The Defector

The mission starts after a cutscene. You will have a SPAS-12 with Dragonbreath rounds and a Commando with a Grenade Launcher. Kill 10 NVA with the SPAS-12 for another achievement/trophy. Follow your team and the marker clearing out the rooms of NVA. You will meet up with Reznov after you breach a room. After a little dialogue he will open the door to a hallway that leads outside. There will be a small room to the right with Intel inside.


Make your way to the LZ. Take a radio from one of your team mates to call in air support. Kill 20 NVA with the air support for another achievement/trophy. Provide support for your men and your tank with the air support. Keep moving with your team and do what they say. The tank will eventually be blown up by another tank. When this happens, head all the way to the back dead end like the picture. The building to the left holds another Intel inside on a desk.


Mark the tank and any other locations with your air support. Keep moving up, but look around you for any NVA. The enemies will be on roof tops, streets, and in doors. After moving up your objective will be to destroy a ZSU. Follow the markers and kill any NVA you see. This part is pretty straight forward.

At the end you will make a last stand while waiting for your ride to come in. Grab some claymores and set them up where the smoke pops. Look for the building with “DAK” on the rooftop. You can get a better shot of it in the picture below:


Enter the building from the left side to find Intel on a table on the left. Go back to the middle area to defend your team from the NVA. When the NVA retreat a tank will come in. Mark the tank with air support and run to the boat.

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