Moon is the fourth DLC Zombies Map from the Rezurrection Map Pack for Call of Duty Black Ops. It takes place at Area 51 (Paradise Ranch) and allows you to teleport to a secret base on the moon.

The game begins at Hangar 18 in Groom Lake. There will be a Pack-A-Punch machine and either a Jugger-Nog or Speed Cola Perk-A-Cola machine. The machines alternate each time you return to this area. Zombies will come from the sides and up through the mud during this non-round section. They will die from one knife hit or a few rounds of your M1911. If you have the skill and know how, you can chain the zombies together and get enough points for Jugger-Nog before teleporting. Hell Hounds can also be found in this area, but only this area of the map. All players must be on the teleport pad to use it.

While on the moon, you must put on a special suit and helmet, or else you will die. The suit is called the P.E.S. One can be found in the receiving area when you first teleport, and more can be found in the pressure chamber rooms between open areas and Tunnel 6, Tunnel 11, Laboratories, and Biodome.

After restoring power to the base, the helmet can be removed indoors as long as the windows are not blown out with explosives. The power room is not located indoors, meaning a helmet must be worn, but players can quickly run from one section of the base to another. There will be no gravity or air at outdoor parts of the map. Perform a jump to see if there is gravity. Remember not to use explosives indoors or else the broken windows will cause decompression. Although the Biodome looks as if it’s outdoors, it’s actually indoors, and the windows cannot be broken with weapons. There will be yellow anti-gravity pads that launch players around the map. Be careful not to get downed by falling from a high distance.

Turn on the power to use the teleporter and Perk-A-Cola machines. Turning on the power will also activate three Excavators. These Excavators are giant machines that saw into three parts of the base: Tunnel 11, Tunnel 6, and the Biodome. If you get close to the Excavator, you will be downed almost instantly. Excavators can be shutdown by hacking a console at the starting room.

Hacker Device

The Hacker Device is a small item located on one of several random desks between Double Tap Rootbeer and Deadshot Daiquiri. This device will replace the PES, meaning the player will be without air in certain sections of the map. Bring up the hacker tool and interact with certain items around the map to gain an advantage:

  • Stop an Excavator: Hack one of three consoles at the starting room to stop and remove an excavator. (+1000 Points)
  • Repair a Barrier: Fully repairs a barrier that zombies break open. (+100 Points)
  • Open a Door: Opens a door around the map. (-200 Points)
  • Pack-A-Punch Machine: Raise the gates around the Pack-A-Punch machine, preventing anyone from getting in or out. (Free / +1000 Points)
  • Mystery Box: Hack a Mystery Box location without a Mystery Box for one random weapon (-1200 Points)
  • Mystery Box Weapons: Hack a Random Weapon from a Mystery Box to re-roll and get another Random Weapon (-600 Points)
  • Mystery Box Weapon x2: Hack a hacked Random Weapon to allow any other player to pick up that weapon (+950)
  • Weapons: Hack a weapon on the wall to switch the Upgraded Ammo price with the regular Ammo price (-3000 Points)
  • Power-Ups: Change a Power-Up to a Max Ammo (-5000 Points)
  • Perk-A-Colas: Hack a bought Perk-A-Cola to return the Perk and get your money back. This is useful if you don’t want or need a Perk anymore. Only four perks can be purchased at one time.
  • Teammates: Take 500 points from a teammate.


Astronaut Zombies are a new enemy that can be found on the base with names over their heads, similar to other players. Do not get close to them or they will hold on to you, attack you, steal your first Perk, and teleport you a short distance. These enemies take a lot more damage than normal zombies, and will explode once killed, sending zombies and players flying with zero damage.

Nova 6 Crawlers return on the Moon Base. This time, you do not need to turn on the power for them to come. Instead, they will appear after you open the door to Double Tap Rootbeer. These Creepy Crawlers have a new ability to teleport a short distance forward like a bullet. This makes it difficult to keep your distance when they explode. Shooting or blowing up these Creepy Crawlers causes them to explode, but a melee attack will not cause them to explode. The gas they expel will blur your vision and slow you down unless wearing the P.E.S.

Hell Hounds will appear on earth near the Pack-A-Punch machine after the siren sounds. They will continue to appear alongside Zombies until players teleport back to the base.


Double Points
This award gives you double the points you would normally earn for 30 seconds.

Insta-Kill allows you to kill anything with one bullet or one melee attack. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Max Ammo
Max ammo gives you the maximum ammunition your gun can hold. If you are down you will only receive max ammo on the M1911.

