Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Walkthrough


The Rainbow Badge

Route 5

Obtainable Pokemon
Pidgey (Morning and Day)
Oddish (night)
Gloom (night)
Meowth (Soul Silver)

Route 5 is extremely small. It leads south to Saffron City and is the other end of the underground tunnel that leads to Vermilion. It will be open when you fix the power plant. Jump the ledge and enter the house. Talk to the old lady to receive the Cleanse Tag.

Power Plant

Now head back to the power plant to give the manager the missing piece. He’ll give you TM57 Charge Beam. Next do a quick little sidequest.

Saffron and Vermilion City

Fly to Saffron City and speak to the Copycat’s mother and the Copycat. Remember the house is below the Magnet Train. She’ll tell you she lost her Pokedoll in Vermilion. Fly to Vermilion City and go to the Pokemon Fan Club. It’s the house above the GYM. Talk to the guy near the Couch with a clefairy doll. He’ll give you the “Lost Item.” When you exit the Fan Club a man named Steven will come by and tell you about Latios, a legendary pokemon that’s in Kanto. You may come across it later. Fly Back to Saffron and give it to the Copycat. She’ll give you a pass for the Magnet Train. Now you can go back and forth between Johto and Kanto quickly. The train stops in Goldenrod. Now fly back to Lavender.

Lavender City

Head to the Radio Tower and talk with the old man to receive the EXPN Card. You put it in your pokegear and you will now be able to listen to the radio in Kanto!

After that you can head south to Route 12, 13, 14 and 15. Route 12 also connects with Route 11 which is next to Vermilion and the Snorlax. At the end of Route 15 is Fuchsia City. Before that I suggest flying to Saffron City and heading West to Celadon

Route 7

Obtainable Pokemon
Spearow (Day and Morning)
Growlithe (HG)
Vulpix (SS)
Meowth (SS)
Persian (SS)
Murkrow (Night)
Houndour (Night)

Route 7 is extremely small. This was once the other end of another underground passage but that’s sealed now. Head north into the grass to find a Mental Herb. Then go back and West to reach Celadon.

Celadon City

Celadon City is the Kanto version of Goldenrod almost. When you come into town you’ll see a Pokemon Center right there. Heal your pokemon and then go behind it. Head all the way to the left to find TM67 Recycle. Now go back towards the Pokemon Center.

Head to the left and enter the building next to it. It’s a Condominium. You can take the eleveator on the second floor to the roof. There will be a small house up there with a man inside. If it’s night time he’ll tell you a scary story and then give you a Spell Tag.

If you go to the left of that building you’ll find the Celadon Dept. Store:

Second Floor
Potion – P300
Super Potion – P700
Hyper Potion – P1200
Max Potion – P2500
Full Restore – P3000
Revive – P1500
Antidote – P100
Paralyz Heal – P200
Awakening – P250
Burn Heal – P250
Ice Heal – P250
Full Heal – P600

PokeBall – P200
Great Ball – P600
Ultra Ball – P1200
Escape Rope – P550
PokeDoll – P1000
Repel – P350
Super Repel – P500
Max Repel – P700
Grass Mail – P50
Flame Mail – P50
Bubble Mail – P50
Space Mail – P50

Third Floor
TM21 – Frustration – P1000
TM27 – Return – P1000
TM87 – Swagger – P1500
TM78 – Captivate – P1500
TM12 – Taunt – P1500
TM41 – Torment – P1500
TM20 – Safeguard – P2000
TM28 – Dig – P2000
TM76 – Stealth Rock – P2000
TM55 – Brine – P3000
TM72 – Avalanche – P3000
TM79 – Dark Pulse – P3000

Fourth Floor
Air Mail – P50
Tunnel Mail – P50
Bloom Mail – P50

Fifth Floor
X Speed – P350
X Attack – P500
X Defend – P550
Guard Spec. – P700
Dire Hit – P650
X Accuracy – P950
X Special – P350
X Sp. Def – P350

Protein – P9800
Iron – P9800
Calcium – P9800
Zinc – P9800
Carbos – P9800
HP Up – P9800

Sixth Floor
Fresh Water – P200
Soda Pop – P300
Lemonade – P350

TONS of items. Now head to the buildings south of the Pokemon Center. The one on the left is the Game Corner. You can play the same game as in Goldenrod. Next door is where you collect your prizes:

TM58 – Endure – 2000 Coins
TM32 – Double Team – 3000 Coins
TM10 – Hidden Power – 6000 Coins
TM29 – Psychic – 10000 Coins
TM74 – Gyro Ball – 10000 Coins
TM68 – Giga Impact – 15000 Coins

Silk Scarf – 1000 Coins
Wide Lens – 1000 Coins
Focus Lens – 1000 Coins
Metronome – 1000 Coins
Mr. Mime – 3,333 Coins
Eevee – 6,666 Coins
Porygon – 9,999 Coins

In the same building is a lady that will tell you what type Hidden Power would be if that pokemon were to use it. Just talk to her and select the pokemon. She will not tell you that power though. It can only go a max of 70 power and be much weaker.

