Destroy Ganon

The final main quest in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is to Destroy Ganon. He can be found in the Sanctum of Hyrule Castle. There are very tough monsters throughout the area, so stock up on healing dishes, armor, weapons, and arrows. Ancient Arrows are incredibly strong and can be purchased from the Akkala Research Lab. The Master Sword will also deal massive damage. It is possible to go directly to Hyrule Castle before freeing any Divine Beasts, but it will be much more difficult.

Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle is a large area with many optional paths and rooms. As you approach the castle, the map will change from a 2D model to a 3D model, so you might want to make note of the locations before getting too close.

Guardian Skywatchers will monitor the area. Shoot their propellers to knock them down and leave them vulnerable to attack. Guardian Turrets are also positioned around the area. Try to reflect their attacks using a shield or Daruk’s Protection. Ancient Armor will minimize the damage.

The fastest way to Calamity Ganon is from the southwest. It’s easiest after obtaining all the Champion Powers and special armor. Otherwise, you might have to take the longer roads. Jump and glide over the moat and climb the rock face up a level.

Head towards a waterfall and climb up another level using the Zora Armor. Walk to the northwest, then use Revali’s Gale to fly up another level. A Guardian Turret will be positioned around here, so be on the lookout.

You can enter the gatehouse if you want to battle a Lynel. There will also be a calamity eyeball on the rooftop, creating monster heads. After the battle, climb up to the top and continue up the path to the west.

Zelda’s Room and Memory

You should reach a brick stairway towards Zelda’s Room. Enter the room and climb up towards the tower, named Zelda’s Study. Another memory should be around this area. If you have obtained all the other memories up to this point, you will receive the true ending once Calamity Ganon is defeated.

Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield can also be obtained in this castle. It is located in the Lockup dungeons around the west side of the castle. The treasure chest containing the Hylian Shield will be guarded by a Stalnox, and the gate will shut behind you once you step foot in the dungeon. Aim for the Stalnox’s eye to deal massive damage. When the eye pops out, continue attacking the eyeball to defeat the monster.


Calamity Ganon is located in the Sanctum at the top of Hyrule Castle. You must keep ascending the levels to reach this room. Be prepared with elixirs that boost strength or defense, Ancient Armor, the Hylian Shield, and the Master Sword.

If you did not defeat any of the Divine Beasts before coming to the Sanctum, you must face four different Ganons with elemental powers before facing Calamity Ganon. Moreover, Calamity Ganon will have twice as much health.

Boss Battle Windblight Ganon

Windblight Ganon will attack with a multi-shot laser cannon. It can also summon tornadoes that will twist around the area.

Use the updrafts from the vents on the top of Vah Medoh to dodge his attacks and fire your bow from different angles. Hit Windblight Ganon directly in its eye with an arrow to send it to the ground, then try to use stasis to keep it down long enough for you to run over and attack. If you still have bomb arrows, now would be the time to use them.

Once Windblight Ganon’s health has fallen to 50%, he will summon five reflectors. These will bounce and multiply his laser cannon between each of the flying devices.

Use stasis on Windblight Gannon to stop and hit these reflectors with an arrow. A single shot will destroy them, and they’re easier to hit when they open up and prepare to reflect the laser beams. Destroying the devices will not injure Windblight Ganon, however. You will still need to attack him the same way as before to end the battle.

Boss Battle Waterblight Ganon

Meeting Waterblight Ganon head on will cause him to attack with a large spear. The best option is to use the Shock Arrows. They will cause major damage and paralyze him for a short time. While down, use the Stasis Rune to freeze Waterblight Ganon in place, allowing you to score a few more hits.

After losing some HP, Waterblight Ganon will teleport back and attack long range with his weapon. Attempt to dodge his attacks and use more Shock Arrows.

Once Waterblight Ganon’s HP reaches 50%, he will begin attacking by sending ice blocks towards you. These can be smashed mid-air by using the Cryonis Rune on them.

As Waterblight Ganon’s HP is reduced further, he will attack with numerous ice blocks and even a laser attack from his eye similar to the Guardians around Hyrule. Continue using the Cryonis Rune to break the ice blocks, the Stasis Rune to freeze the monster, and Shock Arrows to deal major damage.

Boss Battle Fireblight Ganon

As the name suggests, Fireblight Ganon uses fire-powered attacks and is weak to ice-powered attacks. Use Ice Arrows to knock him down temporarily, then use the Stasis Rune to paralyze him for another second. Shooting his eye will deal extra damage as well.

