Der Riese

Der Riese was the fourth Zombies Map for Call of Duty World at War. This version for Black Ops is mostly the same, though the Mystery Box weapons have been altered. The Der Riese Zombies map is set in a factory/science lab near Breslau, Germany. This is where the Nazis started testing Element 115 and its effects. The map features lots of narrow corridors. Most people hold up in one room and watch one of a few possible entrances for Zombies. The cat walk near the back teleporter is a favorite location for most players.

In addition to Zombies, Hell Hounds will appear in Der Riese. They teleport onto the map and attack head on. Defeat all the Hell Hounds to earn a Max Ammo Power-Up. Hell Hounds first appear around Round 5 and Round 10, but during the higher rounds, they start spawning at random alongside zombies.

The power switch is located in the back area near a destroyed building, which was the office of Dr. Maxis. Turn on the power to lower a bridge, activate the Perk-A-Cola machines, activate traps around the map, enable teleporters for linking, and open a couple of shutters that block the corridor near Speed Cola.

Traps and Devices

Der Riese requires you to turn on the power to use the Perk-A-Cola Machines and Traps. The Power Switch is located on the far side of the map from the starting area. There are a few electric traps set around the map that will instantly kill anything that walks through. These traps cost 1000 points and last 30 seconds.

This map was the first to feature teleportation machines. There are three teleportation pads that link to the main frame. The main frame is the area all players start. Stand on one of the teleportation pads and click the activate button to start the link. Run back to the main frame and interact with the teleport pad to link the teleporter. After establishing a link, you will be able to teleport from the linked teleporter pad to the main frame. Each trip will cost 1500 Points. A Power-Up will be given after each link is made. Link all three teleportation pads to open up a door to a new feature, the Pack-A-Punch Machine.

Pack-A-Punch Machine

The Pack-A-Punch Machine will upgrade your current weapon for 5000 points. The weapon must be given to the machine for a few seconds, leaving the player vulnerable. If the weapon is not picked up quickly enough, it will go into the machine and be lost forever. Pack-A-Punch’d weapons have increased fire power and sometimes new attachments. Weapons purchased off the wall can be upgraded with the Pack-A-Punch machine, and upgraded ammo can be purchased from the same wall spot for 4500 points.

Perk-A-Cola Machines

Der Riese features four Perk-A-Cola Machines similar to Shi No Numa and Verruckt. These four perks can be purchased for a set amount of points after turning on the power, but if the player goes down they will lose all perks.

Quick Revive
500 Points(Solo) / 1500 Points(Co-op)
Revive teammates quicker / revive yourself
Near back teleporter and power switch

2500 Points
4x Health
Second Floor hidden corridor above Labs and bridge

Double Tap Rootbeer
2000 Points
2x Rate of Fire
Second Floor Labs above Garage

Speed Cola
3000 Points
2x Reload and Barrier Repair Speed
Other Side of Wall near Starting Area

Wall Weapons

Bolt-Action Rifle
5/50 Ammo
600 Points to Buy
Ground Floor Starting Area

Gewehr 43
Semi-Automatic Rifle
10/120 Ammo
600 Points to Buy
Ground Floor Starting Area

M1 Carbine
Semi-Automatic Rifle
15/120 Ammo
600 Points to Buy
Passed first door outside Labs.

Fully-Automatic Battle Rifle
32/192 Ammo
1500 Points to Buy
937 RPM
Near Speed Cola corridor, behind shutter.

Double Barreled Shotgun
Double Barrel Semi-Automatic Shotgun
2/60 Ammo
1200 Points to Buy
Ground Floor Burned Garage

Fully-Automatic Submachine Gun
20/200 Ammo
1200 Points to Buy
750 RPM
Ground Floor Burned Garage

M1897 Trench Gun
Pump-Action Shotgun
6/60 Ammo
1500 Points to Buy

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
30/180 Ammo
1200 Points to Buy
535 RPM
Destroyed building near back Teleporter

Fully-Automatic Submachine Gun
32/192 Ammo
1000 Points to Buy
535 RPM
Labs by Teleporter

German Grenades
250 Points for 4
Near two different teleporters

Bouncing Betty
2 Betties that refill after each round. The betties you set down won’t disappear until someone sets them off.
1000 Points to Buy – One time only.
Stairs above Labs.

