DLC: Downloadable Content

DLC (downloadable content) are extra parts of a game that can be downloaded for a specific price. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild features DLC packs that can be purchased together for a one time purchase of $20.

Pack 1: The Master Trials

Expansion Pass Three special treasure chests containing exclusive Expansion Pass items are now available on the Great Plateau.
Misko’s Treasure Eight items have been added, including Majora’s Mask and other relics honoring the legacy of The Legend of Zelda series. There is apparently a journal at Outpost Ruins written by the fiend who stole these items—the great bandit Misko!
Korok Mask The Korok Mask has been added. It has the power to alert the wearer when a Korok is hiding nearby. There is apparently a book containing rumors about the Korok Mask at Woodland Stable.
Travel Medallion The Travel Medallion has been added. Place it at your current location and you will be able to travel there instantly. There is apparently a book containing rumors about the Travel Medallion at South Akkala Stable.
Hero’s Path Mode A feature that lets you use the map to view the path you’ve taken on your journey, footstep by footstep. Once you’ve advanced far enough in the game, this option will be added when you open your map. You can save around 200 hours of gameplay this way. If you exceed this amount of play data, the oldest footsteps will be erased as new ones are added.
Master Mode A harder mode that will put your courage and skills to the test. From the title screen, select Play in Master Mode to begin. Please note that in Master Mode you will have one save file and one autosave file.
Trial of the Sword A challenge has been added. Complete it to awaken the true splendor of the sword that seals the darkness, the Master Sword. Once you have obtained the Master Sword, speak with the Great Deku Tree in Korok Forest.

Pack 2: The Champions’ Ballad

Ancient Horse Gear The Ancient Saddle allows you to call a horse companion no matter the distance between you two. The Ancient Bridle increases the number of times you can spur your horse on. There is apparently a book containing rumors about these items at Highland Stable.
Treasure Rumors Nine items have been added, including Royal Guard equipment, Ravio’s Hood, and other items honoring the legacy of The Legend of Zelda series. There are apparently books containing rumors about these items at Riverside Stable and Deya Village Ruins.
The Champions’ Ballad A new challenge related to the Champions has been added. Once you have completed the Main Quest to free all four Divine Beasts, return to the Shrine of Resurrection and inspect the terminal where you first found the Sheikah Slate.