Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough

Celadon City

Celadon City is the second largest city in Kanto. Rest at the Pokemon Center the first time you visit so you restart here if you faint. It’s also best to deposit a Pokemon so you have at least one free space in your party. Now, there are a ton of things to do in this town, and they can be done in almost any order.

Celadon Mansion

The large building west of the Pokemon Center is the Celadon Mansion. There are various people on each floor of this building. You can even find the developers of Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow here! After capturing all 150 Pokemon, return to the Game Freak developers to receive a special certificate.

You can also enter the Celadon Mansion from the back door. Walk behind the Pokemon Center and through the gap in the bushes to the north. This will give you access to the secret back entrance. Ascend the stairs to the rooftop. Inside the small room on the roof is a man who supposedly knows everything about Pokemon. On the table next to him is an incredibly rare Pokemon named Eevee! This Pokemon can evolve into one of three different Pokemon depending on the stone used. Use a Thunder Stone to evolve Eevee into Jolteon, a Water Stone to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, or a Fire Stone to evolve Eevee into Flareon. All three stones can be purchased at the Celadon City Department Store, but only one stone can be used. Choose wisely!

Department Store

The giant building on the northwest side of Celadon City is the Celadon City Department Store. The first floor won’t have anything of importance. The second floor has the trainer’s market.

Item Price TM Price
Great Ball 600 TM32 Double Team 1000
Super Potion 700 TM33 Reflect 1000
Revive 1500 TM02 Razor Wind 2000
Super Repel 500 TM07 Horn Drill 2000
Antidote 100 TM37 Egg Bomb 2000
Burn Heal 250 TM01 Mega Punch 3000
Ice Heal 250 TM05 Mega Kick 3000
Awakening 200 TM09 Take Down 3000
Paralyze Heal 200 TM17 Submission 3000

Walk up to the third floor, the TV Game Shop, and speak with the clerk behind the counter. He will give you TM18 Counter. This move allows the user to take damage in battle first, then send back the damage with twice the power! The catch is it only works against normal and fighting-type attacks.

The fourth floor is Wiseman Gifts. You can buy four different stones to evolve various Pokemon, or you can buy a Poke Doll to escape from wild Pokemon encounters. Either way, you should still buy a Poke Doll for a short side quest in Saffron City.

Item Price
Poke Doll 1000
Fire Stone 2100
Water Stone 2100
Thunder Stone 2100
Leaf Stone 2100

The fifth floor is a drug shop that sells Pokemon vitamins. The left shop’s items will increase a stat during battle, but the right shop’s items increases a Pokemon’s base stats forever.

Item Price Item Price
X Accuracy 950 HP Up 9800
Guard Spec. 700 Protein 9800
Dire Hit 650 Iron 9800
X Attack 500 Carbos 9800
X Defend 550 Calcium 9800
X Speed 350
X Special 350

The sixth floor is Rooftop Square. You can find vending machines with three different drinks. Buy two fresh waters, one lemonade, and one soda pop. Speak to the little girl walking around on the left and give her one of each. In return, she’ll give you three Technical Machines

Item Price Trade
Fresh Water 200 TM13 Ice Beam
Soda Pop 300 TM48 Rock Slide
Lemonade 350 TM49 Tri Attack

Why do you need a second Fresh Water? Give this item to one of the guards blocking your path to Saffron City. This will open up all four gates to the largest city in Kanto!


Five buildings are lined up on the south side of town, but only three can actually be entered. The building on the far left is the diner. Speak with the man sitting in the back corner of the diner to receive the Coin Case. This is needed to hold coins from the Game Corner, which is the next stop!

Rocket Game Corner

The large building in the middle of town, just east of the small pond, is the Rocket Game Corner. Play slot machines and earn coins to win prizes. Coins are a completely different form of currency from the regular Money carried around. Coins can also be purchased at the counter. 1000 Money will give you 50 Coins.

One to three coins can be used during each play of a slot machine. One coin allows signs straight across in the middle to count towards a win. Two coins allow signs straight across the top, bottom, and middle to count towards a win. Three coins allow signs straight across and diagonally to count towards a win.

Sign x3 Payout
7 300 Coins
BAR 100 Coins
Pokemon 15 Coins
Cherry 8 Coins

Walk throughout the building pressing A to find coins hidden on the floor. You can also talk with the patrons at the slot machines to get a few free coins. By the end, you should have a total of 250 Coins. Use them to play the slot machine or buy prizes at the Prize Exchange.

Prize Exchange

The building to the right of the Game Corner is the Prize Exchange. Exchange coins for Pokemon or Technical Machines. One Pokemon, Porygon, can only be obtained here!

Prizes Coins
Abra 230
Vulpix 1000
Wigglytuff 2680
Scyther 6500
Pinsir 6500
Porygon 9999
TM23 Dragon Rage 3300
TM15 Hyper Beam 5500
TM50 Substitute 7700

Secret Hideout – Route 16

Though this final this is technically not apart of Celadon City, it’s best to write it here before going on. To the west of Celadon City is Route 16. The main path is blocked by a sleeping Snorlax, but you can use Cut on one of the small trees to the north. Follow this road to the west to find a secret hideout. Speak with the person inside to obtain HM02 Fly. This is a powerful flying-type attack, and it also allows you to fly from previously visited towns!

When you’re ready to continue with the story, you can either challenge the Celadon City Pokemon Gym at the far southwest side of town, or you can uncover the secret of the Rocket Game Corner.