Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Walkthrough


End Game

Prof. Oak’s Lab

At the lab you’ll get HM08 Rock Climb. This move allows you to climb all these rocky walls you’ve seen in both Johto and Kanto. Now that you have all 16 Badges you can catch a few of the legendary pokemon. Refer to the Legendary Pokemon section closer to the top of the guide to find out where some of the pokemon may be. You can also go to Mt. Silver. To get there go West of Viridian to Route 22 and then 28.

Route 22/28/Mt Silver

Route 22 Obtainable Pokemon
Spearow (Morning and Day)
Fearow (Morning and Day)
Doduo (Morning and Day)

To reach Route 22 you go West of Viridian. It’s a pretty short route that leads to the Reception Area. Then continue West to the next route.

Route 28 Obtainable Pokemon
Doduo (Morning and Day)
Dodrio (Morning and Day)
Donphan (HG)
Sneasel (Night)
Ursaring (SS)

Route 28 is a kind of long route. It’s pretty straight forward to Mt. Silver. Head West until it says “Mt. Silver.” You’ll see a pokemon center. Now head north and east. Cut a small tree so you can reach a house and TM35 Flamethrower. Enter the house and a lady will give you TM47 Steel Wing. Now head back to the Pokemon Center and surf a bit downward and left to get the item “Reaper Cloth.” Now that you got everything you can go inside Mt. Silver.

Mt. Silver Obtainable Pokemon
Phanpy (HG)
Donphan (HG)
Teddiursa (SS)
Ursaring (SS)
Golduck (1st/3rd/4th Floor)
Sneasel (1st/4th Floor)
Misdreavus (Night)
Steelix (1st Floor)
Pupitar (3rd Floor)
Quagsire (4th Floor)

Mt. Silver is a huge cave/mountain. It has four floors and different areas. For a map of the area click here. There are few items and only one trainer. THE trainer:

PKMN Trainer Red – P16800

Pikachu (Male) Lv88 w/Light Ball
-Volt Tackle (Electric/Physical)
-Thunderbolt (Electric/Special)
-Iron Tail (Steel/Physical)
-Quick Attack (Normal/Physical)

Lapras (Male) Lv80
Ability:Shell Armor
-Blizzard (Ice/Special)
-Psychic (Psychic/Special)
-Brine (Water/Special)
-Body Slam (Normal/Physical)

Snorlax (Male) Lv82
Ability:Thick Fat
-Giga Impact (Normal/Physical)
-Shadow Ball (Ghost/Special)
-Crunch (Dark/Physical)
-Blizzard (Ice/Special)

Venusaur (Male) Lv84
-Giga Drain (Grass/Special)
-Sludge Bomb (Poison/Special)
-Sleep Powder (Grass/Other)
-Frenzy Plant (Grass/Special)

Charizard (Male) Lv84
-Flare Blitz (Fire/Physical)
-Blast Burn (Fire/Special)
-Air Slash (Flying/Special)
-Dragon Pulse (Dragon/Special)

Blastoise (Male) Lv84
-Hyrdo Cannon (Water/Special)
-Blizzard (Ice/Special)
-Flash Cannon (Steel/Special)
-Focus Blast (Fighting/Special)

As you can see he’s a well rounded trainer. The three Kanto starters each have extremely powerful attacks. Those are Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, and Hydro Cannon. Those attacks are so strong that they have to rest the next turn. Pikachu has a light ball which doubles its special attack stat. They are all in their 80s and are pretty tough. You may want to put that battle off until later. When you do beat him you’ll get a special ribbon.

