How to cook food and make elixirs

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild features a whole cooking system to allow players to create their own meals and elixirs using materials found in-game. Collect as many materials as possible and stock up on food before exploring or going into battle. A max of 60 cooked items can be added to the inventory at a time.

To cook food, you must first find a metal cooking dish above an open flame. These are found in each main town or at every stable. If the fire is not lit beneath the dish, throw a piece of flint near the wood and strike it with a metal weapon, or you can carry a flame using a torch from one fire to a stack of wood. Unfortunately, a fire isn’t possible while it’s raining, so wait out the storm by sleeping in a bed or doing something else with your time. With the fire and pan ready, go into your inventory and hold 2-5 different items from the materials section. Exit out of the inventory menu and drop the items into the pan to instantly create a meal or elixir that will be stored in the Food section of your inventory.

What’s the difference between a meal and elixirs? Meals are a cooked mixture of commonly found items such as fruit, vegetables, other plants, seafood, and raw meat. Elixirs are a cooked mixture of monster parts and critters (e.g. bugs, frogs, and lizards), but acorns and chickaloo tree nuts can also be added to elixirs. Mix materials from the food category with materials from the elixir category and you’ll get a censored dish of dubious food. It’s still edible, but has no special effects, is often terrible at restoring health, and no merchant will want to pay much for it while a great dish will get you hundreds of Rupees.

Additionally, some material can touch open flame, be exposed to cold climates, or get shocked by electricity and take on new properties. The material can either turn into a new type of material or become food and consumed without having to mix it with other items. Once a piece of material gets placed into the food category of your inventory, it cannot be mixed with other materials to make meals or elixirs.

Food Materials

The tables below list all the cooking effects for food material. Mix items with the same cooking effects to create great dishes. Placing items with different cooking effects together often negate them and simply restore health in the final meal.

A handful of materials are so great that they can be mixed with each other and still give you great meals. Mix five of the following materials with themselves: Mighty Bananas, Stamella Shrooms, Endura Carrots, Hearty Durian, Big Hearty Radish, Silent Shrooms, or Silent Princess

MaterialHeartsCooking EffectsCommon Locations
Rock Salt--Merchants, Ore Deposits
Goron Spice-Cold ResistanceGoron Merchant
Goat Butter--Merchants
Cane Sugar--Merchants
Chikaloo Tree Nut0.25-Merchants
Acorn0.25-Hyrule Field, Squirrels
Fresh Milk0.5-Merchants
Bird Egg1-Merchants and Nests
Hylian Rice1-Merchants
Tabantha Wheat1-Merchants
Courser Bee Honey2Stamina RecoveryHyrule Field, Tabantha Frontier
Raw Meat1-Mammals
Raw Prime Meat1.5-Mammals
Raw Gourmet Meat3-Mammals
Raw Bird Thigh1.5-Birds
Raw Bird Drumstick1-Birds
Raw Whole Bird3-Birds
Apple0.5-Hyrule Field, East Necluda
Palm Fruit1-East Necluda, Gerudo Desert
Wildberry0.5-Gerudyy Highlands, Hebra Mountains
Hearty Durian3Extra HeartsWest Necluda, Faron Grasslands
Hydromelon0.5Heat ResistanceGerudo Desert, Faron Grasslands
Spicy Pepper0.5Cold ResistanceGerudo Desert, Tabantha Frontier
Voltfruit0.5Shock ResistanceGerudo Desert, Gerudo Highlands
Fleet-Lotus Seeds0.5Speed UpLanayru Wetlands, Lanayru Great Spring
Mighty Bananas0.5Attack UpFaron
Hylian Shroom0.5-Hyrule Field, West Necluda
Endura Shroom1Extra StaminaHyrule Ridge, Hyrule Field
Stamella Shroom0.5Stamina RecoveryHyrule Ridge, Hyrule Field
Hearty Truffle2Extra HeartsGreat Hyrule Forest, Hyrule Field
Big Hearty Truffle3Extra HeartsHebra Mountains, Great Hyrule Forest
Chillshroom0.5Heat ResistanceHebra Mountains, Mount Lanayru
Sunshroom0.5Cold ResistanceEldin Canyon, Gerudo Highlands
Zapshroom0.5Shock ResistanceDeep Akkala, Gerudo Highlands
Rushroom0.5Speed UpGerudo Highlands, Hyrule Ridge
Razorshroom0.5Attack UpGreat Hyrule Forest, Tabantha Frontier
Ironshroom0.5Defense UpWest Necluda, East Necluda
Silent Shroom0.5Stealth UpLanayru Great Spring, West Necluda
Hyrule Herb1-Hyrule Field, Akkala Highlands
Hearty Radish2.5Extra HeartsHyrule Ridge, East Necluda
Big Hearty Radish4Extra HeartsAkkala Highlands, Lanayru Great Spring
Cool Safflina-Heat ResistanceHebra Mountains, Gerudo Highlands
Warm Safflina-Cold ResistanceGerudo Desert, Hyrule Ridge
Electric Safflina-Shock ResistanceGerudo Desert, Hyrule Ridge
Swift Carrot0.5Speed UpKakariko Village
Endura Carrot2Extra SaminaHyrule Ridge, Faron Grasslands
Fortified Pumpkin0.5Defense UpKakariko Village
Swift Violet-Speed UpGerudo Highlands, Hebra Mountains
Mighty Thistle-Attack UpWest Necluda, Faron Grasslands
Armoranth-Defense UpAkkala Highlands, Hyrule Ridge
Blue Nightshade-Stealth UpWest Necluda, Lanayru Great Spring
Silent Princess-Stealth UpHyrule Ridge, West Necluda
Hyrule Bass1-Hyrule Field, West Necluda
Hearty Bass2Extra HeartsWest Necluda, Akkala Highlands
Staminoka Bass1Stamina RecoveryHyrule Field, West Necluda
Chillfin Trout1Heat ResistanceTabantha Frontier, Hebra Mountains
Sizzlefin Trout1Cold ResistanceEldin Canyon, Eldin Mountains
Voltfin Trout1Shock ResistanceTabantha Frontier, Hyrule Ridge
Stealthfin Trout1Stealth UpGreat Hyrule Forest, Eldin Mountains
Mighty Carp1Attack UpAkkala Highlands, Lanayru Great Spring
Armored Carp1Defense UpLanayru Great Spring, East Necluda
Sanke Carp1Extra HeartsWest Necluda
Mighty Porgy1Attack UpNecluda Sea, Lanayru Sea
Armored Porgy1Defense UpNecluda Sea, Lanayru Sea
Hearty Salmon4Extra HeartsTabantha Frontier, Hebra Mountains
Hearty Blueshell Snail3Extra HeartsLanayru Sea, Necluda Sea
Razorclaw Crab1Attack UpNecluda Sea, East Necluda
Ironshell Crab1Defense UpNecluda Sea, East Necluda
Bright-Eyed Crab1Stamina RecoveryLanayru Great Spring, Eldin Canyon

