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Every once in awhile you might come across one of three large dragons. They’re commonly found soaring in the sky with traditional Japanese music playing whenever they’re nearby. Unlike all the other creatures in the world, these dragons cannot be killed or even frozen in time with the Stasis + Rune. However, they can still be attacked, and a scale or shard of their horns can be obtained.

Dragon scales are used primarily to upgrade select pieces or armor and jewelry, but they can also be used like any other materials, or even sold to shops and Kilton. Additionally, a scale can be taken to a goddess statue surrounded by a pool of water. Drop the dragon scale within the water to reveal a secret shrine. This can be done in multiple areas around Hyrule.

Dragon Element Common Locations
Dinraal Fire Eldin Mountains. Tabantha Frontier.
Naydra Ice Mount Lanayru
Farosh Electric Lake Hylia. Lake Floria.