Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough

Pikachu Mechanics

Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Version includes a number of tweaks and updates to Pokemon Red, Green, and Blue. The biggest change revolves around your starter Pokemon, Pikachu!

Unlike all other Pokemon, Pikachu will follow you around Kanto outside of its Poke Ball. If at any time it faints, it will be immediately returned to its Poke Ball. Turn around and interact with Pikachu to see its moods. Noticeable animations occur in Lavender Town, along fishing routes, after learning a new attack, after winning a match, and after catching a Pokemon.

The Pikachu found in Pokemon Yellow is unlike all other Pikachu. This Pokemon has an increased special, and cannot evolve unless traded to another game first. If used in Pokemon Stadium 2 or traded to Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, it will be holding the Light Ball item, which increases Pikachu’s Special Attack.

Pikachu’s Beach

Another new addition to Pokemon Yellow is the beach house on Route 19, south of Fuchsia City. If you have a Pikachu that knows the Surf attack, the Pikachu’s Beach mini-game can be played here. Surf around with Pikachu and rack up points. A scoreboard will displayed within the beach house.

Surfing Pikachu (aka PikaBlue) can be obtained through special Nintendo events or through Pokemon Stadium. To get it through Pokemon Stadium, you must first unlock Round 2 by completing the Gym Leader Castle and all Stadium Cups.

With Round 2 mode unlocked, enter the R-2 Prime Cup – Master Ball division. Add a Pikachu from your Pokemon Yellow cartridge to your party, but make sure you do not register the team! To teach your Pikachu Surf, you must beat all eight battles in the Master Ball division without using a continue. Furthermore, Pikachu must be one of the three Pokemon selected in each of the eight battles. Complete these requirements to teach your Pikachu Surf!

A surfing Pikachu is not required to play the mini-game in the virtual console release.