Fireblight Ganon will attack with fireballs and his large sword. Reduce Fireblight Ganon’s HP by 50% and he will power up his sword and encase himself in a flaming ball. Do not attempt to attack him directly. Wait for him to suck up anything nearby, then throw a Remote Bomb Rune towards him and detonate it to knock the monster down. Use the Stasis Rune to give yourself another second to deal damage or to get close for attack.

The second the monster gets up, he will meet you head on for a swinging melee attack. This will hit you multiple times and leave flames on the ground. The flames can be used to launch upward with the glider, giving you some distance to attack with Ice Arrows.

As Fireblight Ganon’s HP is reduced further, he will teleport away and attacking with a giant fireball. This ball moves slowly, but once it hits the ground it will cause a huge explosion. He will also use the same laser attack as the other guardians. Keep attacking with your bow and arrow until Fireblight Ganon is defeated.

Boss Battle Thunderblight Ganon

Thunderblight Ganon is probably the hardest of the boss battles. It will move incredibly fast and has no elemental weakness. Use armor or elixirs with shock resistance. Do not use any metal weapons or shields or else you will drop them the moment you are shocked. The monster attacks with an ancient curved blade and protects itself with an ancient shield. If at a distance, it will throw electric balls that deal shock damage and can temporarily stun.

Use the Stasis Rune to lock Thunderblight Ganon in place, then shoot it with a Bomb Arrow or any other arrow you might have. This should take down the beast and allow you to land some melee attacks.

Another option is to lock on to Thunderblight Ganon and attempt to block or dodge its attack. If you can dodge at the right time, you will land a flurry rush, dealing massive damage. Attacking with Thunderblight Ganon’s shield up will stop a few of your attacks before temporarily breaking.

Reduce Thunderblight Ganon’s health to 50% and it will begin dropping metal beams with electricity surging through them all. Pick one of these metal beams up using the Magnesis Rune and place it next to Thunderblight Ganon to attract a thunderbolt directly to the monster, sending it to the ground. Use Stasis and attack as quickly as possible.

Once Thunderblight Ganon’s health reaches 25%, it will begin attacking head on with super speed. The best method is to dodge and counter with a flurry rush.

Boss Battle Calamity Ganon

If you freed the Divine Beasts, they will reduce Calamity Ganon’s health by 50% the moment he steps out to attack. Both of you will fall into the Inner Sanctum.

Calamity Ganon will attack with a large fire-powered axe. Lock onto Ganon and attempt to dodge or counter with a flurry strike. After Ganon strikes with his weapon, flames will be left on the floor. Jump near the flames and use the glider to fly above Ganon, same as using Revali’s Gale, then shoot him with a bow and arrow. Always aim for the head to deal extra damage. The Stasis Rune can also be used to freeze Calamity Ganon for a second, opening him up to attack.

In addition to Calamity Ganon’s fire-powered weapon, he can attack with his other arms if you are in reach, he can leap forward and stomp, and he can use the same elemental attacks as the Blight Ganons.

Reduce Calamity Ganon’s health to 25% and he will become invincible for a short time while glowing red. He will then use the same laser attack as the Guardians. Wait for the laser to lock on, then reflect it back at Ganon with a shield. Daruk’s Protection will also send back the laser without having to time the shield attack. When Calamity Ganon hits the floor, he will stop glowing and become vulnerable to attacks. Use Stasis and attack with the Master Sword or Ancient Arrows to deal great damage.

As Ganon’s health is reduced further, he will climb up the walls to avoid damage and will glow with invincibility. Try to repel his laser attack to knock him off the walls and open him up to attack. He will also become vulnerable anytime he shoots off his laser gun. Keep a lookout for his other arms, two of which hold spears that can be thrown. Defeat Ganon to play a cut scene.

Boss Battle Dark Beast Ganon

You will arrive in an open field on the back of your best horse. If you never tamed a horse, you will be on the back of a standard horse with three speed boosts. Ride forward to grab the Bow of Light, then equip it from the menu.

Dark Beast Ganon is covered in malice, which will block all damage. He will attack with a very strong laser beam from his mouth. Ride along Ganon’s sides and back to avoid damage.

Zelda will attempt to help link remove the malice. Golden triangles inside circles will appear along Dark Beast Ganon’s sides. Shoot them to reduce his health.

Reduce Dark Beast Ganon’s health to about 10% to open up the final wound. Calamity eyes will appear from a tear in Ganon’s forehead. Wait for his laser attack from the front, then use the heat on the ground to rise skyward on the glider. Shoot Dark Beast Ganon’s forehead to defeat him once and for all.

Defeating Dark Beast Ganon will complete the quest and end the game. If you obtained all of Link’s Memories, the true ending will play after the credits.