Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Walkthrough

A complete guide to Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Welcome to the Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Guide. This guide was created by Hector Madrigal in June 2010. In this guide I plan to share everything you want to or need to know about Pokemon heart gold and soul silver. Some info will be taken from a great website that’s passed around IGN. It’s http://www.serebii.net; however, I will have things that this website doesn’t have. Mostly walkthrough info. Serebii.net has a lot of game mechanics info for technical standpoints. I will cite any time I take info from them. I also use a little from http://www.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net andhttp://www.psypokes.com. Again I will state anytime I use their info instead of personal experience.

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver were released September 12, 2009 in Japan, March 14, 2010 for North America, March 25, 2010 for Australia, and March 26, 2010 for Europe. It was developed by Gamefreak and published by Nintendo, The Pokemon Company. It’s known as an RPG and is for the Nintendo DS handheld system only. It is rated CERO: A(Japan), ESRB: E(North America), OFLC: G(Australia), and PEGI: 3(Europe).

Table of Contents