Elixir Materials

The tables below list all the cooking effects for elixir material. Mix at least one critter and one monster part to boost an elixir’s special effects or restorative properties based on the rarity of the monster part. If critters with different effects are put in the same dish, the result is often a censored plate of dubious food.

Material Rarity Monsters
Bokoblin Horn Common Bokoblins
Bokoblin Fang Common Bokoblins
Bokoblin Guts Uncommon Bokoblins
Moblin Horn Common Moblins
Moblin Fang Common Moblins
Moblin Guts Uncommon Moblins
Lizalfos Horn Common Lizalfos
Lizalfos Talon Common Lizalfos
Lizalfos Tail Uncommon Lizalfos
Icy Lizalfos Tail Rare Ice-Breath Lizalfos
Red Lizalfos Tail Rare Fire-Breath Lizalfos
Yellow Lizalfos Tail Rare Electric Lizalfos
Lynel Horn Rare Lynel
Lynel Hoof Rare Lynel
Lynel Guts Very Rare Lynel
Chuchu Jelly Common Chuchu
Red Chuchu Jelly Uncommon Chuchu + Fire
White Chuchu Jelly Uncommon Chuchu + Ice
Yellow Chuchu Jelly Uncommon Chuchu + Electricity
Keese Wing Common Keese
Fire Keese Wing Uncommon Fire Keese
Ice Keese Wing Uncommon Ice Keese
Electric Keese Wing Uncommon Electric Keese
Keese Eyeball Uncommon All Keese
Octorok Eyeball Uncommon Octorok
Octorok Tentacle Uncommon Octorok
Octo Balloon Common Octorok
Hinox Toenail Rare Hinox
Hinox Tooth Rare Hinox
Hinox Guts Very Rare Hinox
Molduga Fin Rare Molduga
Molduga Guts Very Rare Molduga
MaterialCooking EffectsCommon Locations
Winterwing ButterflyHeat ResistanceHyrule Ridge, Tabantha Frontier
Summerwing ButterflyCold ResistanceGreat Hyrule Forest, Eldin Mountains
Thunderwing ButterflyShock ResistanceHyrule Ridge, Gerudo Highlands
Smotherwing ButterflyFlame GuardEldin Canyon, Death Mountain
Cold DarnerHeat ResistanceTabantha Frontier, Hyrule Ridge
Warm DarnerCold ResistanceAkkala Highlands, Hyrule Field
Electric DarnerShock ResistanceHyrule Ridge, Gerudo Desert
Restless CricketStamina RecoveryHyrule Field, East Necluda
Bladed Rhino BeetleAttack UpWest Necluda, East Necluda
Rugged Rhino BeetleDefense UpHyrule Field, Faron Grasslands
Energetic Rhino BeetleStamina RecoveryAkkala Highlands, West Necluda
Sunset FireflyStealth UpWest Necluda, Great Hyrule Forest
Hot-Footed FrogSpeed UpLanayru Great Spring, Hyrule Ridge
Tireless FrogExtra StaminaLanayru Great Spring, Hyrule Ridge
Hightail LizardSpeed UpWest Necluda, East Necluda
Hearty LizardExtra HeartsGerudo Desert, Necluda Sea
Fireproof LizardFlame GuardEldin Canyon, Death Mountain
FairyRevives Link and restores 4 HeartsFairy Fountains