Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough

Cinnabar Island

Cinnabar Island is a small volcanic island off the southwest coast of mainland Kanto. It might be small, but there are a ton of things to do!

Pokemon Center and Poke Mart

The Pokemon Center and Poke Mart are located at the south side. Heal your team so you will return here if the entire party gets knocked out. You will also want to take out the fossil you receive from Mt. Moon, and the old amber you got from the Pewter City Museum.

Item Price
Ultra Ball 1200
Great Ball 600
Hyper Potion 1500
Revive 1500
Escape Rope 550
Max Repel 700
Full Heal 600

Pokemon Lab

The large building to the west of the Pokemon Center is the Pokemon Lab. They do a lot of research relating to Pokemon here. In the first office are three Pokemon Trainers who are willing to trade with you. One will give you a Rhydon for your Golduck, one will trade Dewgon for your Growlithe, and one will offer his Muk for your Kangaskhan.

The second office has two scientists. One of them will give you TM35 Metronome just for speaking with him. Metronome is a special attack that will randomly use any of the attacks from the first generation of Pokemon.

The third office is where the real magic happens! Speak with the scientist next to the large machine in the back of the room. He will use the DNA from fossils you’ve found around Kanto to revive ancient Pokemon. After giving a fossil, exit out of the building and immediately re-enter. Speak with the same scientist in the back office to receive the Pokemon.

The Helix Fossil will yield an Omanyte, the Dome Fossil will yield a Kabuto, and the Old Amber will yield an Aerodactyl. Not only are these Pokemon incredibly rare, but their types will help out tremendously in the upcoming gym battle. However, the Pokemon will only be level 30 when they come back to life.

Pokemon Gym

The Cinnabar Gym will be locked the first time you reach the island. You must find the key in the Pokemon Mansion on the northwest corner of the island to challenge the gym. More info on the next page.