General Stores and Inns

General Stores

Scavenging for supplies can be very time consuming and troublesome when tracking down rare materials, that’s where General Stores come in. Every major town has at least one general store, and some towns have other shops that offer armor and jewelry. Speak with the owners to buy and sell armor, materials, and food. The General Stores and the items they sell are listed below (excluding cooked food).

Location Materials for Sale
Gerudo Town Bomb Arrow x20, Shock Arrow x10, Ice Arrow x10, Fire Arrow x10, Arrow x5, Ironshroom, Razorshroom, Sunshroom, Zapshroom, Chillshroom, Rock Salt, Tabantha Wheat, Hylian Rice, Voltfruit, Hydromelon, Hearty Durian
Goron City Fire Arrow, Ice Arrow, Rock Salt, Cane Sugar, Goron Spice
Hateno Village Arrow x5, Bomb Arrow, Bomb Arrow x5, Hylian Rice, Bird Egg, Endura Shroom, Hearty Truffle, Fresh Milk
Kara Kara Bazaar Mighty Bananas, Hydromelon, Palm Fruit, Lizalfos Tail, Arrow, Fire Arrow, Ice Arrow, Bomb Arrow, Shock Arrow
Kakariko Village Arrow, Arrow x5, Fire Arrow, Fire Arrow x5, Goat Butter, Bokoblin Guts, Swift Carrot, Bird Egg
Korok Forest Hearty Radish, Apple, Hylian Rice, Cane Sugar, Arrow x5, Shock Arrow x5, Razorshroom, Hearty Truffle, Stamella Shroom, Rushroom, Ironshroom
Lurelin Village Octo Balloon, Ironshell Crab, Armored Porgy, Mighty Porgy, Shock Arrow x10, Zarrow x5
Rito Village Arrow x5, Bomb Arrow x5, Sunshroom, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar, Tabantha Wheat
Zora’s Domain Arrow x5, Ice Arrow x5, Ice Arrow, Rock Salt, Swift Violet, Hylian Rice, Chillfin Trout, Sizzlefin Trout


Each major village and every stable around Hyrule contains an Inn for weary travelers to rest. Speak with the clerk at the front desk to rent a bed for a single use. Innkeepers give you the choice of a normal bed for 20 Rupees or a better and softer bed for 40-80 Rupees. Both will completely restore Link’s hearts, but the better bed will add extra hearts and possibly an extra stamina wheel. The Inn at Rito Village is a great option for maxing out Link’s stats.