Beedle the Traveling Merchant

In addition to General Stores, a man named Beedle will travel around the world and set up his own shop at Stables and select villages. Speak with him to buy and sell armor, materials, and food. He sells arrows and various materials depending on his location.

If you have a Beetle in your inventory when you speak with Beedle, he will offer to trade a meal or an Elixir for it. Refuse and Beedle will say something rather disturbing…

Location Direction Location Beedle’s Shop
Kara Kara Bazaar SW Summerwing Butterfly, Cold Darner, Tireless Frog
Outskirt Stable SW Central Hyrule, southwest of Hyrule Field Hot-Footed Frog, Restless Cricket, Hearty Lizard
Gerudo Canyon Stable SW Gerudo, southwest of Outskirt Stable and northeast of Kara Kara Bazaar Winterwing Butterfly, Warm Darner, Hearty Lizard
Riverside Stable S Central Hyrule, southeast of Hyrule Field Thunderwing Butterfly, Electric Darner, Tireless Frog
Wetland Stable E Central Hyrule, northeast of Hyrule Field and southwest of Lanayru Wetlands Hot-Footed Frog, Smotherwing Butterfly, Tireless Frog
Lakeside Stable S Faron, southeast of Faron Tower Thunderwing Butterfly, Hightail Lizard, Tireless Frog
Highlands Stable S Faron, west of Faron Tower Sunset Firefly, Hearty Lizard, Octo Ballooon
Dueling Peaks Stable SE Necluda, east of Dueling Peaks and north of Big Twin Bridge Restless Cricket, Hot-Footed Frog, Octo Balloon
Tabantha Bridge Stable W Hebra-Central Hyrule, west of Hyrule Ridge, and just east of Tabantha Great Bridge Summerwing Butterfly, Winterwing Butterfly, Thunderwing Butterfly
Rito Stable NW Hebra, east of Rito Village Sunset Firefly, Warm Darner, Tireless Frog
Serenne Stable NW Hebra, southeast of Hebra Tower Warm Darner, Sunset Firefly, Tireless Frog
Snowfield Stable NW Hebra, northeast of Hebra Tower Summerwing Butterfly, Warm Darner, Tireless Frog
Woodland Stable NE Eldin-Central Hyrule, southwest of Eldin Canyon Cold Darner, Sunset Firefly, Hearty Lizard
Foothill Stable NE Eldin, southeast of Eldin Tower Tireless Frog, Hearty Lizard
South Akkala Stable NE Akkala Highlands-Eldin, east of Eldin Tower Hightail Lizard, Fireproof Lizard, Hearty Lizard
East Akkala Stable NE Akkala Highlands, just south of Bloodleaf Lake Swift Carrot, Smotherwing Butterfly, Hearty Radish