Carpenter rebuilds all barriers on the map. You are also awarded 200 XP after all barriers are rebuilt.

Nuke / Tactical Bomb
The tactical bomb kills all zombies around you. The blast wave may take longer to reach the zombies further away from the bomb. No matter how many zombies there are, you are awarded 400 points.

Fire Sale
Fire Sale brings the mystery box to every mystery box location on the map. The mystery box will only cost 10 points instead of 950 for 30 seconds.

Death Machine
The death machine gives one person the death machine mini gun. The Death Machine has infinite ammo for 30 seconds. You cannot revive anyone nor buy perk a colas while holding the gun.


The Perk-A-Cola machines on the Moon Base will be active after turning on the power, but the Perk-A-Cola machines at Area 51 will be ready from the start of the game. The machines at Area 51 are either Speed Cola or Jugger-Nog. They will alternate each time the player(s) teleport from the moon base back to Earth.

Quick Revive
500 Points(Solo) / 1500 Points(Co-op)
Revive teammates quicker / revive yourself
Starting Area.

2500 Points
4x Health
Area 51, alternates with Speed Cola every time you transport back.

Speed Cola
3000 Points
2x Reload and Barrier Repair Speed
Area 51, alternates with Jugger-Nog every time you transport back.

Stamin Up
2000 Points
Run faster and longer.
Second room of Tunnel 11.

Double Tap Rootbeer
2000 Points
2x Rate of Fire
Laboratories after Power Switch.

Deadshot Daiquiri
1500 Points
Tighter hip fire, no sway with sniper rifles, and campaign-like auto aim.
Laboratories near Biodome.

Mule Kick
4000 Points
Carry a third weapon.
Outside Laboratories near teleporter.

PhD Flopper
2000 Points
No explosive damage or fall damage, and cause explosions when diving from up high.
Inside House near Lighthouse.

Wall Weapons

Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle
8/96 Ammo
500 Points to Buy
250 Points for Ammo
Outside Tunnel 11

Double Barreled Shotgun
2/38 Ammo
500 Points to Buy
250 Points for Ammo
Outside Tunnel 6

Fully-Automatic Submachine Gun
20/100 Ammo
1000 Points to Buy
500 Points for Ammo
Tunnel 11

Fully-Automatic Submachine Gun
24/120 Ammo
1000 Points to Buy
500 Points for Ammo
Tunnel 6

Pump-Action Shotgun
6/54 Ammo
1500 Points to Buy
750 Points for Ammo
Near table by Power Switch

Fully Automatic Submachine Gun
30/120 Ammo
1000 Points to Buy
500 Points for Ammo
Laboratories near Deadshot Daiquiri

3 Round Burst Fire Assault Rifle
30/120 Ammo
1200 Points to Buy
600 Points for Ammo
Second room of Tunnel 6

Fully Automatic Submachine Gun
20/160 Ammo
1200 Points to Buy
600 Points for Ammo
Moon area near teleporter and Mule Kick

Semtex Grenades
Sticky Semtex Grenades
4 Given for 250 Points
Second room of Tunnel 11 near Stamin Up

Mystery Box Weapons

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
30/270 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle
20/180 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle.
35/315 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
30/150 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
30/270 Ammo
Comes with Special ACOG Scope.

3 Round Burst Assault Rifle
48/144 Ammo
Comes with Low Power Scope

Fully-Automatic Submachine Gun
30/120 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Light Machine Gun
125/500 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Light Machine Gun
100/400 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Shotgun.
8/32 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Shotgun
6/36 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
10/40 Ammo

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
5/45 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Revolver
6/84 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Handgun
15/135 Ammo

CZ75 Dual Wield
Two Semi-Automatic Handguns
12 Rounds for each Gun, 228 Rounds extra.

China Lake
Pump-action Grenade Launcher.
2/20 Ammo
Explodes on Impact instead of requiring distance.

Single Shot Rocket Launcher
1/20 Ammo

A crossbow with explosive tip ammo.
1/12 Ammo

Ballistic Knife
A special single shot weapon that fires knifes.
1/4 Ammo

Ray Gun
Full Auto Wonder Weapon (Pistol)
Replaces M1911 if you are downed, but only gives you one magazine of ammo.
20/160 Ammo

Cymbal Monkey (Monkey Bomb)
Explosives that distract zombies
3 Given

Gersch Device
Also known as the Black Hole Bomb. Creates a black hole which sucks zombies in.
3 Given. Takes up Special Grenade Slot

Wave Gun
Semi-Auto Wonder Weapon
X Ammo
X Second Reload Time
Causes Zombies to inflate and explode.

