Crash Site

You start the mission with a KS-23, Commando with ACOG, 4 grenades, and 4 flashbangs. Head to the boat. Look to your left before you reach the dock with the boat. You will find an Intel on some boxes.


Now get on the boat. You will drive it and have access to the machine gun and missiles it is equipped with. Destroy all targets and structures up the river to earn another achievement/trophy. While going down the river the song “Sympathy for the Devil” by The Rolling Stones plays. Destroy everything that’s marked.

Eventually you’ll run into a PT boat. This thing shoots missiles at you and is heavily armored. Shoot it at the back and use the houses in the middle of the river for cover. If you destroyed everything up the river the achievement/trophy will pop up after you destroyed the boat.

After a small scene you will be back in the boat. Dock the boat and head out on foot. Your team will line the sides of the path straight ahead. Look on the floor in this image to find another Intel.


You will encounter lots of VC in this area. This part is pretty linear. Move forward, take cover, and kill anyone you see. There will be some snipers in the trees and eventually Spetsnaz. You can find AK74us, PM63s, Dragunovs, and AK47s.

At the end of all the fighting you’ll find a crashed plane. You must walk up the wing to get inside, but do it slowly. There will be an explosion that pushes you right. When you hear the explosion hold left on the left stick to keep from falling off. Jump off the top of the plane into some rocks. You will find Intel near a rock before you enter the plane.


Continue inside for some dialogue. Use the china lake to defend your location to end the mission.

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