COD Points

COD Points are a new feature to Call of Duty. You earn COD points by playing online multiplayer just like you earn XP. But, COD Points are very different from experience points. XP ranks you up while COD Points allow you to buy various things in the online multiplayer. With COD points you can buy weapons, attachments, perks, and equipment. The amount of COD Points you earn depends on how you do in game, just like XP. You will earn COD Points equal to 10% of the XP from a match. If you earned 2000 XP in a match you will earn C200. This does not include XP or COD Points you earn from challenges/contracts. Each time you rank up to a new grade you will earn C2500, but if you rank up to the same symbol you only earn C1000. For example, if you rank up to “Sergeant” you will earn C2500, if you rank up to “Sergeant I” you will earn C1000. I will use a C in front of numbers to signify COD Points throughout this guide.


In Black Ops you are given challenges that will award you XP for playing a certain way or using a certain gun. Most challenges have many levels. For example, there may be a challenge for getting 10 kills with the M16 for 100 XP. Once that is completed there will another level of the challenge to do, kill 50 people with the M16 for 500 points. Many challenges have many levels. Challenges first unlock at level 4. As you rank up you unlock more challenges to complete.

There are challenges for your primary weapon, secondary weapon, attachments, grenades & equipment, perk 1, perk 2, perk 3, basic, game modes, killstreaks, medals, elite, finish moves, and lifetime.

Level 4 Unlocks: Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Attachments, Grenades & Equipment, Perk 1, Perk 2, Perk 3, Basic, and Lifetime challenges.

Level 8 Unlocks Game Mode Challenges.

Level 10 Unlocks Killstreak Challenges.

Level 15 Unlocks Medal Challenges.

Level 20 Unlocks Elite Challenges

Level 30 Unlocks Finishing Moves Challenges.


Contracts are similar to challenges. The exception is instead of getting XP you get COD Points. Sometimes you may earn XP and COD Points. Contracts are unlocked at level 5. Every 24 hours a new set of contracts are given, they rotate at 4 PM Pacific Time. Not all contracts may be available, unless you have unlocked the killstreak, weapon, or playlist involved in the contract. There are 7 or 8 contracts given each day in each section.

Once you purchase a contract you are given a time frame for completing it. If you don’t complete it in the time frame, the contract will expire. If you buy a contract for a certain game mode, then you decide to play another game mode, the timer will not count down for your contract. For example, if you buy a TDM contract and play domination, the TDM’s timer will not start counting. You can purchase most expired or completed contracts after a certain amount of time. The contracts are separated into three groups:

Mercenary Contracts – contracts for getting kills and killstreaks.

Operations Contracts – contracts for specific game modes and playlists.

Specialist Contracts – contracts for headshots, secondary weapons, grenades, and special objectives.