Bowie Knife
1 Hit Kill Melee up to round 20 or so
3000 Points to Buy
Destroyed building near back Teleporter

Mystery Box

The Mystery Box will always start out at the same location next to the power switch. After a few uses, the Mystery Box will move to a new location somewhere around the map. Look in the sky for a blue light to find its location quickly.

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
30/270 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle
20/180 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle.
35/315 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
30/150 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
30/270 Ammo
Comes with Special ACOG Scope.

3 Round Burst Assault Rifle
48/144 Ammo
Comes with Low Power Scope

Fully-Automatic Submachine Gun
30/120 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Light Machine Gun
125/500 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Light Machine Gun
100/400 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Shotgun.
8/32 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Shotgun
6/36 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
10/40 Ammo

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
5/45 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Revolver
6/84 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Handgun
15/135 Ammo

CZ75 Dual Wield
Two Semi-Automatic Handguns
12 Rounds for each Gun, 228 Rounds extra.

China Lake
Pump-action Grenade Launcher.
2/20 Ammo
Explodes on Impact instead of requiring distance.

Single Shot Rocket Launcher
1/20 Ammo

A crossbow with explosive tip ammo.
1/12 Ammo

Ballistic Knife
A special single shot weapon that fires knifes.
1/4 Ammo

Wunderwaffe DG-2
Semi-Automatic Wonder Weapon
3/15 Ammo
Electric Chain weapon. Fire a bolt of lightning that chains to nearby zombies for instant kills.

Ray Gun
Full Auto Wonder Weapon (Pistol)
Replaces M1911 if you are downed, but only gives you one magazine of ammo.
20/160 Ammo

Monkey Bomb
Explosive Wonder Weapon
3 Obtained from Box
Monkey Bombs are little monkey toys that make noise to attract zombies. After a few seconds they explode killing all zombies in it’s blast radius.

Musical and Misc Easter Eggs

There are multiple small Easter Eggs and a Musical Easter Egg on the Zombie Map Der Riese.

The Musical Easter Egg is activated by pressing X (Xbox 360), Square (PS3), or F (PC) on three green jars with a spine and brain floating inside. After all three are activated, the song “Beauty of Annihilation” will play. The song is sung by Elena Siegman and composed by Kevin Sherwood.

All the other Easter Eggs are small bits of info or just interesting stuff here and there. The objects that make your character speak or make a noise seem to bring more zombies that are stronger and more aggressive than usual.

Elevate Your Senses! (Hide and Go Seek) Easter Egg

This Easter Egg was originally an Achievement / Trophy on Call of Duty: World at War called “Elevate Your Senses!” In this Easter Egg you play Hide and Seek with Samantha Maxis. You must upgrade a weapon with the Pack-A-Punch machine and activate the “Fly Trap” by shooting a console with the PAP Upgraded weapon. After that, shoot three objects hidden throughout the map to complete the mini-game. The objects do not need to be shot with the upgraded weapon

Radios Easter Egg

This Easter Egg was the first big chunk for the Zombies Storyline when introduced in the fourth DLC pack for World at War. There are seven radios hidden throughout the map on Der Riese. An eighth can be found on the iPad version of Call of Duty Zombies, or in the PC Files. All you have to do is activate each radio by pressing X (Xbox 360), Square (PS3), or F (PC). The radios shouldn’t be too hard to find with this video. Three of the seven radios will change depending when you found them. The other four will have the same recording no matter when you found them. I cut them up and put them in Chronological Order based on my research into the Zombie Storyline.