The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Walkthrough


Every once in awhile you might come across one of three large dragons. They’re commonly found soaring high in the sky, and will even have their own background music. Use the paraglider near one and you will be able to fly around them without draining your stamina; however, they will use elemental attacks. Upgrade select armor twice to get set bonuses that resist these elements.

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Dragon|Element|Common Locations
Dinraal|Fire|Flies along the Tangar Canyon between the Tabantha Frontier and Gerudo Highlands. It’s best to wait near Tabantha Great Bridge.
Naydra|Ice|First appears atop Mount Lanayru, then will fly in Lanayru Bay from the west to east. It’s best to wait at Samasa Plain near Lanayru Bay.
Farosh|Electric|Flies from Lake Hylia to Lake Floria and vice versa. You can wait at Hylia Island in Lake Hylia, or wait on Floria Bridge near Lake Floria.

Unlike all the other creatures in the world, these dragons cannot be killed or even frozen in time with the Stasis + Rune. However, they can still be attacked, and one piece of very rare material can be gathered off of it once a day. You can find a scale, shard of their fang, or shard of their horn depending on which part of the dragon you hit. These items are primarily used to upgrade select pieces or armor and jewelry, but they can also be used like in elixirs or even sold to general store and Kilton the monster merchant.

Additionally, a scale from one of the dragons can be taken to one of the three springs in Hyrule. Drop the dragon scale within the water to reveal a secret shrine.

[table align=”center” width=”100%” colalign=”left|left|left”]
Dinraal|Spring of Power|Akkalla Region, west of the East Akkala Stable.
Naydra|Spring of Wisdom|Atop Mount Lanayru
Farosh|Spring of Courage|East of Lake Hylia, southwest of Dueling Peaks, northwest of Faron Tower.