Radio Easter Egg

Just like the past few maps, Moon has several Radios hidden throughout the map. Each radio has a recorded message on them. It doesn’t matter which one you play first, they will always play in chronological order. These messages are longer than the older ones, so make sure there aren’t any zombies nearby if you want to hear them. Actually, the crawlers will most likely reach you anyways. All you have to do is press the activate button on each radio. The activate button is X (Xbox 360), Square (PS3), or F (PC). The Radios are found at the following locations:

  • Near some rocks in the dirt by the Olympia
  • On a pipe above the room after the MPL. Either the power must be off or the Excavator must breach the room to reach it.
  • Outside of a window next to Double Tap Rootbeer. Blow the window out with a grenade.
  • Hanging from a crane near the Mule Kick, directly after the MP5K
  • On a metal piece in the Dome, across from the PhD Flopper. You need to use the Jumping Pads.

Data Tapes Easter Egg

This Easter Egg is very similar to the Radios. There are six data tapes hidden around the zombie map “Moon.” They will be at random areas all over the map, so keep a sharp eye out. You can only get one after getting the other. Once you have one in your inventory, take it to the reel to reel in the laboratories between Double Tap Rootbeer and Deadshot Daiquiri. Each Data Tape has a recorded message from the Zombie Storyline.

Musical Easter Egg 1

Another musical easter egg. Find 3 hidden Teddy Bears with Helmets around the map to activate the Easter Egg. Click X (360), Square (PS3), or F (PC) on the Bears to activate them. The song is called “Coming Home” by Elena Siegman and Kevin Sherwood. The bears are at the following locations:

  • Under the starting area at the Moon Base
  • In the air lock between the M16 and Power Room
  • In a broken wall near the Stamin-Up

Musical Easter Egg 2

This is a second Musical Easter Egg on the Zombie Map “Moon.” It’s not really a full song like the first one. It’s an electronic version of the song “Damned.” Press the activate button on the computer next to the MP5K to turn it on.

Musical Easter Egg 3

This is the third Musical Easter Egg on the map “Moon.” It’s not really a full song like the first one. It’s an electronic (8-Bit) version of the song “Coming Home.” To activate it, press the activate button on the equipment near the Stamin-Up.

Musical Easter Egg 4

This is the fourth Musical Easter Egg on the zombie map “Moon.” All you have to do is press the activate button on some equipment across the room from the Double Tap Rootbeer. The activate button is X (Xbox 360), Square (PS3), or F (PC).

The song is an electronic (8-Bit) Version of “Pareidolia.”

Storyline Easter Egg Cryogenic Slumber Party (Solo)

You can do this Achievement/Trophy solo, but you won’t be able to do Big Bang Theory. Big Bang Theory also requires Richtofen to have the Call of the Dead and Shangri-La Easter Eggs completed.

Activate the power. Once you do, find the four computer terminals that sit in the outside beginning area. Each computer terminal lights up a specific color, and you must play “Simon Says” by interacting with the terminal that corresponds to the color that previously flashed on screen.

Next, go to the Laboratories and grab the Hacker Device. Hack one of four red buttons along the wall. Some terminals light up green in the next room. Hack all four of these green terminals, and press the four red buttons within seconds of one another until they all remain lit.

Now you must wait for the excavator to breach tunnel 6, the creepy blue-lit tunnels where the M16 can be found. It’s easier if you only open up the doors through tunnel 6 before turning on the power. After the tunnel has been breached, get rid of the Excavator by hacking the proper terminal in the Receiving Area by Quick Revive.

Return to Tunnel 6 by the M16 and look for a floating round stone. Knife or shoot it to send it to move it towards the Receiving Area. Shoot around the last area you saw it if the stone disappears. When the stone floats outside, shot the Satellite Dish on the roof with the Wave Gun from the Mystery Box. sending it towards tunnel 11. Push the stone all the way to the Pyramid next to the power switch.

A cylindrical tube should raise from the right side of the pyramid’s base. Kill a number of zombies near this tube to fill it with some life force. Once the tube is filled, flip the switch on the wall to open the pyramid and complete Cryogenic Slumber Party!