South of those buildings is a restaurant with nothing to do in it. South of that is a tree that can be cut which leads to the GYM!

Celadon City GYM

Celadon City GYM uses primarily Grass type pokemon. They are weak to fire, ice, flying, and bug type moves, and are strong against water, ground, and rock type pokemon. The GYM is laid out a bit weird. Almost like a maze. There are tons of overhead almost tunnel like structures with plants growing on the top of them. There are openings on some of the sides where you can enter or exit. To reach the GYM Leader cut the tree in the middle and go upward and out the left side where it’s open. Enter the next tunnel like thing and head upward to face two trainers:

Twins Jo and Zoe – P1504

Victreebel (Female) Lv47
-Sludge Bomb (Poison/Special)
-Giga Drain (Grass/Special)
-Drain Punch (Fighting/Physical)
-Protect (Normal/Other)


Vileplume (Female) Lv47
-Stun Spore (Grass/Other)
-Giga Drain (Grass/Special)
-Drain Punch (Fighting/Physical)
-Attract (Normal/Other)

Before the end of the tunnel head to the right and outside it. Then go up, to the right past the middle tunnel, down, and enter the right tunnel. I hope this makes sense. Enter the right tunnel and go all the way up. You May run into this trainer:

Lass Michelle – P736

Skiploom (Female) Lv44
Ability:Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard
-U-Turn (Bug/Physical)
-Giga Drain (Grass/Special)
-Leech Seed (Grass/Other)
-Sunny Day (Fire/Other)

Hoppip (Female) Lv45
Ability:Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard
-Stun Spore (Grass/Other)
-Giga Drain (Grass/Special)
-U-Turn (Bug/Physical)
-Bounce (Flying/Physical)

Jumpluff (Female) Lv46
Ability:Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard
-U-Turn (Bug/Physical)
-Giga Drain (Grass/Special)
-Sleep Powder (Grass/Other)
-Sunny Day (Fire/Other)

Keep going up and you’ll eventually face:

Picnicker Tanya – P784

Exeggutor (Female) Lv49
-Giga Drain (Grass/Special)
-Light Screen (Psychic/Other)
-Egg Bomb (Normal/Physical)
-Hypnosis (Psychic/Other)

Now go up and over to the left. Head downward and try and enter the middle tunnel through the right side. Go upward but not too much or you’ll face another trainer. Exit out the left side and try to enter the next tunnel on the left side. Go up and exit that tunnel to the left and cut the small tree at the end. Go up and to the right to cut another small tree. Now move forward to face the GYM Leader! If you wish to fight the last trainer you can. She has a Paras, Parasect, and Carnivine in the mid 40s.

GYM Leader Erika – P6720, TM19 Giga Drain, and The Rainbow Badge.

Erkia has some pretty tough grass pokemon. They are high leveled and most of them know Giga Drain which is a grass type move that sucks out your HP and gives a lot of it to their HP.

Jumpluff (Female) Lv51
-Giga Drain (Grass/Special)
-Sunny Day (Fire/Other)
-U-Turn (Bug/Physical)
-Leech Seed (Grass/Other)

Jumpluff shouldn’t be too hard. Leech Seed will sap your power each turn, U-Turn hits you while Jumpluff runs away and switches to another pokemon. Sunny Day helps it’s ability (Chlorophyll) work. It gives the pokemon double speed! But if you have a fire pokemon then sunny day will help boost it’s fire type moves.

Tangela (Female) Lv52
Ability:Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard
-Giga Drain (Grass/Special)
-Sleep Powder (Grass/Other)
-Ancient Power (Rock/Special)
-Wring Out (Grass/Special)

Tangela can be a tricky pokemon. It can make your pokemon fall asleep and if you try and use a fire, ice, flying, or bug type pokemon to take it out then it will use Ancient Power to take you out. Wring Out will hurt you more if you have lots of HP.

Victreebel (Female) Lv56
-Sunny Day (Fire/Other)
-Synthesis (Grass/Other)
-Leaf Storm (Grass/Special)
-Grass Knot (Grass/Physical)

Victreebel can be real tough if there is strong sunlight on the battlefield. It’s ability will make it speed up while synthesis will restore more HP than usual. Grass Knot hurts your pokemon more if they are bigger than usual. Leaf Storm is an extremely powerful grass attack, but when it’s used it will lower Victreebel’s special attack stat.

Bellossom (Female) Lv56 w/Sitrus Berry
-Sunny Day (Fire/Other)
-Synthesis (Grass/Other)
-Giga Drain (Grass/Special)
-Solar Beam (Grass/Special)

Bellossom can be tough. Sunny Day makes the pokemon speed up and synthesis restore more HP. It also allows Bellossom to use Solar Beam without charging the first turn. Use it to your advantage and take it out with fire!