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Each Pokemon is made up of one or two elemental types. Furthermore, each attack in the game is made up of one type, which then determines if it’s a physical or special attack and uses the Special or Attack stat.

  • Physical Types: Bug, Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Ground, Normal, Poison, Rock.
  • Special Types: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Water.

These types may be weak, strong, or immune to other types in the game. For example, fire-type attacks do double damage to grass type-Pokemon. If a fire-type Pokemon uses a fire-type attack, it will get an additional 50% boost in power. However, using a fire-type attack on a water-type Pokemon will only cause half the damage it would normally do. Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow feature a total of fifteen different types. Their attributes are listed below. Offense is when you’re attacking. Defense is when you’re getting attacks.