Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough

Fuchsia City

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Fuchsia City is located on the south side of Kanto. It’s home to the Safari Zone, a wildlife refuge of sorts where you can catch a ton of rare Pokemon.

The Pokemon Center is located on the southwest side of town, to the right of the Pokemon Gym. Thankfully, the Gym can be challenged immediately without doing some side quest or anything. The Poke Mart is on the northwest side of town.

Item Price
Ultra Ball 1200
Great Ball 600
Super Potion 700
Revive 1500
Full Heal 600
Super Repel 500

Fishing Guru

The Fishing Guru lives on the southeast side of town, the house on the right. Speak with him to get the Good Rod. However, if you’ve been following this guide page by page, you would have already received the Super Rod from Route 12. The Super Rod can hook rarer Pokemon than the Good Rod, and both are better than the Old Rod.

Safari Zone Warden

The house to the left of the Fishing Guru’s is the office of the Safari Zone Warden. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to understand him because he lost his teeth. You can find his Gold Teeth somewhere in the Safari Zone. Return them to the Warden to receive HM04 Strength as a reward. This can be taught to a Pokemon and used on the field to push boulders. Use it on the boulder in this building to get a free Rare Candy!