Seek Out Impa – Kakariko Village

Seek Out Impa is the third main quest in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Your objective is located to the east in a small town called Kakariko Village. Jump off the Great Plateau and press the A button to activate the paraglider and sail downward.

As you explore Hyrule, it’s best to mark all towers in the area with your Sheikah Slate’s scope. Climb the tower to the east and set your Sheikah Slate in the pedestal at the top to reveal a section of the map.

Travel to Kakariko Village any way you wish. That is the great thing about this game, you get to explore and take as many paths as you like! When you reach Kakariko, visit the shop and armory to add some materials or armor to your inventory.

The Shuteye Inn can be found near the center of town. You can rent a bed for 20 rupees or a soft bed for 40 rupees. The soft bed will add an extra heart to your maximum hearts.

Two general shops can be found at the west side of Kakariko Village. High Spirits Produce sells materials, and The Curious Quiver sells arrows.

Item Price
Arrow 5
Arrow x5 20
Fire Arrow 20
Fire Arrow x5 80
Goat Butter 12
Bokoblin Guts 80
Swift Carrot 16
Bird Egg 12

Enchanted is the Kakariko Village armory. It can be found at the northeast side of town, and carries the Hylian set and the Stealth set. The Stealth set allows you to sneak up on enemies to deal sneakstrikes. You can also avoid battles all together or sneak up on creatures to add to your inventory!

Item Price Defense Effect
Hylian Tunic 120 3
Hylian Trousers 90 3
Hylian Hood 60 3
Stealth Tights 600 2 Stealth Up
Stealth Chest Guard 700 2 Stealth Up
Stealth Mask 500 2 Stealth Up

After shopping, go to the guarded building to find Impa. The men will see your Sheikah Slate and allow you in.

Lady Impa has been waiting for 100 years to deliver a message from Zelda. However, Impa doesn’t know if Link is ready without all his memories intact. Speak with her a second time and choose the response, “I am.” She will tell you the story of how Hyrule fell to Calamity Ganon a hundred years ago. The message from Zelda is to free the Divine Beasts.

The Divine Beasts are four dungeons with environmental puzzles and a strong boss fight. Although the four beasts are technically optional, meaning you can go to Hyrule Castle now to fight Calamity Ganon, it is best to take back the divine beasts to reduce Calamity Ganon’s health, give you special Champion powers, and restore some of your memories to unlock the true ending of the game. The four Divine Beasts are located near the four corners of the map.

        • The Divine Beast Vah Medoh is located near the northwest corner, and specializes in the wind element.
        • The Divine Beast Vah Rudania is located near the northeast corner, and specializes in the fire element. It’s to the north of Kakriko.
        • The Divine Beast Vah Ruta is located near the southeast corner, and specializes in the water element. It’s to the northeast of Kakariko.
        • The Divine Beast Vah Naboris is located near the southwest corner, and specializes in the electric element.

Lady Impa will recommend going to Hateno Village in the east before traveling to any of the divine beasts. There is a research facility there that can upgrade your Sheikah Slate. This completes the Seek Out Impa main quest. The next main quest is called Locked Mementos.