Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide

Shi No Numa

Shi No Numa (Japanese for Swamp of Death) is the third Zombie Map from Call of Duty World at War. It can be found in the Hardened and Prestige Editions of Call of Duty Black Ops, or in the Rezurrection Content Pack. This map is set in a swamp somewhere in Japan. This is one of the few areas that a meteor containing Element 115 hit the Earth and caused a Zombie outbreak. Much of the map is covered in wetlands which will slow you and your team down while walking through it. Stick to any sturdy ground you can to stay away from the Zombies.

The starting position is a big two floor hut. There are four smaller huts surrounding the big hut, creating a + or x shape for the entire map. The main hut has a door and a staircase that you can open up for 1000 Points Each. There are four gates to open up for another 1000 Points each which lead to four huts. Each hut costs 750 Points Each to open.

Each of the huts has an Electric Barrier trap you can activate for 1000 Points Each. Many people either stay holed up in one of the four shacks and watch each entrance for Zombies. Another famous method is circling the swampy area in front of the Comm Room.

Shi No Numa is the first map to introduce Hell Hounds. Hell Hounds are Zombie-like dogs that are on fire. They teleport around the map and attack. Hell Hounds only come in a wave by themselves. The wave is usually every 4-6 waves. After all Hell Hounds are killed, they drop a Max Ammo Power-Up.

Unlike Verruckt, you do not need to turn on any power in the map, but there are Perk-A-Colas and Traps. Each of the four surrounding huts will hold one of the four Perk-A-Colas. The Perk-A-Cola machine is chosen at random once the door is opened.

There is no Pack-A-Punch on this map.

Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is first located in the room under the starting position. After using it a few times, the box will move to one of five other locations – six total. There are two locations in the main hut and one location at each of the four surrounding huts. Look into the sky for a blue light to find it’s location quickly. Visit the Mystery Box page for a list of all weapons available in the Mystery Box.

Ray Gun
Monkey Bomb
Wunderwaffe DG-2


Quick Revive
Speed Cola
Double Tap Root Beer


Gewehr 43
M1897 Trench Gun
M1 Garand
Bouncing Betty
M1 Carbine
MP40 – Fishing Hut
STG44 – Comm Room
Type 100 – Storage Hut
BAR – Doctor’s Quarters

Traps and Devices

After the door is opened on each surrounding hut, Electrical Barrier Traps will be available for purchase. The main Hut holds a new trap called The Flogger which swings a giant wooden gate like a push lawn mower. You must open the gate from the main area to the Fishing Hut to use this trap. Each Electric Barrier trap costs 1000 Points per use. The Flogger costs 750 Points per use.

Along with the traps is a new feature to get from one part of the map to the main area quickly, the Zipline. To use the Zipline, you must open the gate to the Doctor’s Quarters and to the other room of the second floor in the main hut. Pull the lever at the front of the Doctor’s Hut to bring a carriage down to the lever. All four players can stand inside and spend 1500 Points (only one player needs to purchase this) to bring you back to the main hut. The lever must be pulled at the Doctor’s Quarters after each use.

Easter Eggs

Musical Easter Egg

In World at War you will unlock an achievement by doing this called, “Dead Air.” All you have to do is activate a phone in the Comm room. To activate it, click X (Xbox 360), Square (PS3), or F (PC) three times on the phone. The song is called “The One,” sung by Elena Siegman and composed by Kevin Sherwood.


This Easter Egg has several Radios hidden throughout Shi No Numa. All you have to do is activate them by pressing X (Xbox 360), Square (PS3), or F (PC) on each radio. The first three radios in the starting room must all be activated to work. There’s supposed to be a new message on Black Ops, but I haven’t been able to get it to play. You may need to have four players to get it to work. I’ll update when I find out. The other radios are in the Storage Hut and the Doctor’s Quarters


This Easter Egg can be found in the Storage area of the map “Shi No Numa.” Look to the right of the area for a big molten rock. This is the meteor that contains the Element 115. Shoot it to get a bit of dialogue from each character.