Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Walkthrough

The Basic Idea of Pokemon

For those who are unfamiliar with pokemon, the basic idea is to catch little creatures known as Pocket Monsters (commonly called PokeMon for short). You catch them and raise them to battle other pokemon and trainers. Trainers are the people who raise the pokemon. Some trainers trade their pokemon to other trainers. The trainers go on adventures and hear stories of legendary pokemon that few have seen and legendary trainers that nobody can beat. Trainers can only carry 6 pokemon with them at a time. When you battle other trainers your pokemon will become injured so they must go to hospitals for pokemon called “Pokemon Centers.” They fully heal your pokemon of anything that’s wrong with it, for free, and you go on. You can also buy supplies for your pokemon that may heal them from places called “Pokemarts.”You travel the land facing other trainers and GYM Leaders. GYM Leaders have tough pokemon compared to other trainers you run into. They usually have special moves too. Once you beat them you get a GYM Badge. After collecting 8 GYM Badges from across the land, you get to face the highest trainers of them all. They are called the Elite 4. They’re called this because there are usually 4 of them (actually it’s USUALLY 5) who are great trainers with very tough pokemon. You have to face all of them in succession or start from the beginning if you fail.