in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, which can be found up the hill to the east of Hateno Village. Enter the tech lab and speak with Symin and Ms. Purah.

After catching up, Ms. Purah will ask you to re-light the furnace on the side of the Ancient Tech Lab. A regular flame won’t do, however. You will need the blue flame from the ancient furnace to the north of Hateno. Travel back down to Hateno with a torch and transport the blue flame from the ancient furnace to the tech lab.

Only a torch can be used to transport the blue flame. Do not run or Link will put the torch away, making the flame go out. It might rain around Hateno, as well. Keep an eye on the weather meter at the bottom-right corner of the screen. If rain is coming, seek shelter before the torch goes out.

Each small lantern around Hateno can hold the blue flame when it comes into contact with your torch. Think of them as checkpoints so you don’t have to walk all the way back down to the furnace if your torch goes out.

Light the furnace to activate the guidance stone within the tech lab. This will repair your Sheikah Slate and add the camera, album, and Hyrule Compendium. Take a picture of Ms. Purah and show it to her to progress the story.

Additionally, you can speak with Symin to add a side quest and upgrade your Sheikah Slate’s runes. The side quest involves taking a picture of a sunshroom, then tracking down more sunshrooms using the Sheikah Slate’s sensor.

Rune Upgrade Materials Upgrade Effect
Remote Bomb Ancient Shaft x3 Increases bomb blast radius and reduces cooldown period before another bomb can be used.
Stasis Ancient Core x3 Can time-stop evil creatures in addition to objects.
Cryonis Create stationary pillars of ice in pools of water, no matter the current. Ice pillars can be grabbed and climbed on.
Camera Ancient Screws x3 Track down any item using the Sheikah Sensor that has been registered in the Hyrule Compendium.
Sensor 3 Sunshrooms. Speak with Symin, the lab assistant. Allows the Sheikah sensor to target materials and creatures from the Hyrule Compendium instead of shrines.

A few pictures were already in the Sheikah Slate’s album. Return to Kakariko Village and ask Lady Impa about these to complete the Locked Mementos quest and begin the Captured Memories quest.