Storyline Easter Egg Big Bang Theory

From here, you need co-op players and items from the Call of the Dead and Shangri-La easter eggs. The Richtofen player should have the Vril Generator at the bottom of their screen.

All players will have the Death Machine Power-Up for about 90 seconds after opening the Pyramid, so head back to Area 51 to farm some points. Look to your right and chuck grenades at the plates on the shelf. A friend with the Gersch Device needs to then throw a Gersch Device to where the plates have fallen to suck them up and transport them to the teleporter. Quickly get on the teleporter to be sent back to the Moon Base.

The plates should now be on the floor in front of the Quick Revive Machine. Use the Gersch Device to send them to the computer in the corner. The computer must be repaired with a wire that is found around the Laboratories near the Hacker Device. Take the wire and connect it to the computer in the Receiving Area. The Richtofen player must then place the Vril Generator between the plates to activate a short scene. Have Richtofen interact with the computer keyboard until the dialogue ends.

The Vril Generator should now be glowing. Return to the pyramid and insert the item in the base. More tubes will rise from the corners of the Pyramid’s base just like before. Kill enough zombies to fill each tube, then interact with the switch on the wall.

Have Richtofen take the Vril Generator and permantely gain all Perks. Use the Gersch Device to transport the floating stone back outside near the computer terminals by the Receiving Area. Once more, use the Gersch Device to suck up the stone and teleport it.

The stone will attach to some rockets in the distance, which launch themselves toward Earth, after successfully completing the “Simon Says” game one final time.

Wait for the rockets to launch into the Earth and for some dialogue to complete the Big Bang Theory.

Moon Achievements and Trophies

Cryogenic Slumber Party (75G)
In Moon, complete Richtofen’s grand scheme.
This is the first half of the storyline easter egg, and can be done solo.

Big Bang Theory (100G)
In Moon, gain sweet, sweet, revenge.
This is the second half of the storyline easter egg, and requires co-op.

One Small Hack for a Man… (5G)
In Moon, hack something.
Grab the Hacker Device from one of the desks between Double Tap Rootbeer and Deadshot Daiquiri. It will be on a random desk, and replaces your PES. Use it to quickly hack a barrier that zombies broke down to earn this achievement.

One Giant Leap (5G)
In Moon, become trapped in the Receiving Area and free yourself through resurrection in co-op.
This achievement / trophy requires the excavators to breach tunnel 11 and tunnel 6. Have the player(s) that want the achievement on the power switch side of the map (Laboratories, biodome, transporter), and at least one player near the starting room where Quick Revive is located. Get a crawler zombie near the starting area, then have the other players down themselves with a grenade. This won’t work if the player has PhD Flopper. Allow the downed player to bleed out, then kill the crawler to end the round. The next round will revive the players at the starting room with the surviving player and unlock the achievement / trophy.

Perks in Spaaaaace! (30G)
In Moon, purchase every perk in one game.
This achievement / trophy isn’t too difficulty with the Hacker Tool. Hack the Perk-A-Cola machines after purchasing them to return them and refund your points, then purchase another Perk-A-Cola. Only four Perks can be purchased as once. The Perks include Jugger-Nog on Earth, Speed Cola on Earth, Quick Revive at the starting area, Stamin Up in tunnel 11, Double Tap Rootbeer in the Laboratories, Deadshot Daiquiri in the Laboratories, Mule Kick near the transporter, and PhD Flopper in the Biodome. The total amount will be 14,500 Points on Solo or 15,500 Points on Co-Op.

Fully Armed and Operational (25G)
In Moon, acquire 3 pack-a-punched weapons at the same time.
Three weapons can be held after purchasing the Mule Kick Perk from the machine near the teleporter for 4000 points. After purchasing a third weapon, 15000 points will be needed to upgrade all three weapons at the Pack-A-Punch machine on earth. Do not get downed or get caught by the Astronaut Zombie. Losing the Mule Kick perk will cause you to lose your third weapon.

Ground Control (10G)
In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.
There are three excavators that will breach the moon base after turning on the power. Listen to the automated voice to get a hint as to when the excavator will breach. Grab the Hacker Device from the Laboratories passed the power switch and run back to the starting area where Quick Revive is located. One of the consoles will have a flashing green light. Hack this console to stop the excavator. Stop all three over several rounds before they breach the base to earn this achievement / trophy. Remember, the P.E.S. helmet cannot be used when holding the Hacker Device, and blowing the windows of any room will take the oxygen and gravity away.