Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough

Vermilion City Gym

Vermilion City’s Pokemon Gym specializes in electric-type Pokemon. Electric-type Pokemon are only weak to ground-type attacks. Moreover, their electric attacks won’t be able to touch ground-type Pokemon. If you don’t have any ground-type Pokemon, you can find some in Diglett Cave to the east of Vermilion City.

To get to the gym leader, you’ll have to find two switches in the trash cans around the gym. They’ll change randomly, so it’s partially based on luck. Once you find one, look in a trash can nearby to find the second. If you can’t find the second directly after finding the first, the first lock will reset. There are three Pokemon Trainers in this gym before the leader.

Pokemon Level Type Moves
Magnemite 24 Electric Tackle, Sonicboom
Pokemon Level Type Moves
Voltorb 20 Electric Tackle, Screech
Voltorb 20 Electric Tackle, Screech
Voltorb 20 Electric Tackle, Screech
Pokemon Level Type Moves
Voltorb 22 Electric Tackle, Screech, SonicBoom
Magnemite 22 Electric Tackle, Sonicboom

Gym Leader Battle

Lt. Surge is the electric-type gym leader in Vermilion City. In the Yellow version, the game developers cranked up the intensity on his Raichu, but balanced it out by removing his other two Pokemon. This time Raichu is Level 28 and has two powerful normal-type attacks. Using a Diglett or Dugtrio will help a bit, but not even they will be safe from his attacks. If your team isn’t strong enough, your best bet would be to get a Geodude from Mt. Moon or the Rock Tunnel. Being Rock and Ground means they’ll have good defense from the normal-type attacks and immunity from the electric-type attack. Hopefully your team is strong enough and you can plan out a strategy with your favorites.

Gym Leader Lt. Surge
Raichu 28 Electric Thunderbolt, Growl, Mega Punch, Mega Kick

The Thunder Badge will increase your Pokemon’s speed and allow you to use the HM02 Fly outside of battle. You will also receive TM24 Thunderbolt for winning. Before leaving town, speak with Officer Jenny near the Poke Mart. After realizing you’ve obtained the Thunder Badge, she’ll give you a Level 10 Squirtle!