Kino Der Toten


Kino Der Toten is the base Zombies map in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is set in and around a theater which appears to have housed Dr. Maxis and his work.

Restore the power on the theater’s stage to activate the Perk-A-Cola Machines and traps around the map. Turning on the power will also open the door from the stage to the lobby (starting room), and bring out a new type of creature called Creepy Crawlers or Nova 6 Zombies. These Zombies crawl around on all fours and explode when shot or blown up. Use a melee attack to prevent them from exploding. The explosion will cause a small amount of damage, but mostly impair your vision, hearing, and movement for a few seconds.

In addition to Creepy Crawlers, Hell Hounds return in Kino Der Toten. Every several rounds, a wave will be filled with nothing but these flaming zombie dogs that attack head on. Kill them all to earn a Max Ammo Power-Up.

The Pack-A-Punch Machine also returns in Kino Der Toten, allowing players to upgrade their weapons. To get the the Pack-A-Punch machine, you must turn on the power, link the teleporter on the stage to the teleporter pad in the lobby, and enter the teleporter on the stage. This will transport all players in the teleporter to the projector room. This room houses the Pack-A-Punch machine, a wall purchase for grenades, and a projector that is linked to an easter egg. No zombies can enter this room. Players have about 30 seconds to upgrade and grab their weapon before teleporting back to the lobby.

The mystery box will begin in one of six random locations around the map. Turn on the power to activate painted maps with light bulbs above each Mystery Box spawn location. The light bulbs will show the current location of the Mystery Box.


Quick Revive
1500 Points / 500 Points on Solo
Quick Revive allows you to revive your downed teammates in half the time. When playing solo, you can buy revive without having to turn on the power. The perk will revive you if you are downed, and your weapon will turn into the mustang and sally. You can only buy it three times on solo.
Starting Room

Speed Cola
3000 Points
Speed Cola allows you to reload your weapon twice as fast.
Concession Area near Dressing Rooms

Double Tap Rootbeer
2000 Points
2x Rate of Fire

2500 Points
Jugger-Nog give you about four times more health.
Back of Seating Area


Double Points
This award gives you double the points you would normally earn for 30 seconds.

Insta-Kill allows you to kill anything with one bullet or one melee attack. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Max Ammo
Max ammo gives you the maximum ammunition your gun can hold. If you are down you will only receive max ammo on the M1911.

Carpenter rebuilds all barriers on the map. You are also awarded 200 XP after all barriers are rebuilt.

Nuke / Tactical Bomb
The tactical bomb kills all zombies around you. The blast wave may take longer to reach the zombies further away from the bomb. No matter how many zombies there are, you are awarded 400 points.

Death Machine
The death machine gives one person the death machine mini gun. The Death Machine has infinite ammo for 30 seconds. You cannot revive anyone nor buy perk a colas while holding the gun.

Fire Sale
Fire Sale brings the mystery box to every mystery box location on the map. The mystery box will only cost 10 points instead of 950 for 30 seconds.

Wall Weapons

8/96 Ammo
500 Points to Buy
250 Points for Ammo
4500 Points for Upgraded Ammo

2/38 Ammo
500 Points to Buy
250 Points for Ammo
4500 Points for Upgraded Ammo

20/100 Ammo
1000 Points to Buy
500 Points for Ammo
4500 Points for Upgraded Ammo
Upstairs Balcony Room

24/120 Ammo
1000 Points to Buy
500 Points for Ammo
4500 Points for Upgraded Ammo
Fire Trap Room

20/160 Ammo
1200 Points to Buy
600 Points for Ammo
4500 Points for Upgraded Ammo

30/120 Ammo
1200 Points to Buy
600 Points for Ammo
4500 Points for Upgraded Ammo

Automatic Turret
1500 Points to Buy
Power Must Be On. Shoots anything in sight like a Sentry Gun. Lasts 1 Round.
Found on stage and near speed cola

6/54 Ammo
1500 Points to Buy
750 Points for Ammo
4500 Points for Upgraded Ammo
Second floor of Concession Area near Speed Cola

30/120 Ammo
1000 Points to Buy
500 Points for Ammo
4500 Points for Upgraded Ammo
Dressing Room

Bowie Knife
3000 Points to Buy
Seats near Jugger-Nog

32/192 Ammo
1000 Points to Buy
500 Points for Ammo
Near Speed Cola

2 Claymores that refill after each round.
1000 Points to Buy – One time only.

Frag Grenades
US Frag Grenades
250 Points for 4
Projector Room near Pack-A-Punch Machine

Mystery Box Weapons

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
30/270 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle
20/180 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle.
35/315 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
30/150 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
30/270 Ammo
Comes with Special ACOG Scope.

3 Round Burst Assault Rifle
48/144 Ammo
Comes with Low Power Scope

Fully-Automatic Submachine Gun
30/120 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Light Machine Gun
125/500 Ammo

Fully-Automatic Light Machine Gun
100/400 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Shotgun.
8/32 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Shotgun
6/36 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
10/40 Ammo

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
5/45 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Revolver
6/84 Ammo

Semi-Automatic Handgun
15/135 Ammo

CZ75 Dual Wield
Two Semi-Automatic Handguns
12 Rounds for each Gun, 228 Rounds extra.

China Lake
Pump-action Grenade Launcher.
2/20 Ammo
Explodes on Impact instead of requiring distance.

Single Shot Rocket Launcher
1/20 Ammo

A crossbow with explosive tip ammo.
1/12 Ammo

Ballistic Knife
A special single shot weapon that fires knifes.
1/4 Ammo

Ray Gun
Full Auto Wonder Weapon (Pistol)
Replaces M1911 if you are downed, but only gives you one magazine of ammo.
20/160 Ammo
2.3 Second Reload Time

Cymbal Monkey (Monkey Bomb)
Explosives that distract zombies
3 Given

A Semi-Automatic Wonder Weapon
2/12 Ammo
3 Second Reload Time

Musical Easter Egg

If you find and interact with the 3 meteor pieces in this level, the song “115” by Elena Siegman will play. One is in the lobby, one is in the film storage room, and one is in the changing room.

Film Easter Egg

After taking the teleporter to the projector room, you will be transported to one of four random rooms. A film room can be found in these rooms and picked up by pressing the interact button: X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation, and F on PC. Take these film rooms back to the projector room and interact with the projector to play the reel.

Character Portraits Easter Egg

The portraits near the balcony area on the east side of the map can be interacted with. Each of the four characters will say different lines when interacting with the five portraits.