Pokemon League Rematch

Just like the GYM leaders you can now rematch the Elite Four and Champion. They’ll have upgraded pokemon and be VERY tough. Click here to see the list of the pokemon and levels they’re at. – credit to serebii.net

GYM Leaders Rematch

In addition to all of that you can challenge the GYM Leaders to a rematch. However, you must find them in certain places to get their numbers or ask for rematches. Click here to see the list on how to find them and what their teams will be like. -Credit to serebii.net

Battle Frontier

After doing all this other stuff, if you’re still bored and want something to do, you can go to the Battle Frontier! Remember it was being built last time you went by it. It’s North of Route 40. There are different areas in the Battle Frontier to test your skills. Each area has different rules for battling. The more battles you win the more Battle Points you gain. You can exchange these points for special prizes. Pokemon to not gain any XP. If you choose the Lv50 rule then pokemon above level 50 will have their levels lowered to lv50 but pokemon under lv50 will not raise in level. After a certain amount of battles you can challenge the “Frontier Brain” which is harder than the normal trainers. If you beat them you get commemorative prints

When you first enter you’ll see a little house to your left. Inside are three move tutors that can teach your pokemon various moves depending on the pokemon. They charge BP though. Above that is the Pokemon Center and to the right of that is a PokeMart.

There are 5 areas in the battle frontier.

Battle Tower

Located at the back area of the Frontier.
Fight seven trainers in a row earning more BP each time you win a battle. Each battle gets harder. You choose three pokemon which are healed after every battle. Also any one time use items that were used in the last battle are replaced.
Palmer is the Battle Tower Brain. You can face him the first time after 21 battles and a second time after 49 battles.

Battle Hall

Located at the upper left area of the Frontier.
Enter one pokemon and battle consecutive one on one battles. You get to choose the pokemon type you battle and your pokemon is healed after each battle. Once you choose a type you can choose that type again to face a stronger version. After ten battles you finish and earn BP.
Argenta is the Battle Hall Brain. You can face her the first time after 21 battles and a second time after 170 battles.

Battle Factory

Located at the upper right area of the Frontier.
Win consecutive battles with rental pokemon. You choose three pokemon to start with. Each time you win you can exchange one of your pokemon for your opponent’s pokemon. Your pokemon are also healed after each battle.
Thorton is the Battle Factory Brain. You can face him the first time after 21 battles and a second time after 49 battles.

Battle Castle

Located at the lower left area of the Frontier.
Manage Castle Points to advance in battle. CP are used for things like healing pokemon and using items. Choose three pokemon and face 7 trainers in a row just like the battle tower but items are removed before battle. You start with 10 CP and earn more by winning with certain conditions like how much HP your pokemon have or if they fainted etc.
Lady Caitlin and her Valet Darach are the Battle Castle Brains. You can face them the first time after 21 battles and a second time after 49 battles.

Battle Arcade

Located at the lower right area of the Frontier.
This is the same as the Battle Tower but hold items are removed and random events between each battle are chosen that could be good or bad.
Dahlia is the Battle Arcade Brain. You can face her the first time after 21 battles and a second time after 49 battles.

In the next area after the reception type area is the actual Battle Frontier. Here you can find a few stands with people selling things for BP:


Blue Stand
Protein – 1BP
Calcium – 1BP
Iron – 1BP
Zinc – 1BP
Carbos – 1BP
Rare Candy – 48BP

Power Bracer – 16BP
Power Belt – 16BP
Power Lens – 16BP
Power Band – 16BP
Power Anklet – 16BP
Power Weight – 16BP

Toxic Orb – 16BP
Flame Orb – 16BP
White Herb – 32BP
Power Herb – 32BP
BrightPowder – 48BP
Focus Band – 48BP
Focus Slash – 48BP

Choice Band – 48BP
Choice Scarf – 48BP
Scope Lens – 48BP
Muscle Band – 48BP
Razor Claw – 48BP
Razor Fang – 48BP

Red Stand
Aerial Ace – 40BP
Brick Break – 40BP
U-Turn – 40BP
X-Scissors – 64BP
Stone Edge – 80BP
Earthquake – 80BP

Shadow Ball – 64BP
Energy Ball – 64BP
Sludge Bomb – 80BP
Dragon Pulse – 80BP

Toxic – 32BP
Thunder wave – 32BP
Will-o-Wisp – 32BP
Attract – 32BP
Bulk Up – 48BP
Calm Mind – 48BP

Green Stand
3 Scratch off Cards – 1BP

You get three cards and scratch them. Try to match up pokemon icons that are hidden. If you find the same icon three times you win a prize.