Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough

Pewter City

Pewter City is a small town between Route 2 and 3. It is home to the very first Pokemon Gym. Heal your team at the Pokemon Center, and when you’re done you can buy a few items at the Poke Mart.

Item Price
Poke Ball 200
Potion 300
Escape Rope 550
Antidote 100
Burn Heal 250
Awakening 200
Paralyze Heal 200

The Museum of Science is located on the north side of the city. Pay a few bucks to get in and see the exhibits. There’s really nothing of interest there other than some fossils, so you can skip it all together.

When you think your team is ready, head to the Pokemon Gym on the west side of town.

Pewter City Gym

The Pewter City Gym supposedly specializes in Rock-type Pokemon, but the first trainer will use only Ground-type Pokemon. Pikachu won’t be able to use any electric attacks on the Ground-type Pokemon. The best option is to use Butterfree’s Confusion at Level 10 to deal the most damage. If you have a Nidoran, get them to Level 12 and use Double Kick. Mankey can learn Low Kick at Level 9 which will do massive damage against the heavy rock Pokemon.

When you come up against Brock, he might use the move Bide. This will allow Onix to take in damage for two turns and unleash it on the third with double the power. If you see Onix use bide, switch to status move like growl and leer to reduce his attack and defense. If you attack and don’t make him faint, there’s a good chance Onix will cause your Pokemon to faint at the end of Bide.

The levels of the Pokemon will be different between Red/Blue and Yellow, but they will be the same exact Pokemon.

Jr. Trainer Male
Pokemon Level Type Moves
Diglett 9 Ground Scratch, Growl
Sandshrew 9 Ground Scratch, Sand-Attack
Gym Leader Brock
Pokemon Level Type Moves
Geodude 10 Rock/Ground Tackle, Defense Curl
Onix 12 Rock/Ground Tackle, Screech, Bide

Once you defeat Brock you will earn the Boulder Badge, which boosts the attack stat of your Pokemon and allows you to use HM05 Flash outside of battle. You will also get TM34 – Bide. As mentioned earlier, Bide takes in damage for two turns and then attacks with twice the damage it received during those turns.

Now that you have the Boulder Badge, you can go east to Route 3.