The mission starts with an interactive real time scene. Press the buttons that come on the screen to progress the dialogue. After the scene you are given two CZ75 pistols, 4 frag grenades, and 4 flashbangs. If you can escape with only using dual wield weapons you will earn another achievement/trophy. Use cover, your flashbangs, and grenades to help you out. Look directly to your right to find a little work space. Inside the area is some Intel.


Shoot towards the enemies to trigger a small scene. The room will fill with Nova Gas, you must escape up the ladder. Run through the halls full of enemies to the roof. On the roof you will find Snipers. They don’t have high rate of fire weapons like the others with automatics, you can rush these guys straight on. Run and jump off the roof top near the marker to reach the other building. Your team mate will show you more weapons in this room. Take only the dual wield weapons if you want to earn the achievement/trophy.

Clear out the halls of enemies. If you’re using the machine pistols, fire in bursts and use one at a time. When it’s time to head back outside you should run directly to the left. Two men will come out from the alley straight ahead so be prepared to fire. More men are around the corner, throw a grenade or flashbang to get the upper hand. Your team should come up to help you. Hopefully they will take out the snipers on the roof tops if you’re attempting the dual wield challenge. Go around the corner and watch out for anyone. Make your way down stairs. You will come to a bottle neck like area. Two or three men are on the other side, flashbang and kill them if you can. Two more men are at the far end sniping. It’s possible to run straight ahead to slide down the pipe without getting killed, but if you do get killed you will be sent back to where you first exit the building.

Continue on with the mission. Follow your team and listen to the dialogue. When you slide down a roof you will go into slow motion. Make sure you reload before you slide down because enemies will be at the bottom. Go straight forward and look left to find Inside the area is an Intel.


The next part is pretty straight forward. Keep moving towards the objective markers and kill anything in front of you and only in front of you. You will come to an area where you must defend yourself. There will be various weapons on the wall. Defend your team until they open the door. When the door is open throw a flash bang and run out. You must sprint and jump across the gap to the other side. After a small scene you must keep moving! Move left and follow the markers. You must make more jumps, kill anyone on the platforms you jump to before you jump or you could kill yourself from the fall. When you are close to the bottom you will see this area:


Jump down once more before you reach the wooden plank. Turn around and you will find Intel amongst some garbage. Now jump down one last time and slide down the plank. Reach the bottom and the achievement/trophy should unlock for escaping using only dual wield weapons.

A CZ-75 will drop from the sky with you. Grab it and kill anyone in front of you, it will be your only weapon. Survive long enough for a van to come save you, it’s tough on veteran. Try to stick to the left side so you won’t be hit by too many people. Kill any remaining enemies and run to the van to complete the mission.

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